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Yay reached 5000 posts
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•Hello my name is Van, if you don’t wish to call me that Pyro is also acceptable
•I currently live a bit out of Flagstaff, Arizona.
•I'm a freshman in highschool, or 9th grade
•I'm straight lol
•I am single, and I realized the girl I want, ill never have, but im still stubborn so im not really looking, but ill still flirt and crap
•I stay in my room almost all the time..I'm not doing anything fun, I'm just playing Gaia and talking to people on msn/aim. Also im home schooled, so thats why I never leave my room
•Im sorta perverted xD ok?
•My favorite colors are Red, Black and White
•Punk, Rock, and some Classic are my favorite genres of music.
•Fullmetal is my all time favorite show, and I like other types of anime/manga too.
•Helping friends is what I do a lot
•I do not label myself, so ya. shut up.
•I'm Agnostic.. dont question it.
•I do have my moments when im really depressed, I get really messy when I'm depressed, Please just back off when I am

I do think fangirls are overrated and weird, but mine are just cool and nice and awesome and stuff, I have 13 of them, and they are not to be disrespected.

2. Karinka_1
3. Senshi_of_love
4. yukiluverfangirl9922
5. Blue_wolf_girl
6. Bellgrape
7. [ .Masha. ]
8. black~poison
9. deadxdoll
10. faeriequeen1626
11. magna_angelus
12. Lolly Pop Kisses
13. [B-Chan]

My gaian gf is karinka_1 and I love her so back off you evil people o.o!
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Im Lolly Pop Kisses's Slave (please, don’t ask..)
Scary chick stalking me:
Aikirau no one else can stalk me. only her(because she asked it to be this way)

Im in a guild that my friend Judy currently owns. She is the best guild owner. lol
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1: Karinka_1 ( I think lol )
50: Pinky panther
100: Blue_Wolf_girl

    Friends that need to be mentioned: [v1.2] (ill add more later)

    Candy(Lolly pop k..): I’ve known her since October 05. So, yeah. Not that long, but still she is a good friend =P She is a really nice person, and has a really great bf, o.O her bf is really nice and deserves a great girl like Candy lol. That’s all
    Jon: He’s my best friend not much more then that, awesome friend, Uhm can be really weird, has an awesome gf, that doesn’t play Gaia so I cant mention her. Lol
    Judy: Yes she’s just a really good friend, and really nice, and past her insaneness and weird behavior, she can be the sweetest girl, when she wants to be. Other times she can be really evil and destructive, so watch out
    Kahz: He goes to my school, good friend.. We have weird conversations, some go in my journal lol, his avi is usually dressed oddly, don’t ask why, when I ask I get lame answers. His choice of music isn’t the greatest, but its sort of good
    Ferret: Meet Teresa, or ferret as I call her, she also goes to my school, she is kahz’s girl you can say, she is really nice and fun to talk to because she can be completely random at times o.O
    Fuzzy: This girl also goes to my school, she is also really nice, and fun to talk to, she’s sweet too =o, you can have real conversations with her, but even those are weird, and watch out, she glomps a lot!


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Arctic Sounds

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Arctic Sounds

Arctic Sounds

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Arctic Sounds


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omg myself o_o

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Heyy I haven't talked to you in a while.
How are you?

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hola vanny poo *huggggggggggssssssss*
[Innocently Demonic]

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[Innocently Demonic]

Okay so I am randomly commenting on your old account to see if it works..uhh weirdo
[Innocently Demonic]

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[Innocently Demonic]

Grr, do you really have to call me judifier xD
[Innocently Demonic]

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[Innocently Demonic]

Oh so if your bored you comment. . .

thanks stare

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*pokes vanny in da arm*

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*hugs vanny*


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xD Fuzzy glomping me, its so awesome [drawn by fuzzy]
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Karinka_1 is my gaian gf and i love her, so back off lol