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Note to Self: Love Today, Memorable Moments

I constantly have to remind myself to breath.

He awaken a part of myself that has always been there, but had never introduced itself.
This surreal expirence has left me breathless; is this real?

I want our time to matter, short or long, it's already memorable.

Thank you for today.

A Note

Valerie\'s Letter

The Psychotic Artist

Your blood is like art to me,
As I watch it drip into a puddle on the floor.
Painting a wonderful picture,--

One that only I can see.

You are my canvas,
And I the creative painter.
As you wither and squirm,
Your screams encourage me,--

To do it just a little bit more.

Your once innocent blond locks,
Are now tainted in red.
You look more beautiful to me now,--

Than you ever have before.

But I don't tell you this,
I only sit and stare.
And carve just a little deeper.
Another scream forced from your lips,--

Music to my ears.

Baby, this little art show of mine,
It has just begun...

Scream for me baby.
Bleed for me,--

Just a little bit more.


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I'm Sir Ceph's minion. Created by a thumb-less dear named Bambi.

Feel too ol' to play gaia.Busy trying to make myself independent and focusing on the world around me. Love you all,-Alyy

Tiny octopi!(Thank you Ivan!)

"It was my integrity that was important.
Is that so selfish? It sells for so little...
It is the very last inch of us. But within
that inch we are free.

An inch. It's small and it's fragile and
it's the only thing in the world worth
having. . . We must never let them take it
from us."