The Power of Voice
    Aoba Seragaki

    Aoba is usually a calm and caring person. He smiles often and is very kind to others, offering his help in any way he can. He can also stand up for himself and know when to hold his ground when he's being insulted or preyed upon, such as when two newbie Bug Bombers attempted to hassle him before Mizuki stepped in. He isn't afraid about revealing his true feelings and can be straightforward at times, whether he knows the person or not. He's shown to be quite the leader, often suggesting methods to their plans and asking questions as a precaution on whether something will succeed or fail.

    Despite getting involved with many different kinds of colorful people, Aoba doesn't judge others based on appearances or personal preferences. He would rather get to know them better first, showing interest in their personalities and themselves as people.

    Aoba is known, and often commented on by other characters, for his long blue hair which gradients into a lighter blue color. Aoba states that he dislikes people touching his hair because it pains him from the nerves inside. He trims his own hair since he knows he is the only one who is able to ease the pain. He has very light coloured brown eyes. (Sometimes shown as multicoloured in some CGs.) He has a very slim frame and is also noted by other characters of the game for having pale skin.

    Though smaller and not noticeably fit, Aoba proves himself to be quite an experienced fighter from his Rhyme days. He normally lands roundhouse kicks to his opponents, Mizuki jokingly calling it "Fox's Heel Drop" when he first appears. Aoba has also apparently broken some jaws in the past, something he brushes off as it being years ago. ***

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