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Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You will not like me. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled. You will not like me now and you will like me a good deal less as we go on. Ladies, an announcement: I am up for it, all the time. That is not a boast or an opinion, it is bone hard medical fact. I put it round you know. And you will watch me putting it round and sigh for it. Don't. It is a deal of trouble for you and you are better off watching and drawing your conclusions from a distance than you would be if I got my tarse up your petticoats. Gentlemen. Do not despair, I am up for that as well. And the same warning applies. Still your cheesy erections till I have had my say. But later when you shag - and later you will shag, I shall expect it of you and I will know if you have let me down - I wish you to shag with my homuncular image rattling in your gonads. Feel how it was for me, how it is for me and ponder. 'Was that shudder the same shudder he sensed? Did he know something more profound? Or is there some wall of wretchedness that we all batter with our heads at that shining, livelong moment. That is it. That is my prologue, nothing in rhyme, no protestations of modesty, you were not expecting that I hope. I am The Phantom Slasher, Some random b*****d on gaia and I do not want you to like me.


wahmbulance No Negotiations~~ wahmbulance


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The Phantom Slasher

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Words of Wisdom...and some funny s**t.

Albin says:
the singer makes me want to take a chesse grinder and do unpleasant things to a penguin

Albus Dumbledore says:
To the well adjusted mind, Death is just the next great adventure."

Green Lantern Corps Says:
In brightest day In blackest night,No evil will escape my sight, Let all those who worship evil's might beware my power; Green Lanterns Light!

Dexter Morgan Says:
"Some experiences are so big they change your DNA."

Sherlock Holmes says:
"Who cares about decent? The game, Mrs. Hudson, is afoot!"

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Pepper Lexi Report | 07/21/2015 6:38 am
Pepper Lexi
emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
AdinaMizu Report | 01/08/2015 3:46 pm
Thanks for buying from my store. Please come by again. I might have more things hat interest you~
- - awenydd Report | 09/20/2014 3:54 pm
- - awenydd
Very glad you like her! xx
Licentious Lady Report | 12/26/2013 10:11 am
Licentious Lady
I miss talking to you on a daily basis.
Licentious Lady Report | 07/04/2013 4:09 pm
Licentious Lady
Oh, I hope not. You need to get better, permanently, love.
What are you ill with, if you don't mind my asking?
Licentious Lady Report | 07/03/2013 8:24 pm
Licentious Lady
Your health comes first, my dear. I hope you are feeling well and if not that you are at least resting.
Kalli Skellen Report | 05/13/2013 12:11 pm
Kalli Skellen
By the way, I really do think your avi is awesome looking, I didn't -only- use you for the achievement. biggrin
Kalli Skellen Report | 05/13/2013 12:09 pm
Kalli Skellen
cool avi
Etua Report | 05/08/2013 4:58 pm
Thanks for purchasing ! 4laugh
XaijiX Report | 04/29/2013 4:30 pm
Thank you for buying 3nodding
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