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i write all of my experiences and feelings right into my characters. it's true that i take my experiences and transform them into details that better befit my characters. but if you look closely, they all share the same experiences. because they all have my experiences. all the things that happened to me, the people who have done things to me, and everything i have ever gone through is embodied as an adversity for my characters in some way.

so they really all just have the same story. i pose them as protagonists in their own stories, and make enemies out of everything in my life that no one was there to protect me from. then the heroes of Gaia role-play fight to protect my characters from those manifestations... over and over and over again. with less words, i guess i'm saying that "i write the stories, and my characters so that the characters of other people can protect me, from the things that went wrong in my life." yeah. that pretty much sums up how i spend my time on Gaia. i auto-diagnose as a hopeless romantic. my other character (and accounts) are Tetra slave by birth, and Nya the profound light. i am the creator of Mitate v.G, and the entire Mitate line of products.

i am that girl that always tries to send the best vibe i can. this can make the target of abuse. i like to deliver what people want and need, until the result is my abuse. when i am unable to send the best vibe i can, i try to send the best vibe possible. my fantasy power is to correct the condition of an organism until that organism is in a state of it's ideal pinnacle age, health, and mental health. the sensation associated with the use of the power would be completely pleasurable. the sensation associated with being the target of my power would be pleasant until it were addicting and consciousness altering. my fantasy power would not remove or alter any of that organism's experiences, accept by adding to them. i would also have the power to vanquish evil in any form that i could ever encounter it. using this fantasy power is innately my real first impulse whenever i approach social range with any other organism. the only exception to this are organisms with the intent to destroy any life for any malicious reason of any kind. i would have a separate power reserved for those people.

i have a powerful innate maternal instinct for every organism in existence that i appraise as not evil. i especially have a maternal instinct towards human beings. i identify by this maternal instinct. i mother anyone who allows me to within the social limitations of reason and comfort.i hid this fact from the world for a while, because i felt my in ability to control this aspect of myself was proof of poor discipline. i like to speculate all the ways aspects concerning the quality of human life can be improved. i calculate those aspects, and then work to make them a reality.

i am a soul searcher, and a soulmate searcher. i have unfortunately found myself caught between several potential soulmates. i don't know how that happened, but each one is legitimate to me.

the first is a vigo that organizes all of their decisions to what they feel is ethically appropriate. to avoid their own contribution to error in their record, they never cognitively assume what they feel the decision should be until they have no choice, or learn the exact corresponding code of ethics from someone. they weigh the code of ethics with their own judgement which can lead to error which is second most acceptable behind human error. the third most acceptable error is when they have been taught improper ethics. the only exception to this behavior is when information that they would otherwise never share with me is vital to my plans. this essentially means that if my plans were broader i would learn more. because the most vital procedure in my life is what i plan, i can't find a valid conflict. out of all the things i have ever watched a virgo organize, i have never seen succeed in organizing [i]their own behavior and decision-making to such an inhumanly accountable extent. it is a behavior that i see among my people in more vague, less perfect exhibition. this is a behavior that i see in the creator of the multiverse, not a human. so i lover her. i have seen few people so beautiful - inside.

the next has the intentional projection of a man that is of flawless mind, body, and spirit. he seeks the mastery of the human experience, while using life as his opportunity. there is no artwork more masterful than the human body in his eyes. as an aspiring biologist, i would like to point out a major fact in the evolutionary of the human being. most-all of the evolution of the human being is vitally impacted by light. human beings behave in a way that verifies their tested sensitivity to light at an extreme best simulated by only avions, which still may have a limited perception to sight, or actual sight limited to ours in some what that it is not superior instead. we relate the form of avions to religion, faith, freedom, beauty, and spirituality. all these relations listed are among aspects of human nature that divide us from animals. so this man appreciates what is holy, what is pure, what is pristine.

this intentional projection would rarely ever would need the aid of my power of choice. making me useless to him. his behavior is that of an alpha-male who is not arrogant, or cocky, or a tyrant, and seeks no pack to own. but, this alpha-male holds packs temporarily, and ensures the best they can that every experience of this kind contributes to the well being - if not just enjoyment - of everyone involved. if i were an ape or a dog instead of a human, this man would still be my first (and then only) natural selection for children. there are few to no real men authentically so like this intentional projection. i have great reason to believe, in faith, that the passion behind this intentional projection reflects a goal to become as much like their intentional projection as possible in real life. this is at least a young man who has experienced everything but profound love. i am nya the profound light. i understand very well that this man may be discovered to be a woman or queer. no matter what their status they still leave the rest of the human race (including myself) with much to explain for ourselves.

a stallion. a man of this magnificence only has high expectations of himself, and expects at least what is acceptable from his chosen mate. his ideal would be a goddess worthy of knowing his existence. i strive to be just the at least acceptable option. i have earned their disappointment. they have no interest in me. i wear my shame.

the next will grow to be like the second, though still an appreciable individual - never to be replicated. they prefer ease over had work, which enables them to always make the more wise decision. still pain brings the behaviors that cause error in an otherwise flawless pattern. in order to maintain such a philosophy, they have to have a powerful desire for what is around them. they have never shed their inner child. they always pull my inner child from me, so long as i am not too busy working on my plans. they have every intention to be a part of my plans, because they essentially believe everything i believe. they are not too insecure to be emotional, caring, feeling. but they are also consumed by what they feel. every animal shares the experience. many make the mistake of misusing the compound "free-will" to describe and excuse what delinquent behavior is a result of their poor discipline. but those people are mere slaves to their own whims. no matter how clever such desires drive them to be, to act only on impulse and instinct is to be just an animal. though this one strives hard and long with every challenge to appease my appetite for greatness. they have developed a taste for my trying needs, because it empowers them. and because my strongest relationship is here, i am without the liberty to share more.

the next prioritizes my needs before anything else, so long as reasonable. i have never had an unreasonable requirement yet, so the affection continues because i do not abuse their relationship. i have known them for less time than i have known any of the others. they always want to hear what i have to say, and care about my plans to hear every detail, even if they can't understand what i fail to convey as well as they would like. they never pass the opportunity to address me. they are always inspired by me. they are never turned away by my motions. this one provides me with the significance that the passions of the others prevent within them. i could say more than that, but i know from my own experience with this one, that just the qualities that i have listed will slowly spell each sequential quality by associative logic.

a passionate conversation i couldn't help but to reply to:

The organism known as Eve Wrote:
Tresondros Ecstuffuan Wrote:
GOP refuses to increase taxes on the rich but wants to make Students start paying interest on student loans immediately.This feels like an attack on the middle class.

The GOP, the conservatives who are all about so called pulling yourselves up by your own boot straps are seemingly dead set on destroying the roads by which the common man can do just that.

...trying to pay for my loans while in college is bullshit and is something that I take personally.

it's so true! conservatives seek their gratification at the expense of the commoner. they only get away with it because law is written with the intent to be appropriate without properly addressing those ethic principals corresponding to what altruistic paths of human evolution there are! i know, and i'm so sorry! so much as i think about how to fix the problem, i can only think of a few ideas, and my position in life is so effed-up! there's all kinds of atrocious problems like that! law should be based on altruistic ethics entirely separated from church and belief! how, dare they! they're monsters! i know! i'm so sorry! but, i'm at the limit of what i can do right now. if the wealthy always paid their fair share, the country would be so much closer to perfect.

do you know what i would do to people like that in my world? monsters get locked up, or served with court papers where they receive a fair trial, that continues only until the national poll on whether that person should be executed or not is finished. the poll would close the moment that every counted person of age had voted by a certain date. and even if they were serving a (life) sentence in prison, the vote of the poll would be carried out. we don't need insalvageable filth crowding our correction facilities. that's how i feel!

[. . . i intend to write more about myself from time to time . . .]

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