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Yo! My name is Miroku and well you can say Inuyasha is my thing. I know its an old anime, but inescapable. You see my name is literally Miroku no joke. My mom went to Japan when she was pregnant with me and saw the manga, and well once she saw how Miroku behaved she said he was just like my father. She said that I would probably grow up like my father, a real pervert, and I hate to say this but she was right. So my mom really named me Miroku. Any how I love to RP in Inuyasha guilds I also enjoy reading tons of Inuyasha fanfics. I haven't really gotten to write any but I will sooner of later. Mostly my friend MimiTaisho has been writing them and just made a new one called The Other Side of the Hanyou. I sort of gave her the idea when I was hanging out with Inu x Sess (Who is no longer on here) and everyone else on my profile. Anyway if you feel like checking it out you should!

A little more about me is that I will admit it but I am gay. Don't like it get over yourself or I'll ******** you up. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif Eh sorry about that....... I also just recently got out of the hospital from some rare disease that the doctors themselves have no clue what it was. It was close to the flu but it wasn't the flu. So yea I was pretty much wasting away for a year, but now I'm better and able to return to this place. If you wish to talk just let me know and we can chat up a storm lol.

If you are curious for any other fanfics just go to and look up the name of the story she wrote or just ask me and I will send you the link. smilies/icon_wink.gif See ya!


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Aya-Nightly-Wolf Report | 05/24/2015 8:35 pm
OH thats cool. There was an Anime North In Toronto Canada this passed weekend. My cousins and friend went.. they had a blast. 3nodding
Aya-Nightly-Wolf Report | 05/21/2015 5:29 pm
Be proud xD because i know i am LOL. So how are you today? if you dont mind me asking that is Lol.
Aya-Nightly-Wolf Report | 05/21/2015 11:43 am
Oh thats always good to know ^.^ Means your very out going. razz
Aya-Nightly-Wolf Report | 05/20/2015 11:19 am
Hello Miroku, Its very nice to finally meet you. I actually snuck onto your profile through Ryuu's and I thought... I would like to know who he is and hopefully become friends as well. So it be like the three of us. But that is just wishful thinking.

Thank you so much for Accepting my request, its very nice to meet the One true Miroku smile
Inuyashaxhalfxbreed Report | 04/26/2015 12:36 pm
Hi Miroku smile
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 03/16/2015 4:45 pm
"Naraku?", Hikaru and Kaoru asked, as they looked at each other.

"That name sounds familiar...."

Kaoru nodded and added, the two still looking at one another,

"He's supposed to be considered target practice for us.
I bet he's no match for us, even if he fought seriously, brother."

I bet you're right.
I'd LOVE to see someone that can actually survive the things we do.
We'd be able to play with them longer.....", Hikaru laughed, darkly.

Sesshomaru then realized Kagome had forgotten Koga, so he introduced him himself.

"On the other bed is Koga.
He's a wolf demon that helped us get Hikaru and Kaoru out of the prison.
Unfortunately, when Hikaru regained consciousness, he tried to drink all of his blood.

It helped him heal to where he could speak again, but the healer had to knock Koga out with some medicine, to help him rest.
I suppose Kagome forgot about him because he's sleeping."

However, his attention was then arrested, when he heard the answer Rin gave to Sango.
It had certainly caught him off guard.
After all, he's had no time to give this any sort of thought.

'The taijiya.....likes me?'

While he was busy with his little dilemma over if her feelings were that of respect and friendship or possible infatuation, the twins blinked in confusion and looked at InuTaisho.

"What does 'marry' mean?", They asked, in unison.
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 03/05/2015 12:33 am
"My son's telling the truth, on that matter.
They did indeed come first, but the poor things died mere minutes after birth.
Apparently the council member he spoke of had slipped something into your food, one day.

It wasn't meant to kill you though.
However, it was designed to slowly work over time to weaken you.
It worked being as their lungs didn't fully develop in time for their birth.

After they died in his arms, he erased both of your memories and had their bodies disposed of.
This was done so their wouldn't be any 'evidence', so to speak, of their existence.
Once that was accomplished and he was certain it worked, he and his three friends revived them and had been experimenting on the twins every since, in secret.
Three of the four traitors are now dead.", Kazemaru explained.

Jaken then toddled up and added to the conversation,

"It's true, My Lady.
My name is Jaken and I'm Lord Sesshomaru's faithful retainer.

Two of those vermin were killed by My Lord's own hand, no less!
The third was absorbed by our enemy, Naraku.
That only leaves the one responsible for killing Lord Hikaru and Lord Kaoru in the first place.

I hate to say it, but he has everyone from the castle terrified of him.
He and his three friends even tormented poor Lord Sesshomaru in one of the worst ways imaginable, from the night his father died on!"

Needlessly to say, the imp demon was bawling into his sleeve, when he got to the last part.
Meanwhile, Kagome had gotten caught off guard a bit, by her sudden dramatic moment, over being a grandmother.
She then found herself looking back and forth between her and InuTaisho.

"That's right!
Miroku is the monk standing near the twins.
He's both very skilled in battle and also recognizes demons as people, just like Sango and I do.

Shippo is the little kitsune perched on his shoulder and, well, I suppose you can say I'm the one that adopted him, really.
I met him when it was only Inuyasha and I traveling together and it was the Thunder Brothers that killed his father.

Kirara's the twin tailed cat demon laying on the bed that Sesshomaru's sitting up in.
She's a sweetheart, but she's Sango's battle companion and they've been battling together, since Sango was a child."

Seeing the flowers being offered to them, the twins took them and sniffed curiously at the silky petals so full of vibrant colors.
The scent was highly intriguing to them and their fascination was clear to see, as they carefully touched the flowers.

Though Sesshomaru was enjoying watching their first experience with flowers and their unique aromas, he soon found himself with a 'ring' on his hand.
Looking down at it, he admired Rin's expanding craftsmanship, at least until he heard what she said.....
His eyes slowly widened, partly due to her 'marrying them', so to speak, and the fact his mother was there to hear it.
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 03/04/2015 11:29 pm
"I suppose I should start with the man beside father.
He's a kami and his name is Kazemaru.", Sesshomaru began, before said kami introduced himself.

"Regardless of who he chooses to follow, I'd like to say that I feel rather proud of my GRANDSON for coming so far."

After he let that sink in for a while, Sesshomaru then continued.

"You are correct in how I have a brother, but you are mistaken in whom that applies to.
The identical twins in the room are my older brothers.
Hikaru is the oldest and Kaoru is the youngest.
Both were revived and kept in a secret prison, where they've been tortured and experimented on mercilessly to be unstoppable weapons, so they understand nothing outside of the horrors they've endured.

As for Inuyasha, he's actually my son.........
Granted things came about because of an accident involving Izayoi and I having too much sake, during what was supposed to be a moment to bond, I'm rather pleased to not be fighting anymore with Inuyasha.
I've also made a couple of adoptions as well."

He glanced to Kagome briefly, before returning his attention back on InuKimi.

"This girl is Kagome and I'm sure you can sense she's a priestess.
You don't have to get the wrong idea about her.
Technically speaking, she's the healer of our group, while we're out traveling."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 03/04/2015 11:03 pm
It was certainly an understatement, to say that Sesshomaru was surprised by Kagome's actions.
However, it was actually helping him.
He was beginning to find it easier to breathe, as he did as she instructed.

Before he knew it, he was taking deep breaths and slowly releasing them.
His hand slowly decended from his chest to rest in his lap, feeling his pulse return to normal.

"There, it's okay, Sesshomaru.
We'll work through this...", Kagome said, gently.

He nodded slowly, trusting her judgement.
Even though he was concerned, having seen his mother's frown, he felt more at ease now.

"That a girl....", Kazemaru said, with a warm smile, feeling proud to see this intriguing priestess show concern for his grandson's health.

Just like InuTaisho, Hikaru's and Kaoru's attentions had been captured.
They were utterly fascinated with what she just did.
After all, they were complete strangers to the concepts of gentleness, reassurance, and concern for another's well-being.

Once Sesshomaru felt well enough to speak again, he looked to InuKimi.

"I believe there are a few things you should be made aware of, mother....."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 03/04/2015 9:38 pm
"To be perfectly honest, I can't even give you a proper answer.
She's someone that can be incredibly difficult to read.
I have absolutely no idea how she truly feels about me.
That alone causes me great stress.

After all, Hikaru and Kaoru have never met her.
They have no concept of what a mother is.
At the very least, they're spared from knowing uncertainty in the matter of where they stand with such a figure.

Currently, I'm uneasy about what may happen.
I haven't seen her in some time, part of the reason being Naraku has been occupying a great deal of my time.
There's how the twins are finally home and are about to meet her for the first time.
Finally, father's about to see her again after two hundred and fifty years.
Both of them parted on bad terms, at the time, and I do not know if she's aware that he is alive.
If not, then it'll be a shock for her."

His imagination must have ran with him because, unconsciously, he began imagining all the bad possible scenarios, even though there was an equal chance things may actually go WELL instead.
The added stress from the visuals increased his pain level and Sesshomaru began to wheeze, as he held his chest.

"I.......I can't breathe......"

Kagome gasped in alarm and hurried to Sesshomaru's side.
She then actually 'held' him, as she began speaking soothingly to him,

"Try to relax....
The strain is making your wounds worse, so focus on something that makes you happy instead.
It'll be okay, I'm sure of it....."



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