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Yo! My name is Miroku and well you can say Inuyasha is my thing. I know its an old anime, but inescapable. You see my name is literally Miroku no joke. My mom went to Japan when she was pregnant with me and saw the manga, and well once she saw how Miroku behaved she said he was just like my father. She said that I would probably grow up like my father, a real pervert, and I hate to say this but she was right. So my mom really named me Miroku. Any how I love to RP in Inuyasha guilds I also enjoy reading tons of Inuyasha fanfics. I haven't really gotten to write any but I will sooner of later. Mostly my friend MimiTaisho has been writing them and just made a new one called The Other Side of the Hanyou. I sort of gave her the idea when I was hanging out with Inu x Sess (Who is no longer on here) and everyone else on my profile. Anyway if you feel like checking it out you should!

A little more about me is that I will admit it but I am gay. Don't like it get over yourself or I'll ******** you up. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif Eh sorry about that....... I also just recently got out of the hospital from some rare disease that the doctors themselves have no clue what it was. It was close to the flu but it wasn't the flu. So yea I was pretty much wasting away for a year, but now I'm better and able to return to this place. If you wish to talk just let me know and we can chat up a storm lol.

If you are curious for any other fanfics just go to and look up the name of the story she wrote or just ask me and I will send you the link. smilies/icon_wink.gif See ya!


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Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/19/2015 6:34 pm
"That isn't good....
I trust Sesshomaru to hold it together, but Inuyasha's temper with prove not only exceedingly dangerous, but also problematic.
Our first step is informing him, otherwise he won't be prepared for this and cause them to to harm him because they'll believe he's a threat to the other.

We may have to just let Koga bicker with Inuyasha though.
Even though we was quite volatile with him and vice versa, Koga brought up some good points, showing that he has good memory.
If he's able to understand the gravity of the situation with the twins being highly protective of each other and the implications of backing them into a corner, he may be able to chew some sense into Inuyasha, before he does something that could very well get him killed.
After all, wolf demons do look closely after each other, so he should be able to understand the twin's mindset quite well in how they perceive the other.
You're going to have to overlook the obvious insults the two will fire at each other, if it comes to that, because just might keep Inuyasha alive.

Now then, we should go inform the others.
Then we'll be able to leave.
The directions had been left in the documents, so I can lead us there."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/19/2015 5:56 pm
"That's exactly where our hidden trump card comes into play.....", Kazemaru said, as he held a finger up.

"They have no experience with kindness, outside of what they display for each other.
Since they have no ability to tell friend from foe because they whole is out to get them, from their view point, we'll turn the tables ourselves.
If we find one of the twins, we'll guide him to his brother.
I doubt they'd be kept together, after all, since they're such a handful for Takeo and his comrades.

We need to be not only cautious, but incredibly patient with them.
There's so much they were denied experiencing by being locked away.
If we prove to them that we won't hurt them, they may become curious of us.
We need that curiosity to help prove to them, we are no threat because we must take this one step at a time and lightly.....
They've had much to fear over the centuries......."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/19/2015 5:12 pm
"I found these documents in a secret compartment inside the drawer of his nightstand.
The drawer looked ordinary, until I removed the panel under his belongs to show that it was deeper than it first appeared.
These hidden documents not only gave me the name of the last surviving traitor of the four, but they detail something utterly unforgivable and nothing short of horrific.....

Takeo is the name of the traitor we're seeking.
He and the other three had actually been conspiring against you, even before Sesshomaru was born.
They had sneaked something into your mate's meal one night and it was enough to make the twins terribly ill.
When they were born, they only survived for a few scarce minutes, before dying, while you were holding them and they blocked out your memories of them.

With that plan carried out, they now had their first step in their contingency plan carried out, so they would have something to fall back on, in case things didn't go according to plan with Sesshomaru.
What they had done was use a spell to allow the twins to age normally, in the void, before reviving them in a hidden location.
They knew you wouldn't rescue them because you had no knowledge of their existence anymore, which allowed them to conduct all sorts of horrid experiments on them, without risk of interference.

The purpose of the experiments was to enhances the powers they were born with and give them new additions as well.
It comes with a price though, I'm afraid.
They grew so powerful, that it made them unstable, and that's all because they have no concept of a normal life, only pain and torment.
Luckily, they do recognize each other as brothers and it says they are virtually inseparable.
The two haven't even SEEN sunlight, since they were revived....

Should they're plan with Sesshomaru fail, they were going to use them bleed they're own brother dry and take over the Western Lands by force.
Once that was secure, they go after the other three lands, one by one, before moving on to claiming even the Continent for themselves.
I feel sick even saying this, but one of the restraining methods used was forcing them to rely on blood to stay healthy.
Even if they ate food that wasn't rotten, they'd still need blood not to fall ill.", Kazemaru explained, as he crushed the parchment in his grip.

"Fortunately, I know where we need to look."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/18/2015 2:13 pm
"She's not old enough for her eyes to open yet, so she has to rely on sound and scent.
Being as we're making noise, by packing our belongings, she's feeling a bit scared because she doesn't know what's happening...", Sesshomaru explained.

Once everything was set, Kazemaru grabbed Kagome's large yellow bag and carefully carried Sango, while his son had Kagome.
Everything seemed to go smoothly, as they flew and Koga glanced to Kagome now and then because he wasn't used to her being unconscious.
There's also how he felt upset that InuTaisho caused her to be so alarmed that she ended up in tears.
After they landed, he then crossed his arms.

"When Kagome wakes up, you'd better apologize to her....
That was just plain dirty for making her cry."

Kazemaru nodded in agreement and added,

"I don't approve of making women cry either, but speaking of her waking up, someone should stay in the healer's room with her.
It wouldn't be very good for her to wake up in a new place alone.
After all, scaring her isn't our intention....
Now then, I'm heading up to our target's room to search for information on the twins."

Placing Sango on her feet, he headed upstairs and tracked down the room in question, with ease, because of the brief flash of memory he had earlier.
At first he had no luck and then an idea struck him.
He began going through the drawer of the bedside table and discovered a hidden compartment.

"Hello, what have we here?"

Removing the panel inside the drawer, he found it was deeper than it appeared and there were parchment documents inside.
taking them out, Kazemaru scrolled through each one and the more he read, the more pale he became.

'You will par DEARLY for this atrocity, Takeo!!', His mind snarled, before he quickly called out,

"InuTaisho, come quickly, son!"
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/18/2015 1:02 am
"We'll be bringing her with, naturally.
It's not as if we'll simply leave her here.
Jaken and Rin are small enough to comfortably fit on Ah-Uhn's saddle, even with Inuyasha on as well.
Either father or grandfather can carry her and the other one can hold you.
I don't want to put too much strain on Kirara's injury, even if she's capable of carrying three people."

"I'll stay with Kagome, Sango!", Shippo piped up, letting her know that her best friend wouldn't be alone.

With everything settled, Sesshomaru slipped on his under robe and haori, managing to tuck them into place.
It took a bit, as to be expected of having but one arm, and he moved to put on his shattered armor.
Using the wall as a prop, he attached all the fastenings and slipped his boots on, but was unable to tie his obi.
Thankfully, Rin stepped in and helped him, allowing him to finish dressing and slipped his swords beneath it.

Seeing his grandson was prepared, he pulled back the blanket and slipped Kagome's shoes back on her feet.
Gently giving her to InuTaisho, he looked about the room and asked,

"Would everyone mind packing what belongs to them?
I'm not sure what belongs to the shrine and what are personal belongings.
Once that's set, pair off and we'll be ready to depart."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/18/2015 12:30 am
Sesshomaru was a bit surprised himself.

"You're starting to sound like Kagome.", He noted, before adding,

"Never-the-less, we do have a capable healer at the castle, in case she's still too out of it to be able to use her own unique medicines.
I'm unable to feel any pain right now because of this 'Morphine' she used earlier, so if we're going to return, this would be the best time.
I'll simply ride on Ah-Uhn's saddle and we can fly there.
This will prevent possible jarring to my wounds and if your companion is up for it, she can carry Koga and Miroku.
Otherwise, they will have to be carried by those of us that can fly.

I wish to know more about this twins myself.
When he brought them up, he brought them up, I suddenly heard a distorted whisper that no one else seemed to notice.
It was hard to make out, but it sounded like, 'Do you sense me?'"
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/18/2015 12:09 am
His words made Sesshomaru's face flush in embarrassment, before he quickly retorted.

"I was worried about Tsukihana and Inuyasha as well!
She's not old enough to open her eyes yet and Miroku's theory, though having a very real possibility, put me on edge concerning her brother....."

He was thoroughly flustered, though didn't seem angry.
Though, when he felt Sango's eyes on him, he flicked his gaze up at her.
Before he knew it, he actually found himself staring at her own flushed face.

"I agree with you, son....
Those identical twins seem older than Sesshomaru, I'd say by a year or two at most.
I want to know more about them and I sincerely hope we find them alive.....
When those flashes came to me, I was in so much pain that I almost couldn't breathe, even though it only lasted a few seconds.", Kazemaru said, with a troubled expression.
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/17/2015 9:22 pm
Sesshomaru actually found himself smiling a bit.

"Sounds to me that you were rather pleasantly distracted.
I wonder what you were thinking about...."

"Well, that's creepy....
I didn't think he could smile....", Koga muttered to himself, looking a little creeped out.

Kazemaru looked to his son and answered honestly,

I was suddenly seeing brief flashes in my mind.
This demon we're looking for back in our home lands seems to be very vile indeed.
There seems to be pair of twins involved.
When we return home, I need to begin searching his room.
There's something stored there that may shed some light onto those who those two are and where they're being held.
Something tells me they are a contingency plan of his.
This project may have been started, when his three friends were still alive......"
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/17/2015 8:36 pm
"Are you sure that Kohaku had nothing to do with it?
You were gone for a while, so I was starting to wonder if maybe you had spotted him.
Kagome is currently incapacitated, so she's unable to tell us if there are any shards near our location.
She'll be alright, once her spiritual powers have had time to recharge.

Father gave her a fright, when he started squeezing on Koga's head.
She ended up ripping into a bit, before what was left of her strength gave out.", Sesshomaru asked, before updating her.

Kazemaru's actions caught Koga's attention and looked over at him.
When he spoke up, he ended up grabbing InuTaisho's attention.

"Hey, you feeling alright?
You don't look too good....."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 01/17/2015 8:03 pm
Sesshomaru was calm, but he felt more at ease, when Inuyasha returned.
He let his eyes roam over them and everyone seemed to be alright.
The only exception was Kirara and he assumed that to be the reason Sango's return had been delayed.

"What happened to her paw?"

Kazemaru was rather curious to know of what kept her himself, but he began sensing something the others weren't picking up and he slowly held his shoulders, as his brow drew together.



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