.... My All Time Favorite Characters...

Well Madeline of course is my Favorite of all! Why? She just always has been...She was the first character I made and enjoyed being! She usually has purple hair...but I've been using this pic a lot lately...just cos...


Wretch and Rabbit are the same person just different outcomes...both are my favorite of all time male characters...If Wretch is the name of the character...he's a womanizing pig...and a chemist...Works his way to a high position...If he's Rabbit...He's a kind hearted goody goody usually a street performer not really aiming for more...I use this character from Tiger and Bunny for him..since it's easier...

This is Molly my favorite female character...Mainly because if I ever have a daughter I'd imagine she'd be just like her...She usually has deep blue eyes...but I've gotten lazy in the drawing of my people so I use the character from Bloody roar to be her...There is two of them actually...this is one of them...


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Name: Emily Boss

Age: 20

Personality: Bubbly, Yet Violent

Likes: Bunnies, Pink, Psychology, A ton of things

Dislikes: Fighting, other than that not much

Belief: Standast

Skills/Abilities: Can draw! Records everything she sees in books, good shooter

Weapons/devices/items: Revolver XD

Bio: I'm Emily or The Offspring Bunny sometimes Embunneh...I'm in love with my job I do nothing else with my life other than play games and RP...Since I currently own no systems and my computer is down for the count I have a hard time doing both...So work has consumed my life...I'm okay with this due to the human interaction I'm FINALLY getting use to...too bad it pass over me in high school...I'd be further along by now...thank goodness that my work friends invite me over to play games like Left 4 dead and Farcry 3...I'm also digging borderlands...Just sayin' ...I'm mainly a fighter game person but this guy I work with keeps beating me so until I am better than him...I'm not going to brag about that...It's not that I suck...He's just really good...I love RPG's A LOT! (like Golden Sun FF7 or FF9) LOOOOOVE UNCHARTED THE MOST BESTEST GAME EVER! I also play Assassin's Creed...Mainly for the game play I find it relaxing...Yes I know it's not a game you're suppose to ignore the story line...but sometimes I would rather run around climbing up building and killing guards than chase after the story...then again no systems so I haven't been playing one person games...As for my computer I have a kindle I can do computer like things on...So I'm going to start to RP on that til I can get a real laptop...

For my future I want to be a Marriage/Family Counselor...if I want more out of life after that perhaps go for my Ph.D in Psychology...Cos why the ******** not? Your mind interest me...even if I do find you boring...I ask myself 'why are they so boring...how did they get that way...and why do I think this? Do others think this?'

Add me don't add me...I don't mind...I'm sure I'll get over it, whatever decision you make...and how you feel about me...

New Dream Avi
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2 Springtide Bunny ~ 37,500,000
1 Bunny Flop ~ 19,000,000
1 Fairy Lumi ~ 40,000,000
1 FMAB Major Armstrong ~ 8,500,000

Total ~ 4,566,261,260

Things you may have not known...

I use a lot of things that are like a tell about a character...Things that are a lot the same from guild to guild...

I always use Navy Blue for my favorite male character in a guild...

Crimson for my favorite female

And Deep Pink if it's for a character that resembles me..
every character once made has a storyline that is about the same in each guild...It's consistent...I don't let it stray! If I don't have a character that doesn't fit the mark I make a new one...It's that simple...


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Twitchylessthanthree Report | 03/13/2014 12:08 pm
Why hallo
zat_prussian_cosplayer Report | 02/21/2014 7:29 pm
hey Emily!!! i know its been forever since we talked sweatdrop , but i just wanted to say hi and we all miss you here in Virginia crying ! i hope we can see each other soon!! biggrin
Yandere Doctor Report | 02/18/2014 7:49 pm
Yandere Doctor
You are very welcome.
As for me, I'll wait a couple more days.
Before I complain of course.
Yandere Doctor Report | 02/18/2014 7:39 pm
Yandere Doctor
Lilly would do what she always does.
Whatever the ******** she wants, because she's a bombshell, quite literally.
Yandere Doctor Report | 02/18/2014 7:35 pm
Yandere Doctor
I'd be a fan of that, really.
Of course, that makes me wanna add Lilly.
Yandere Doctor Report | 02/18/2014 7:28 pm
Yandere Doctor
That's a rough question.
You'd have to make someone that fits the overall theme while still making it not stray off the path it's on, for risking the guild itself.
Yandere Doctor Report | 02/18/2014 7:11 pm
Yandere Doctor
Celia is a bad guy. I only make bad guys.
But if I'm making a new character, I'm making either Lilly in her true form, or I'm making Kira
Yandere Doctor Report | 02/18/2014 7:05 pm
Yandere Doctor
I should make a new person, anyways.
This person that has me locked up hasn't posted in three days X_X
Yandere Doctor Report | 02/18/2014 6:31 pm
Yandere Doctor
Indeed, good Madam
Twitchylessthanthree Report | 02/18/2014 8:16 am
i sure hope so anyway, it's kinda meh cause errybody doesn't want to be in the plot just a few of us are actually rping with a plot in mind

Fun Facts

My favorite romance is Darrin and Riley! However, it's never really gone places cos of guilds dying and such...It was actually not even suppose to be a romance...He was made to have a Bromance with this character named Jaxxon played my my cousin...Later we decided to fight for a girls' attention and then my cousin stopped RPing so Jaxxon ended up getting lost and Darrin is now in painful memory of his best friend AND debating on continuing with the girl they were competing for...

As it turns out...When they get older Darrin DOSE end up marrying Riley after all...but there is always a set of problems so it's not a boring slice of life relationship...Making it the best kind...

Duke is modeled after my idea of what my son would be like...in a weird way...Molly is like his sister...
(I know I'm odd XD)

My favorite thing to RP is as a bromance to be honest...I normally don't get my characters involved with others unless they are family or have a undying non homosexual love for someone that they consider their one and only best friend forever...The devotedness...the awesomeness...I love it XD

RP Style

Just so people can get a feel for how I RP...

Anything in Bold is my character talking...

Anything in Italicize are thoughts of my Character

I mixture of the two is a whisper...

and nothing at all is purely actions and thing I like to add in so the reader understands WHY they are doing such things...

I don't underline often but I use it to make things Stand out

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