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Peter Parker is a shy high school student, intellectually brilliant but socially clumsy . Lives in the neighborhood of Forest Hills in the New York district of Queens with his uncles Ben and May . Is in love with his neighbor Mary Jane Watson , but is too shy to tell her. It has his best friend, Harry Osborn , who always defends the taunts of his classmates and is the son of Norman Osborn , president of the Oscorp manufacturing war , providing weapons to the U.S. Army .
During a visit to a genetics laboratory at Columbia University is bitten by a genetically modified spider , which causes a change in him that gives superhuman powers arachnids : Force proportional to that of a spider , ability to cling to walls , ability to secrete and throw like networks hands cobwebs and spider sense that warns of the dangers that can lurk.
Wake up feeling refreshed , sees that with his new powers acquired musculature and perfect vision without wearing glasses and going to school promising his Uncle Ben once paint the kitchen 's return. At school Peter saves Mary Jane slip with your lunch and accidentally shoot a web launches lunch "Flash" Thompson , a nasty fellow who always bothers . This is about to hit him but Peter with his new strength achieved neutralize his attacker caught leaving his teammates, but especially to Mary Jane and his friend Harry . Peter returns home and seeing that Flash invited out to Mary Jane in her new car, Peter decides to impress her also buying yourself a sports car used and it decides to enter a wrestling match to win 3000 U.S. $, said his uncle, who going to the library and then his uncle Ben offers to take him in his car , once in front of it , Ben tells a phrase that will mark forever : "With great power comes great responsibility but Peter rudely rebuffs him . Enter the wrestling tournament under the alias of " human spider " but the advertiser is renamed to " Spider-Man " to fight a wrestler known as " Bonesaw " McGraw , despite public ridicule and being caged fighting his opponent, Peter manages to overcome but the man in charge of the organization refuses to pay the $ 3,000 giving only 100 arguing that win the prize if winning by three minutes and not two as did Peter . With slight Peter leave the site and then see that a thief named Dennis Carradine subsequently assaulted the manager and not let go in retaliation for not paying .
Walk the streets and sees his Uncle Ben dying after being mortally wounded by a thief who stole his car. After his uncle dies , Peter in revenge uses his guise of " Spiderman " and find the villain to fence it in the hold of a spring and to his surprise is the same thief that had missed after raiding the organizer of struggles. What scares and the Bandit falls out a window and died on the spot and Spiderman escapes before the police arrived .
Meanwhile Norman tries to close a deal with General Scolum , new army commander who lobbies the first to test a super-soldier serum , which had only been tested in laboratory rats . That night , despite the opposition of his colleague Dr. Mendel Stromm , Norman test serum itself making large but whey superhuman senses will split personality develops which makes losing your sanity and murder Stromm . The next day Norman almost amnesiac awakens in his office where he learns by an assistant who Stromm had died and that the exoskeleton and experimental hovercraft his company had been stolen . Later Scolum Quest Aerospace plans to hire , a competitor of Oscorp and Norman using the exoskeleton and slays Scolum hovercraft and competence in the defense market .
Days after graduating from high school Peter being welcomed Peter Norman who sees as a second child even more dear than Harry himself . Harry meanwhile tells Peter that will move with him in an apartment in the suburbs. A return home and even overwhelmed by the death of his uncle, Peter decides to take into account the advice given by his uncle and definitely becomes Spiderman to fight against crime in the city. Peter in turn gets a job at the Daily Bugle led by J. Jonah Jameson who hates Spiderman making him look like a criminal. While Peter learns that Mary Jane is not engaged in besides acting also dating Harry .
Norman during a meeting of the board of Oscorp learns that the most important executives have dismissed arguing that Oscorp would be sold and merged with Quest who was recovering economically and such announcement would in the global festival organized by Oscorp . During the festival, Peter addition to taking pictures for the newspaper , look first at Harry Mary Jane and then as the Green Goblin makes an appearance attacking the audience with pumpkin bombs dropped from the hovercraft. Peter becomes Spiderman to stop the villain who with one of his bombs kills Oscorp managers and leaves the balcony half destroyed with the danger of falling Mary Jane , Harry tries to save her but falls knocked out by a rock and Spiderman after a difficult fight with the Green Goblin glider broken cables and saves Mary Jane who is curious about the identity of his savior.
Jameson from the newspaper is more humiliating Spiderman making it look like an ally of the Green Goblin who kidnaps the hero to propose an alliance and Spiderman vehemently rejects his disastrous proposal. Days after the villain burns down a building and Spiderman comes to stop but the villain throws knives at him leaving him wounded in the arm . That same day being Thanksgiving Day , Aunt May , Mary Jane and Harry organize everything in the department , Norman arrives but he and the others are surprised at the delay of Peter who make it to your room still hurt but before they entrasen the escapes but not before accidentally dropping a drop of his blood in the room. Cleverly Peter manages to get dinner to celebrate by claiming a delay necessary cranberry sauce for dinner , Norman to see the wound on the arm of Peter immediately sensed that he is Spiderman but Peter says that such injury was caused by a messenger bicycle allegedly dropped him . Norman gets wrong and apologizes saying she has to go. Harry 's father is angry and tells him that Mary Jane is just for your money. Mary Jane can not hide his disappointment at the comments of the father of her boyfriend. In his office the Green Goblin besides telling the benefits of their actions makes Norman leaving Aunt May attack wound. During his stay in the hospital Mary Jane and Peter are going to attract , which overjoyed Aunt May but full of jealousy of Harry who sees holding hands . Harry tells everything to his father who apologizes for being a good father to him in all that time .
Resuming his identity of Green Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane Norman throwing it to the top of the Queensboro Bridge and Roosevelt Island Tramway cable car with several children inside putting Spiderman decide if rescuing the woman he loved or the innocent children. Spiderman with difficulty able to rescue them both while all New York shows its repudiation of Green Goblin and Spiderman support . The Green Goblin Spiderman takes a dilapidated abandoned building where , knocking him down and kicking him and throwing him violently to the floor and walls, out of anger he feels, he says he will stay with Mary Jane to kill slowly , it filled Spiderman anger , who brutally beats the villain who being cornered in a wall reveals his identity . Peter is surprised that Norman was murderer of several people that attempt against the life of Aunt May and Mary Jane , Norman asks spare his life because he has been like a father to him, while silently raises his glider with blades to impale Peter . This tells him that his father was Ben Parker , the Green Goblin says farewell phrase and shoot the glider to Peter but he, with his spider sense , does dodge , leaving Norman impaled and mortally wounded by his own vehicle. As a last wish , Norman asks Peter to Harry never knew he was the Green Goblin nor what he had done . Peter leads the body to his home but Harry believing that Spiderman had murdered his father points his revolver but the hero disappears in an instant.
Harry during the funeral of his father vows revenge against Spiderman . After visiting the grave of his Uncle Ben , Peter learns that Mary Jane after but he loves him despite feeling the same replica that can not love her and want to be just your friend ( when in truth Spiderman taking enemies should protect ) and Peter is remembering the words of his uncle " with great power comes great responsibility" and accepts his life as Spiderman .

Equipment and Powers

A bite from a radioactive spider on a school field trip causes a variety of changes in the body of Peter Parker and gives him superpowers.In the original Lee-Ditko stories, Spider-Man has the ability to cling to walls, superhuman strength, a sixth sense ("spider-sense")] that alerts him to danger, perfect balance and equilibrium, as well as superhuman speed and agility. Some of his comic series have him shooting webs from his wrists. Brilliant, Parker excels in applied science, chemistry, and physics. The character was originally conceived by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko as intellectually gifted, but not a genius. However, later writers have depicted the character as a genius. With his talents, he sews his own costume to conceal his identity, and constructs many devices that complement his powers, most notably mechanical web-shooters. This mechanism ejects an advanced adhesive, releasing web-fluid in a variety of configurations, including a single rope-like strand to swing from, a net to bind enemies, and a simple glob to foul machinery or blind an opponent. He can also weave the web material into simple forms like a shield, a spherical protection or hemispherical barrier, a club, or a hang-glider wing. Other equipment include spider-tracers (spider-shaped adhesive homing beacons keyed to his own spider-sense), a light beacon which can either be used as a flashlight or project a "Spider-Signal" design, and a specially modified camera that can take pictures automatically.

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