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Report | 11/29/2015 6:16 pm

Sid the Bear

Thanks for buying~
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Report | 11/26/2015 4:00 pm


Haha no worries, there's always that risk when buying from flynns. You're welcome to pick out an item from the rigs for yourself - I'll toss a pm your way with the video link in case you're interested!
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Report | 11/26/2015 3:40 pm


Thanks; I'd promised to win the things to record a rig opening and give the items away - certainly didn't expect the price to go so high!
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Report | 11/18/2015 3:03 pm


Thank you for buying from my store! I hope you enjoy the Small Heals!! blaugh
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Report | 11/17/2015 8:56 am


Thank you for your purchase~
Hope you have fun with it~
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Report | 11/16/2015 6:44 pm

Ninetys Radio

User Image
-Lady Tamunora-'s avatar

Report | 11/14/2015 7:47 pm

-Lady Tamunora-

Thank you for the gift and for saying my avi is cute! heart
LoVeLyBuNniEFLy's avatar

Report | 09/27/2015 11:42 pm


ooo ok. Oh yeah forgot it's still September sweatdrop So yes I do have lots of time to prepare. I guess i saw lots of people in their halloween look already that I thought it was october lol
LoVeLyBuNniEFLy's avatar

Report | 09/27/2015 3:31 am


Hey just wanted to say love your new look. Well might not be new but it's something I haven't seen you in yet lol! I need a look for Halloween but I haven't figured out what to put together.
Deliberate Purgatory's avatar

Report | 09/16/2015 8:11 pm

Deliberate Purgatory

Thank you! I'll give it a go.
Deliberate Purgatory's avatar

Report | 09/16/2015 8:08 pm

Deliberate Purgatory

I dunno what that means! haha
Deliberate Purgatory's avatar

Report | 09/16/2015 8:03 pm

Deliberate Purgatory

uhh the cat thing *checks*, Leafkit. Somehow I have an Autumn Leafkit and a Kitsune too?
Deliberate Purgatory's avatar

Report | 09/16/2015 7:53 pm

Deliberate Purgatory

I didn't think about that. Honestly it sounds like it might be worth a shot!
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Report | 09/16/2015 7:44 pm

Deliberate Purgatory

Meehhh, I don't think I would have the time for that. Thank you for all the information, though. I really didn't have any idea of what it was like, haha.
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Report | 09/16/2015 7:33 pm

Deliberate Purgatory

I've seen you talk about Kindred a lot. Is it worthwhile? I tried for a minute but didn't go back. I heard you can make good money off it.
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Report | 09/16/2015 7:28 pm

Deliberate Purgatory

You're welcome.
And I dunno if I will, I don't usually have good luck with RIGs. I gotta fight the temptation!
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Report | 08/20/2015 6:40 am

Kitana Hiki

Mrs Paint's avatar

Report | 08/18/2015 9:12 pm

Mrs Paint

Looks like ima be up all night. XD What lvl is your highest??
My machia is 33. I just need 3 more ally potions and I'll be done.
Ora ad Sathanas's avatar

Report | 07/27/2015 8:24 pm

Ora ad Sathanas

That is a beautiful avatar complementing a beautiful username exclaim
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Report | 07/17/2015 9:18 pm

Destiny Trio

Aha no there isn't much news for Kingdom Hearts 3. I was just whining about it. I REALLY want to see what Riku looks like because he's bae. Also thank you very much for the gift. ♡
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