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Q: Kins. All the kins.
You were born with the ability to change someone's life. Don't waste it.
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About time I update this, I suppose. Hi. I'm Rosier. No, that isn't my real name, that thing is a mouthful trust me. I'm a fine arts student who can't draw to save a life, but fortunately I love living behind cameras so I'm managing to somehow keep up with all the terribly talented people I study with. If you ever wanna find me on Gaia I'll probably be in Floating Wishes, a Gift The Person Above You thread which was created by someone who is now just one of my most amazing friends ever. I love bringing smiles to other people's faces, and will do my best to achieve that even if it means giving up on questing my own items. If you've somehow stumbled across my very old quest thread (or talked to me for a bit) you'll know I'm a Kindred fanatic, I just can't resist all the little cuties! Not much else exciting about me, but I won't bite if you ask.

Let's talk.

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Naiiix Report | 09/18/2017 8:37 am
Hi, I'm a random stalker passing by your profile. sweatdrop I've read your bio, and sadly I'm having the same fate as you. Immerse myself into the art world just to find out that I'm hella horrible at it. lmao. Have a nice day. emo
Neurotoxiin Report | 09/06/2017 10:03 pm
Rosier <3
Binku_Muja- Report | 08/15/2017 5:28 pm
When the gatcha card was on the go, sure, but that version is not available anymore right?
So the price doesn't make as much sense when you look at it that way. Not unless someone has a link to the page and
can still somehow get the Meowth item.

And thank you for telling me what the top was! Hopefully I can use the Baebie miniskirt to remove the skirted part of the dress.
Binku_Muja- Report | 08/15/2017 5:09 pm
The item I was talking about is called Need Healing!
Both the animal and human base are 799 gcash which is utterly ludicrous.
They even have the sonic the hedgehog animal base Go Fast for 799
and it only has four possible equips!
Binku_Muja- Report | 08/15/2017 5:03 pm
Sorry for the random comment but I just have to know
what the name of the top you have on is called!
Thank you!

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Madame Lee Report | 07/24/2017 5:21 pm
Madame Lee
+[Skarekrow]+ Report | 07/13/2017 10:39 pm
Yeah that's true. Time for a literal growth spurt I guess. Lol

Where I live is basically a retirement town so a lot of old people control everything. stare I think that's why it took so long to get one here. They probably thought it was Satanic or something.

+[Skarekrow]+ Report | 07/13/2017 10:28 pm
I wonder if he'll still be a teen in the next movie. xD That'd be interesting.

We've only had this one for a few years. Before this one came to our mall the closest one was almost 2 hours away. gonk

+[Skarekrow]+ Report | 07/13/2017 10:24 pm
When they showed him as a teen I was expecting him to be looking at some sexy plants on his computer or something. xD
I hope you can find something soon. :c I usually get my stuff at our Hot Topic in the mall but it's 30+ min away so I don't get there much.

+[Skarekrow]+ Report | 07/13/2017 9:33 pm
Omg that figure is so cute.
Oh man. That sucks that happened to you. I get like that too though. If a place isn't going to treat me well then they're not getting my money.


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