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Q: Kins. All the kins.
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About time I update this, I suppose. Hi. I'm Rosier. No, that isn't my real name, that thing is a mouthful trust me. I'm a fine arts student who can't draw to save a life, but fortunately I love living behind cameras so I'm managing to somehow keep up with all the terribly talented people I study with. If you ever wanna find me on Gaia I'll probably be in Floating Wishes, a Gift The Person Above You thread which was created by someone who is now just one of my most amazing friends ever. I love bringing smiles to other people's faces, and will do my best to achieve that even if it means giving up on questing my own items. If you've somehow stumbled across my very old quest thread (or talked to me for a bit) you'll know I'm a Kindred fanatic, I just can't resist all the little cuties! Not much else exciting about me, but I won't bite if you ask.

Let's talk.

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Blind Act Report | 06/12/2017 10:04 pm
Blind Act
thanks for the purchase yum_puddi
Lithium Filth Report | 05/29/2017 4:50 pm
Lithium Filth
t-t thank you for the kind words!
Koicchi Report | 03/31/2017 7:56 pm
Also, the more I look at The New Kid arm/jacket pose, the more I think it IS a Kyouko reference. Specifically to her thoughtful sprite pose. It just needs to be recolored!
Koicchi Report | 03/31/2017 6:34 pm
That's how she shows her love! SPREADING DESPAIR TO ALL.

I'm still not sure what they were trying to do on Future side with the red blood, but I was okay with it!! It was very confusing when they switched back and forth, though. A NAEGI SIBS ITEM WOULD BE PERFECT FOR GAIA. It'd work with male and female avatars, and have a good number of mods. Like, the female leg mod could be Komaru's lookalike Junko stance, and the male legs could be Makoto's character art TRIPPING AND HIS SHOE FLYING OFF POSE because I love it. ;w; arm pose should def be "YOU'VE GOT THAT WRONG!!" point

There's a character from V3 who I suspect will be lumped with a potential Kyouko item, if it's ever created. ;w; Actually, there might be two (both guys) but one fits more than the other. They could also blend in a Tsumiki reference with her, since they have sort of similar hairstyles. Kinda like how Super Level Academy references Junko and Ibuki.

Honestly, my despair over no Gundam item is muted only by my confusion it hasn't been made because honestly? HE'S PROBABLY THE BEST PICK FOR ECCENTRIC CLOTHES. Right there with Ibuki! His sprites are amazing!! Actually...why are there no arm mods that ref sprite gestures? Ibuki's and Junko's are so expressive!! The closest we have are the Obsessive lines yandere eyes, and they don't fit Sayaka in-game, but DO fit her beta artwork.

I KNOW. I've never met someone who knows/likes DR irl. Or they DO, but they hide it well. xD
Koicchi Report | 03/31/2017 5:54 pm
I getcha!

Yes!! I'm so surprised there's no Kyouko item! I know her outfit is very simple (everyone has v simple outfits tho...) but like...the Junko items don't even fit Junko as we see her in-game, so Kyouko's outfits could be based off her spinoff novel? When she's younger? OR SOMETHING. Junko's ref items fit her magazine shoots, and I'm still sorta disappointed in that. Gimme her canon modified school outfit + ARM MOD FOR HER SPRITES WHICH ARE GREAT. ;w; Naegi sibs item would also be appreciated! Gimme ahoges!! Oh...maybe that's how we'll see a Kyouko item. Not paired with Naegi, but V3 gives a better chance of there being a combo item like that.

V3 also gives me hope that there will be more items based off the guys. ;w; We have Leon (which was a huge shock) and Nagito (less of a shock) but that's it? I think an item has Ishimaru's hair, too, but nothing else for him...

Also sorry for getting this super excited about potential DR items, I've met few fans on Gaia and I like get my hopes up for more items!
Koicchi Report | 03/31/2017 5:26 pm
It's Danganronpa, so there's bound to be a Sakura/Chiaki death. Which I will look forward to, because I enjoy that despair. emotion_dowant

Thanks! It was around 40bil before, but it seems those listings expired/sold. >.< I'm patient, though! This new RIG makes me hopeful for new DR items, too! I LIKE the recolors we got today, but they're recolors to look canon and I don't really like the OG items. REALLY hope they stray away from Junko now, though. She's great and I LOVE her, but please...there's more girls...there's more GUYS. Please...reference someone else... ;w; I do love the few (three?) Ibuki items we have, even though it's probably technically only two if we don't count the recolor...
Koicchi Report | 03/31/2017 5:03 pm
Ahh, how nice! <3 I'm super looking forward to the game! AND LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL MY FAVES DIE.

It's this one! I think it's a user recolor, so the tags aren't the same as the others and the name is different!
Koicchi Report | 03/31/2017 4:41 pm
Didn't want to make the GCD thread go off-topic, but YES TO MORE V3 CHARA REFERENCES.
Lord Saiax Report | 02/03/2017 5:28 pm
Lord Saiax
thank you for buying
Prof Perriwinkle Report | 01/15/2017 1:36 am
Prof Perriwinkle
thank you for shopping smile

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