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"Yesss...all for Moge-ko, yes? AGYAGYAGYA!"


A girl created by the Mogekos. Candy, tobasco, and everything neat: those were the ingredients to create the perfect high school girl. But they added concrete instead of candy, and a psychopath was born.

Moge-ko is the feared sadist on floor five of Mogeko Castle. She rules with an iron fist and her personality tends to flip like a light switch, behaving calm one moment then vicious the next. She enjoys torturing puny mogekos and maybe a cute high school girl or two. Also, hail prosciutto.

"If you don't like DIE!"

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Hiya! This is Moge-ko, but you can just call me Neko~
I'm a pretty awkward person and I'm awful at conversation, but I try my best.
I like roleplaying, anime, manga, games, lolita and other Japanese fashion, drawing, cosplay, and coloring. Yeah, I'm sorta boring.
My favorite genre has to be Horror, and I've watched/read/played a lot! Ask me about anything, I'll probably know it. Even if I haven't read it, I usually have some extent of knowledge about it. My favorite author has to be Junji Ito~
Still, the Magical girl genre holds a special place in my heart~! I'm just not as well versed. I love the magical girl animes released by Studio Pierrot (Creamy Mami, Magical Emi, ect.) and most of all, Sailor Moon!
I usually listen to background music, chiptune, or some other electronica. I've listened to some Visual Kei too, as well as Vocaloid.
All in all, I'm kind of a weirdo~!