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"Yesss...all for Moge-ko, yes? AGYAGYAGYA!"


A girl created by the Mogekos. Candy, tobasco, and everything neat: those were the ingredients to create the perfect high school girl. But they added concrete instead of candy, and a psychopath was born.

Moge-ko is the feared sadist on floor five of Mogeko Castle. She rules with an iron fist and her personality tends to flip like a light switch, behaving calm one moment then vicious the next. She enjoys torturing puny mogekos and maybe a cute high school girl or two. Also, hail prosciutto.

"If you don't like DIE!"

Hiya! This is Neko~

I'm a pretty awkward person and I'm awful at conversation, but I try my best. If I hardly ever talk to you, I apologize, I have the tendency to isolate myself. This doesn't mean we're not friends though!

I like roleplaying, anime, manga, games, lolita and other Japanese fashion, drawing, cosplay, and coloring.

My favorite genre has to be Horror, and I've watched/read/played a lot! Ask me about anything, I'll probably know it. My favorite author is Junji Ito and my favorite horror games mostly come from the 1990's-2000's period (The Clock Tower series, Fatal Frame, ect). I love plenty of indie games and rpg makers, but if I listed them all, we would be here for forever.

Still, the Magical girl genre holds a special place in my heart~! I'm just not as well-versed. I love the magical girl animes released by Studio Pierrot (Creamy Mami, Magical Emi, ect.) and most of all, Sailor Moon!

I usually listen to different game OSTs, chiptune, funk (some people call it future funk? idk), and lots of 80s music. For the most part, anything with synthesizers. My favorite artists are Slime Girls, Bo en, Toriena, Suchmos, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Junko Yagami, and Seiko Matsuda.

I also listen to some Vocaloid, as well as make covers on my YouTube channel:

Nice to meet you, whoever's reading, and I hope we can get along!