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Location: Sol Demention

Birthday: 10/27

Occupation: Mad Scientist

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Welcome to the Negative Egg Zone!

{{Role Player is Female}}

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Eeeheeheehee So I see you stumbled onto my profiling page, good show~

My full title is Dr. Eggman Nega, and it is simply hilarious by anyone calling me by any other name~ Not to be confused with the mainstream Dr. Robotnik here...

I'm much more calculated then that bubbling fool. When the main objective goes arvy, he looses his cool. Even though we share the same intellect, our speech patterns are slightly different from each other...
...and why does no one sit still when I make my speeches? Bah! They will never know a true genius!

Bio: (Taken from Archie Sonic Encyclopedia)
Not much is known about the villianous Dr. Eggman Nega. Some accounts say he comes from Blaze's World. Others say he's from Silver's time. He is eloquent and sophisticated, but also frighteningly ruthless. It appears he's on par with Dr. Robotnik. Given his success against the Zone Cops and interdimensional travel, he might even be smarter.

Brown-Captain Whisker
Orange-Classic Robotnik
Red-Mondern "Eggman"
Dark Red-Julian

No Change-Description
Italicize- Indication
"Double Qoutations"- Speaking
'Single Qoutation & Italicize'-Thoughts
'Single Qoutations & Small Text'-Whisper/Murmurs
-Dashes- Setting
{{Double Brackets}}-Out of Character

~Sage's OC Profiles~

-Sage's Rush Storyline Profile-

Full Name: Ovi Nega
Age: Unknown: Perfers on not revealing
Race/Species: Human of an American/European Mix
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual (Has a small crush on Dr. Eggman)
Occupation: (Mad)Scientist
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: White (Formally platinum blonde)
Voice Actor: (Pitched) Mike Pollock
Height: 6'1
Weight: 282 lbs.
Known Family: Unknown
Known Friends/Allies: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Known Rivals/Enemies: Blaze the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog
Personilty: Always very calm and calculated; he somewhat more serious compare to his mainstream counterpart. He's somewhat much more cold, and even sadistic towards others; yet still retains his polite demeanor.
Abilities: -Genius- He seems to be just as smart as Dr. Robotnik, if not smarter then him.

-Saga Wars Fanfiction Profile-

Full Name: Elliot Edgar Nega
Age: Unknown: Perfers on not revialing
Race/Species: Overlander of Eurish/Norhamer Mix (Tailon Sub-Species)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Unknown
Occupation: (Mad)Scientist
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: White (Formally Platium Blonde)
Voice Actor: (Pitched) Mike Pollock
Hieght: 6'1
Weight: 282 lbs.
Known Family: Megan Nega (Mother), Walter Nega (Father), Natalie Thorndyke (Grandmother), Christopher Thorndyke (Grandfather), Virgil Robotnik (Great-Grandfather), Simon Robotnik (Great x2 Grandfather), Sara (Great x2 Grandmother), Gerald Robotnik (Ancestor), Ian Robotnik (Great-Uncle), Maria Robotnik (1st Cousin 5x Removed), Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Ancestor), Penelope Robotnik (Ancestor), Colin Kintobor Sr. (Great-Uncle), Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (1st Cousin 7x Removed), Hope Kintobor (Cousin 7x Removed)
Known Friends/Allies: None, and he betrayed them all.
Known Rivals/Enemies: Venice the Hedgehog (former friend), Edmund the Batchidna (former friend), Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, Oliver "Sonic" Hedgehog
Personilty: Always very calm and calculated; he somewhat more serious compare to his mainstream counterpart. He's somewhat much more cold, and even sadistic towards others; yet still retains his polite demeanor. He can be sauve and sneaky.
Abilities: Coming from the same future as Silver, he has pyscho tech nano machines in his bloodstream that has allows him to gain artificial psychic powers. Although after his betrayal to the Royal Family, had let the nano machines drain from his body. Being a genius from a long line of scientists, he still retains trace amounts of the technology in his blood.
-Genius- He's super smart!
-Psychokinesis- He can levitate objects 5 to 10 times his size.
-Levitate- He can temporary float in the air.
-Telepathy- He can connect with people and objects by touching them with his bare hand. He can also speak through people using his mind, as long as the psychic link had been enstabished.
-Vertigo- Can give someone a minor headache, or make them feel sick to their stomach.
-Burst Discharge- He could give out small burst of concentrated psychic energy to scramble and disorient machinery.
History/Bio: Over the years, overlanders populace has greatly decreased over the years. Dr. Nega was the first to be tested with the new improved version of nano technology: by combining the data for the original Roboticizer, and the research that was conducted by Dr. Simon J. Robotnik. Thus Psytech was born giving future generations an extra boost in their immune system, and psychic powers as an added side effect. Originally it was intended only for overlanders, but many mobian races got into the trend too. This eventually develop into 'The Five Clans;' groups consists based on one's psychic attributes such as: Tailon-The Wind Sign, capural of poltergeist phenomenon. Advance users can perceive and use telepathy. Pyromanencer-The Fire Sign, has the power to control over fire. Aquaios-The Water Sign, Can breathe and manipulate water. Raiocks-Techo Mages with the power over electricity. And Finally Chronos-Those who follow the Chaos and ancient teachings of the echidnas. Every year the clan's elder gather in the heart of Soleanna to celebrate 'The Sun Festival.'
Dr. Nega was in the high court of the pyro kingdom, despite being part of the Tailon Clan. His abilities where unmatched, and was infamous for his insight and tactical strategies that gave him the high honor even in the Time Guardian Corp. Nega had even taken Venice's son, Silver under his wing, and taught him how to use his powers. Silver was naive to trust Dr. Nega, as the scientist was secretly plotting against the kingdom. It wasn't until Blaze, The Flame Princess and Guardian of the Sol Emeralds, open Silver's eyes of Dr. Nega's true intentions. To this very day, Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat will do anything to put an end to Dr. Nega's tyranny.


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Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/16/2014 11:12 am
Sailor Pandora-San
Tronne: I understand you can't see from your eye anymore Luigi,but think of your ruined sight as a way of powering up your ears. just listen for the boos in a zen like manner then capture those laughing balls of annoyance. Teisel: I've called ahead to Shepard's squadron & help is on the way. now lets get out there & kick some a**! *exits the house with Sonic,Knuckles,and Shadow while the Servbots give orders to the Drachs for backup while an N7 Star Cruiser lands near the UFO* Garrus: we got the transmission Teisel,lets raise some Hell. *sets up a defense position as Shepard & Tali open fire on the Rachni Reapers along with its offspring* Tali: Keelah those things are uglier than Wreav. Shepard: got that right,we'll cover ya Sonic. Garrus: thin their numbers,don't let any of them through!
Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/16/2014 1:56 am
Sailor Pandora-San
Security System: WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! UNREGISTERED ENEMY UNITS HAVE BEEN DETECTED INBOUND FROM THE NORTH WITH COUNTLESS SOLDIERS & MAVERICKS!!! *the entire house enters Level 5 Lockdown as a giant army of Boos,Dry Bones,and Reapers begin their assault en masse* Teisel: oh s**t!!! Bonne: babuuu..... Servbots: we better get the Drachs over here pronto for immediate backup & extraction. Tronne: of all the moments,those losers had ta attack when Matthew's in surgery! Teisel: got that right sis. Dr. Light,we'll need your help in defending your house while repairs are finishing up on Matthew. Robotic Voice: Megaman....please....*the Poltergust 5000 appears near Polterpup as a gift from E Gadd*
Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/15/2014 10:29 am
Sailor Pandora-San
Tronne: Matthew's energy cells need to be replaced with a fresh batch so that'll be your job Roll. the CPU Core also requires drainage & cleaning. just make sure ya cool it down before cleaning it Robotnik. strange...even though Matthew has a Coolant Dispenser Unit in his body,it didn't activate when his Core overheated during the battle against those red dry bones. Natalie, I need you & Tails to connect matt's brain to the computer for any information on our foes & the troubles we're facing this time.
Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/13/2014 9:43 pm
Sailor Pandora-San
Tronne: reunions are so nice...*sheds a small tear as she remembers her family* Teisel: now that everyone's here & accounted for we should figure out a way ta get rid of those bone heads & seal up their gateways into this dimension. Servbot: its a good thing we finished the fire upgrades for Matthew. Tronne: he's one tough soldier on the battlefield that he is. help me with his repairs Dr. Light.
Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/13/2014 9:09 am
Sailor Pandora-San
Tronne: uhh yeah Rock,its all yours ta use as a catchphrase. Teisel: now that we got this confusion out of the way, I'm please to report that we have removed all of Claus' implants & restored his lost memories. come say hi to your brother. *holds his hand as Teisel shows a fully restored Claus with no traces of Porky's modifications*
R0uge The Bat Report | 09/05/2014 8:38 am
R0uge The Bat
( Lemme know if you need help heart )
R0uge The Bat Report | 09/05/2014 7:44 am
R0uge The Bat
( If you want to I can add your other accounts and we can talk on whichever you are using ^-^ You seem really awesome to talk too. emotion_kirakira
I have about three other accounts but I am shifting everything to this account c: )
R0uge The Bat Report | 09/05/2014 7:31 am
R0uge The Bat
( We sure do! sweatdrop There isn't many Sonic RPers out there either.. I remember there were heaps and heaps of em around. Now it's completely dead gonk )
R0uge The Bat Report | 09/05/2014 4:05 am
R0uge The Bat
Just whatever you like c: I'm here if you are up for a roleplay regardless ~
Mine are too! I haven't roleplayed Rouge in about 5 year ^.^;;;
R0uge The Bat Report | 08/31/2014 4:44 am
R0uge The Bat
( D'awww! Well if you are ever interested, lemme know! ♥)


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