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Hey there. I'm Jack. You can call me Time or Time Lord, or just Jack. Whatever floats your boat. I spend most of my time on here roleplaying. I'll roleplay any number of things. For a list of my interests, check here.

**Also, if you're planning on sending me a friend request, put something in the message. Something like how you found me or why you want to be friends. Anything of the sort. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who send me a friend request with no message. There's a high chance that I will just automatically hit "Decline" if I get one like that. There are only a few exceptions to this.**


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iPrincess Martha Report | 06/07/2014 5:01 pm
iPrincess Martha
Oh gawd yes n If only life did not revolve around it X But sadly we must...
iPrincess Martha Report | 06/07/2014 11:46 am
iPrincess Martha
Lol tht sounds good xD Since this will be my Senoir year in school so I gotta work so I can go to the events!!! Lol but I would love to relax as well :3
iPrincess Martha Report | 06/07/2014 11:31 am
iPrincess Martha
Lol yea rather just relax your whole summer huh??? xD
iPrincess Martha Report | 06/07/2014 10:36 am
iPrincess Martha
Slowing down for me Dx But Ima work so It would be fun! Lol got any plans for the summer???
iPrincess Martha Report | 06/07/2014 10:13 am
iPrincess Martha
Thats good to hear xD Im alright as well! Nothing exciting has been happening ;3;
Cadeyrn The Battle King Report | 06/07/2014 8:25 am
Cadeyrn The Battle King
I won't be able to get on today dear, I've got a birthday party to go to. sad Sorry
iPrincess Martha Report | 06/06/2014 9:06 am
iPrincess Martha
lol yea me to xD I remember when it came out most of my friends played it ._. lol So how have you been :3
iPrincess Martha Report | 06/06/2014 8:58 am
iPrincess Martha
Thanks for the key ^w^ I wont be able touse it though since I'm using my phone at the moment sad
The Fastest Man AIive Report | 06/01/2014 8:41 pm
The Fastest Man AIive
I tried lol
The Fastest Man AIive Report | 06/01/2014 8:33 pm
The Fastest Man AIive
Looks good!

I thought this was hilarious


Done by Amaris the Vixen.

Done by death_artist86.

Done by Xx_Fearless_Lover_xX.

Done by Sublime Mint