Welcome to one of my little homes on the internet, though I’m sorrowful to admit that I haven’t visited it as often as I should in a long while. It’s drab, dreary, and dull now… The gray dust bunnies have moved in on me, and I’m without my feather duster… Drawing is something I love to do both in the traditional and with the written, and here I find myself tired of both.

I may stop by to peer in from the other side of the looking glass when I’ve the fancy…

And I may dare to press my hand against its smooth face to see if I can feel the warmth of another hand pressing back… but things will never be as they once were.

If you wish to find me, you need only ask. I sadly frequent many of the fashionably forward websites these days. These are where the traditional thrives for me now. My inbox too is always open to friends and others alike, though I must warn that the dust bunnies may leave their tiny, little dust bunny prints all over your post before I do read it.

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