**Hi! If you're wondering why my profile is old and crusty, it's because I was too lazy to update it with the new design I had in mind. If you're wondering why I never log on anymore, there are several reasons why: making avatars used to be fun and exciting. It's now just a waste of time and energy for me to earn gold, or in some cases, a waste of my actual money to purchase gcash. This wasn't the case before (it was with gcash), but now there's ten new premium items everyday... nothanks. This whole place has turned into something I hardly recognize. To the guilds, I might participate every once in a blue moon, who knows. To my GSW friends, I'm really sorry. I love you guys. I wish it were another place and time. Msg me for my other networks. I tried. I really did.. </3**

Welcome to Maha's profile~
Get ready for a novel, but a satirical one at that. Highlight the text! Lolol.

I'm a talentless loser =P I am Guyanese, Panamanian, Filipino, born and raised in America. I like to represent each as best I can but I don't pick favorites. I'm straight and an ally; I love rainbows <3 I've taken 3 years of Japanese at my school. I'll be honest, I'm really proud of that. If I had to sum myself up I'd say: a whacko, feminist, philosopher-wannabe who's easy to get along with and jokes just a bit too much.

I like:
• Most things Japanese
• Chocolate! CHOCOLAAAATE!
• Bears for some reason... and elephants (India <3)
• Contradictions. Is that why I'm a tomboy... ?
• To write lots of stuff and things and this and that and the other
• Anime, Manga, Music, etcetera, etcetera

I dislike:
• Sexists
• Racists
• Orientationists (lolwut)
• People that prioritize their friends
• Avocadoes >.<

Noteworthy: I dislike who/what I dislike, but I ALWAYS give them the respect they deserve. Some people that are close to me don't agree on my beliefs, but I refuse to cut them out of my life.

This profile was inspired by the following art by Reian-chan... or so used to be her username...


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Hello viewers of journals and blog things. Take ye a gander at the pages of my sorrows, joys, various... escapades... ? And leave comments, tag so I can read yours, laugh at my never failing pains. My the options are endless with my journal!



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Hello Neon

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Hello Neon





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Wishing you a very happy[but early] birthday!

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Thank you!
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Nooooo<3 No need to thank me :'3 [Hugs] D8 I just like making my friends happy<3 I LOVE YOU, MAW HAW! <3
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D8 Maybe I just wanna talk to my Mawhaw! D< Did you ever think of that?? XD And YES, Zinc does work! biggrin Try it! As well as Vitamin C!

Uhm, Hmmmmmm. . . Well, lately I've been logging in on Gaia anywhere between 4pm and 9pm? Soooooooo, here: I'll just do this on your schedule XD Whenever you log into Skype, just message me and I'll call you! Does that sound good?- I'm always online, btw. I'm just on "Appear Offline" because I don't want a ******** load of people bombarding me with a TON of messages once I log in. Y'know? And also keep in mind that I use Skype on my Tablet, because when I talk to people I like to bring them with me wherever I go in my house XD. Lol! Just message me first, and I'll start the call. :3
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I'm a tea drinker, so I can give it a shot! And I've never had bubble tea before so it'll be nice!
D: OH MY GOD, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You're sick, too?! D: How long have you been sick? D'you have the things you need in order to fight it off? Like, OJ, or Zinc, of just Vitamin C? D:

D8 !!!!!! I'm in a call with Amanda right now! Uhm, d'you want me to call you tomorrow aaaaaaat 8? Maybe 9?
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Sweet! Either or will be fine! I've never been to the tea place, so I don't know what the cost of s**t is gonna be XD! But, Whenever you've got the time I'm down! But preferably when I don't have a cold? (Which, ironically it happens when weather changes. Every ******** season, I swear to God. XD)

You're still on Skype, right? Want me to give you a call sometime? When are you normally on, Jazzie?
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[Hugs] It just makes me appreciate you more, Jaz<3

How d'you feel about Coffee?- Duuuuude! We should go to MoA sometime and have coffee at Starbucks, or something!
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XD Anything to make people laugh!

:'D Happy New year to you too Maw haw! :'D Do anything fun on New year's??