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Theadora Amelia Dearden-Queen

Strength is not measured in size but in Ability
And I am more than Able

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Real Name
Theadora (Thea) Amelia Dearden
Current Alias



Team Arrow; formerly
the Teen Titans

Adoptive Mother Moira Queen, Adoptive brother Oliver Queen

New Earth

Base Of Operations
Star City, California; formerly San Francisco, California (as a member of the Teen Titans); London, Metropolis Out Lands,


5' 4"

105 lbs (48 kg)




Marital Status
Dating - Roy Harper

Adventurer; Student;
Club Operation Manager

O'Neal High School
Accepted to Harvard

The current version of Mia that I play is a mixture between Smallville's Mia, Thea Dearden Queen from Arrow and ofcourse Judd Winnick's amazing snarky little street Rat!

Mia was a teenaged girl who ran away from home after being abused by her father. Unable to survive on her own, she fell in love with a man named Richard, who offered her shelter and food in exchange for exploiting her in child prostitution. [1] Mia was rescued from one of her clients, a depraved local politician, by "Green Arrow" Oliver Queen, who had just recently returned from the dead. Mia continued to work with Oliver, who was busy trying to reconstruct his own life, and she began to train at archery under his reluctant tutelage. Mia continually petitioned Green Arrow to allow her to serve as his sidekick, but Oliver continually demurred, not wanting to put another youngster at risk. As Oliver Queen got his life back in order, Mia fantasized that she would one day become Green Arrow's new crime-fighting partner and began taking up practice with the bow. Once the Emerald Archer learned of her desire, he nipped it in the bud, instead emphasizing that she concentrate on her academic studies. Mia began to work after classes in the Star City Youth Recreational Center with Queen and his son, Connor Hawke.

When Mia tested positive for HIV, a legacy from her years on the street, she was more determined than ever to do something special with her life. Green Arrow felt he at least owed it to Mia to give her a chance. Mia became his sidekick, the second one to don the costumed identity of Speedy. [2] To complement her training, Mia also joined the Teen Titans at Ollie's request, though she did so at first reluctantly. After facing foes such as Doctor Light and the new Brother Blood, Mia left the Titans shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis. During the Lost Year, she trained heavily in various forms of the martial arts alongside Ollie and Connor under the tutelage of many of the world's greatest martial artists. She has committed herself to working with Team Arrow, and has already begun establishing her own network of street contacts throughout Star City.
After the marriage of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, Mia continued to operate as Speedy, and accompanied Team Arrow throughout the rescue of Oliver from Themyscira and the subsequent pursuit of the League of Assassins. During this time, she met and developed a crush on British ally Dodger, who she began a relationship with. She has since relocated to London to be with him. Mia recently returned from London after she found that Dodger had had an affair with someone called Emma Watson(believed to be the actress). She returned just in time to save Black Canary during a battle, and to witness Ollie leaving.
edit Powers and Abilities
Green Arrow has taken Mia under his wing, training her with a bow and arrow. Although her archery is nowhere in the same league as Oliver's or Connor Hawke's, Mia has been ardently practicing her skills, and honing her bowmanship techniques. Mia is a vastly above-average fighter and acrobat, having trained underneath many of the world's top martial artists.
Strength level
Mia Dearden possesses the strength level of a girl her age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise. On occasion, her strength levels wane as a side-effect of her prescribed AIDS-related medication, which she takes on a regular basis.

Having contracted HIV, Mia Dearden must take the AIDS cocktail and keep herself in excellent physical condition.


Bow and trick arrows.


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Miss Mockery Report | 08/25/2014 4:47 pm
Miss Mockery
Battling Bowman Report | 06/08/2014 7:14 am
Battling Bowman
More secrets? What was she talking about? Looking down at the papers before him in confusion. He had never seen these documents before, a lot of the pages before him were notes about Thea's father Malcolm Merlyn, along with their father Robert Queen. Frowning a bit as he moved to set the letters, bills, copies of payment made for one reason or another were laid out along the desk top surface. Oliver had no clue as to what he was going over, some of the information made sense but to what degree? Glancing up at Thea, he shook his head in question before dropping his eyes back down along the paperwork. "What in the hell was our Mother doing? What was she involved with?" At Thea's suggestion to burn it all. Normally he would have agreed, some of this he was going over probably meant nothing but it would mean something to the only sole survivor that was family to Thea, whether she wanted to accept the man or not. "I don't think we should burn any of this yet." His fingers skimming down to a known business, Barger & Wolen LLP moving further down towards something of stock market share holders involved with Queen Consolidated. Oliver stopped reading and shook his head, "I fear if we burn this, we will loose some valuable information concerning our parents Thea, there may be something hidden within these lines that could save us or do harm. Burning and burying this thinking that whatever this is as dead. Could also come back to bite us in the a** and we would have no clue as to what hit us. Secrets, I know are bad to keep. Our parents taught us well on how to keep secrets, Thea. This won't be a secret, it can no longer be a secret when it comes to us. No more secrets, lets box this up and bring it with us. I don't think either one of us presently are in the right mind to look at this completely. But for now, we take what secrets our family had and keep them safe for the time being." Storing the papers away was indeed, hiding more secrets. But for now, it was what he thought was best. He did not want one paper to get out. He knew how science worked these days. All it would take would be one page of their history to be aired out into the open. News reporters don't need anything else to latch their greedy paws upon from the Queen family. Anything else, slander wise would destroy them.
Loaded Arsenal Report | 06/07/2014 11:19 pm
Loaded Arsenal
Battling Bowman Report | 06/07/2014 10:03 pm
Battling Bowman
Oliver felt as if he had aged almost a decade just standing there in their father's library. Hearing Thea enter in from somewhere, pulled Oliver out of his dusty thoughts. He didn't say anything at first as he glanced down at the files she had within her grasp. Something else they needed to deal with, that couldn't be avoided for long. Holding out his hands for Thea to lay out some of the files into his hands to help her. By making decisions of what to keep and what needed to be destroyed.
Battling Bowman Report | 06/07/2014 8:18 pm
Battling Bowman
Oliver stopped in his footing when he heard Thea say something. Cocking his head to the side and up slightly as he watched Thea speaking towards one of the movers. His eyes fell down towards the stairs as he watched the mover carry down a load and exit the house to load a truck in the driveway. The whole place felt completely empty. Standing in the foyer at a loss of words he continued on towards their father's library. Upon opening the large door, he couldn't believe how barren this place was looking. Faded wallpaper gave way to where paintings once hung along the walls. Finding his way over towards the fireplace, seeing several flash backs of the good times when he was younger. To the sinking of their father's yacht, the endless gunshot going off in Oliver's mind as his father sacrificed himself so that he would live. Surviving the island, loosing loved ones left and right as he tried to make the right decisions in order to survive. Returning home, being gone for so long away from civilization. Noticing the changing. His memories of the past became blended in with present time. There were only so many people left in his life that were keeping him going. The faces of his loved ones and supportive friends: Thea, Lisa, Felicity, Sara, Roy, Diggle, Quentin, Laurel and Barry. If these people weren't in his life, he knew he would be taking a darker path in life, changing forever.
Battling Bowman Report | 06/07/2014 5:43 pm
Battling Bowman
"Sadist is the type of individual that inflicts pain." Talk about a morbid conversation. He didn't question, just went along for now. Oliver supplied the simple nodding of his head towards Thea's request. Allowing her that. He couldn't bare the thought of going through his mother's belongings. Would feel so wrong and at the same time. He wouldn't know what was considered important. Their mother was a materialistic woman, into name brand clothing and jewelry. Back in the day, that would have meant something to Oliver. Being in the lime light, wearing the right clothes, hanging out with the other rich kids. Today? Everything was about survival and moving forwards in life without either parent. For a first time in his life, Oliver was going to have to step up to the plate and be the parent. The thought of that was scary. Not that he did not think he couldn't handle the job. He had already taken on a large amount of responsibility when he returned back to Starling City in taking over his father's business. But this was different, at least to him. "Sure, that's fine. I'm going to head to father's library to make sure we didn't miss anything."
Battling Bowman Report | 06/07/2014 8:49 am
Battling Bowman
"Thea I think you meant to say, masochist." Grinning as he chuckled to himself. He knows Diggle would have a field day hearing what Thea just implied. He was pretty sure the majority of the paintings were already shipped out towards the new house. But it was always better to check and be certain. Pausing briefly as he glanced back at Thea in question to their Mother's belongings. Staring off distantly as he tried to think of what to say about that. Their mother's death was still fresh in his mind and was difficult to talk about, let alone think about. Lowering his eyes towards the ground. "I think it would be best to box up her belongings for now and place them in the storage shed. As painful as that sounds, I don't want to toss away something that may be priceless of hers that neither one of us know about." He almost said its not like she was keeping secrets from them. He knew that was a lie. Hence that's why he said nothing. His voice was a lot quieter than normal as he spoke, "Yes, I think that's best for now. And when we are ready to go through her things, then we can make decisions on what to keep and so forth. Agreed, Thea?"
Sonic Cry Report | 06/01/2014 4:07 pm
Sonic Cry
Nodding her head a few times as she sent out a text to Felicity, which was a back up number: 'Felicity, I need one of the many favors you owe me. This has nothing to do with me, this is regarding Oliver's sister Thea. It's urgent, otherwise I would not have contacted you. Can we please meet somewhere?' - Sara

After sending off the text, she instantly contacted one of the pizza parlors this side of town. It was a mom and pop place but it was the best pizza on this side of Starling. "Hello this is Sara Lance, yes that's right Sally. How are you and the kids doing? That's great, hey are you guys still open? I mean I know it's late.. oh wonderful! Could Mike make up two medium pizza's for me please? One thin crust, with pepperoni and pineapple. Can you oven bake some garlic cloves please with a side of olive oil and fresh cracked black pepper? Also I think I'd like to order some of your homemade filled cheese bread sticks please. The other pizza? My usual please, thin crust, grilled chicken, artichokes, spinach, and Alfredo sauce. I think that will do it for now. Thirty eight even? Alright, can you use my number on file? Perfect, tell Tony I will meet him outside, thank you so much. Bye Sally have a good evening!" With that she hung up the phone turning towards Thea, "Pizza will be here in about 30 to 45 minutes. They're always on time."
Sonic Cry Report | 06/01/2014 7:09 am
Sonic Cry
"Beer and ice cream?" Sara laughed lightly, "Sounds like you've been hanging around me too much, Thea." The comment about watching something called Gossip Girl Marathon?? She had no clue as to what Thea was talking about. She didn't want tv, when did she really have time to with her busy other life schedule? Reaching into her back pocket she removed her cell, "Is there anything particular you'd like on that pizza? Thin crust? Help me out here, please." Sighing to herself, she was still concerned that someone knew that Thea was here at her place.
Sonic Cry Report | 05/31/2014 10:04 pm
Sonic Cry
"Smoak? Oh! You are talking about Felicity." Sara felt tension roll into her shoulders then as she thought about her only computer geek friend. She was hoping they were still friends after what happened between them not too long ago. "That's because she's Oliver's computer guru. Miss know it all when it comes to technology." Maybe Felicity could help out in this situation? However, with the ties and bridges, Sara just burned that might be a little difficult in getting in touch with Felicity presently. "I'll give her a call and go from there." She wasn't lying, Sara had her ways of getting in touch with Felicity. She would just have to find the right opportunity to do so.
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