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Czarnian Physiology: It is said that Czarnians can only be truly killed by other Czarnians (though this does not matter to Lobo either way, as he cannot die by any means). Furthermore, Lobo has been banned from entering either Heaven or Hell. Lobo can survive unaided in the vacuum of space.
Superhuman Strength: His strength varies greatly from writer to writer. Lobo has shown strength sufficient enough to knock out Superman with his blows without too much apparent effort, but at times is barely able to pick up cars. At most times, Lobo is shown to be on par with Superman in terms of strength. He has even shown enough strength to destroy entire planets. More often than not, Lobo is able to effortlessly lift far in excess of 100 tons.
Superhuman Stamina: He possesses inexhaustible stamina and in most interpretations cannot tire.
Immortality: Lobo is functionally immortal and cannot die no matter what happens. He is immune to the effects of aging and disease and has been banned from entering either Heaven or Hell.
Invulnerability: His durability also varies greatly from writer to writer. He has at times shrugged off blows from the likes of Superman with no damage, taken planet-destroying attacks without so much as a scratch but at other occurrences has had his skin penetrated by bullets and had only some resistance against most magic spells and attacks.
Superhuman Durability: Lobo's body is resistant to most forms of physical pressure.
Superhuman Speed: Lobo possesses the ability to sharpen his awareness and increase his temporal flow, appearing to move faster than humanly possible. He can move at incredible speeds.
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Self-Sustenance: Lobo does not need any food, water, air, or sleep and he can survive in the vacuum of space without any harm.
Regeneration: If Lobo does somehow sustain an injury, his accelerated healing factor enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue instantly, with little apparent pain. He will apparently heal from any injury. For instance, Lobo can regenerate out of a pool of his own blood, apparently recycling the cells instantly. The speed of regeneration has also varied throughout his appearances.
Bio-Fission grow a copy of himself, possessing all of his skills and powers, out of every drop of his blood that was spilled.

Genius-Level Intellect: As unbelievable as it may seem, despite his violent and loutish nature, Lobo seems to have a genius-level intellect in matters of destruction and violence. He can create complex virulent agents and the necessary antidotes to them such as the one he let loose on Czarnia, resulting in the deaths of the entire population in the span of one week. He was also able to scavenge parts from a destroyed time hopper and attach them to his own bike, producing a working time machine.
Tracking: The tracking ability allows him to trace any prey across even the Universe.
Multilingualism: By his own account, Lobo can speak 17,897 different languages from across the galaxy.
Expert Combatant: Lobo is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant, having mastered numerous forms of martial arts from all over the galaxy.

Lobo has a large arsenal of weapons from firearms to knives. He mostly prefers his chain and wrist machine gun. However Lobo has gone an extra step in placing ID signatures in his weaponry to assure no one uses them against him.


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Real Name: Lobo -translates to- He Who Devours Your Enthralls and Thoroughly Enjoys It

Alias: The Main Man, The 'Bo, Master Frag, Mister Machete, Popebo, The Thrash, Li'L Lobo

Alignment: Whatever Side I fraggin feel like

Height: 6'4
Weight: 305 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red

Place of Birth: Czarnia

Base: None

Affiliation: Formerly Justice League, L.E.G.I.O.N, First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish-God, R.E.B.E.L.S.

Likes/Dislikes: Firearms, smilies/icon_heart.gif blunt weapons, smilies/icon_heart.gif space dolphins, smilies/icon_heart.gif chains, smilies/icon_heart.gif women smilies/icon_heart.gif, anarchy, alcohol, chaos, getting paid, rock music, heavy rock, bloodshed/Super heroes, Superman, Aliens, Kryptonians, Brainiac,

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Lobo 101

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Lobo is the last survivor of the tranquil, peace loving Czarnian (Velorpian in Giffen's Omega Men) race. Pacifism, however, was not in Lobo's nature. He bit off the midwife's fingers, frightened a delivery nurse to death and attacked staff with scalpels at his own birth. His name is Khundian for "he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it." The carnage was only just beginning, Lobo killed every person charged with overseeing him until he decided to kill every last Czarnian. With his genocide complete, he decided to become a bounty hunter. He would help the Omega Men to defeat the Spider Guild and the Citadel.

Czarnia, paradise of peace, love, and quiet joy, where the days were long and the nights golden, and the dream of every dreamer was fulfilled. There was no war. There was no hunger. Death came only to those who chose it as an alternative to everlasting life. There was no violence. There was not even a word for "quarrel," or "dispute," or "hatred," beyond the phrase translatable as "I mildly disagree with you and am more than willing to enter into harmonious dialogue with a view to resolution thereof.", but into Eden a serpent was born, and the name of this evil was Lobo.

It's said that the midwife who delivered him felt a strange, unknown sensation at the moment of birth. With hindsight, we now know that to have been terrified apprehension. "The devil!" she screamed. "The devil incarnate!" No one knew what she was talking about, and to that unnamed martyr fell the dubious honor of being Lobo's first victim. She became the planet's first mental patient in more than ten millenia, and no one ever knew why she refused to re-grow the four fingers the noxious Child of Darkness had chewed off. The best minds of Czarnia - the best minds in existence - spent years in analysis of the Lobo phenomenon. The theories were endless: Rogue Gene; Demonic Possession; the Scapegoat Hypothesis, which maintained he was the universe's way of balancing out Czarnia's overabundance of the good things in life; Heideleidle's Uncertainty Something, whose followers insisted Lobo had to happen sometime, somewhere, and it was only bad luck he happened here.

Lubls believed that, owing to some quirk, the one hundred percent of the mental power of all Czarnians channeled into life enhancement was somehow reversed in Lobo. All his will, his energy, his ability, was directed toward creating mayhem as often and as ubiquitously as he could manage - which was quite a lot. In fact, a whole lot.

Certainly, he cut a swathe through the intellectual bliss of the Czarnian education system. Never one to study if he could beat up on a classmate - or a teacher - Lobo soon "ran his school". Even as a five-year-old he was unbelievably ferocious, a fact attested to by his first-ever principal, Egon N'g, whose throat the odious child ripped out in a temper tantrum. When neighbors found him, scrawled on the floor in his own blood was the message: "My faith in the natural goodness of the scheme of things has been severely shaken, if not totally destroyed. I rejoin the Universal One. Farewell, Paradise! P.S. - for your own sake, create the concepts of police, punishment, and prison."

It took a lot of blood. Mr. N'g was a long time dying. For a time there was excited discussion. Police. Punishment. Prison. What in the name of cornucopian bliss were they? And meanwhile, in the classrooms of Czarnia, spilled blood, bruised bodies, and broken bones marked the Serpent's progress. An era was over. In the far galactic distance a muffled drum began to beat, heralding the passing of perfection.

On an ornate balcony set high among Czarnia's slender towering spires, the archfiend Lobo relaxed. A glass of sparkling neurowine wet lips dry with obscene anticipation. He ran his other hand through his hair, a swift, graceful movement he'd spent long months perfecting. In the satin sheen of a plasglas wall, he caught sight of his reflection. He smirked, sighed, well pleased with what he saw. Mr. Maximum Cool. Chiller. The Ultimate Freeze. By grade school he was almost blase about violence, even in its worst extremes. He detested everyone he met, and treated them accordingly. All Czarnia knew and feared the name Lobo.

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Until, in his late teens, his monstrously swollen ego took the final step. Employing an intelligence that might in different circumstances have seen him become one of the universe's all-time top brain surgeons, Lobo got to work in biology class. He emerged with something 117 microns long, airborne, of scorpion-like appearance, that burrows into flesh. Had any witnesses survived, they might have told of the spine-chilling laugh that split the air as he smashed the vile vials containing certain death for Czarnia and her fabulous children. The laugh wafted upward on the wind and many a victim would swear that, even as they felt the excruciating needle-burns as millions of tiny things dug deep into their bodies, the echo of that unholy laugh frightened them even more. Lobo the Lord of Death raised his glass in one final toast. Electricity crackled up his spine. Complex chemical reactions in his brain led to a state of mystical euphoria. Fleetingly, he remembered Daline Zaand, his first love.


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Southern Fried Vengeance Report | 07/25/2014 7:30 am
Hey. You. It's your old buddy Deathstroke_Wilson. If you are up for it, my guild could use a Taskmaster
Dr Banner and Mrs Hulk Report | 07/21/2014 8:03 pm
*Looked up at him pensively* And... well... ?
Dr Banner and Mrs Hulk Report | 07/20/2014 11:20 am
Okay, her eye did just twitch a little bit. "Did you think about what I said?"
Dr Banner and Mrs Hulk Report | 07/14/2014 1:23 pm
"Weeeell... about the woman you were wearing last time we talked..?"
Dr Banner and Mrs Hulk Report | 07/10/2014 10:34 pm
*caught ahold of his face gently with her hands and held him still before he could bestow any
more kisses.* Lobo, it's good to see you. Have you thought over what I said?
Botanical Beauty Report | 07/09/2014 5:17 am
Oh gosh, I can't even imagine if someone started out new, and only get like a 100k to start out with, now days when you are new you can only buy crap from the shop. I only used real cash when I was starting out, now I just think it's silly and think 'people actually spend real money on pixels?' I agree with you completely, if it wasn't for the people I RP with or talk with I'd quit.
Botanical Beauty Report | 07/08/2014 10:44 am
Uh yeah, items have inflated quite a bit after Flynns Booty, 1 million is like the new thousand xD my biggest problem is that they've been putting out these limited items sure some of them look cool, I save for one, and by the time I have enough gold it's inflated 50 billion more D: I've basically given up on any of the items I really want heh. How have you been?
Dr Banner and Mrs Hulk Report | 06/25/2014 3:01 pm
The giant green monster watched him leave sadly. She'd been hoping that he'd be happy to see her too. That is, enough to maybe
reconsider puny banner's point. Both Hulk and the puny scientist were very attracted to the titanium white alien, but honestly, what
was he expecting? He was COVERED in the blood of some innocent woman that he literally ripped apart because she was in the
way, as well as Lobo's usually loco brand of shits 'n giggles. She was sad to see him go though. </3
I Am John Kramer Report | 06/18/2014 6:32 pm
[[Thank you for accepting my friends request. I look forward to role playing with you in the mere future.]]
Dr Banner and Mrs Hulk Report | 06/17/2014 3:13 pm
The huge woman raised an eyebrow but actually put her hand on his chest, palm-forward,
and stopped him from planting the kiss on her by a few inches. "No." Then (gently)
moved him away so he was two feet away from her again. "Hulk knows you like."
Then paused, seeming to be going for adding brevity of words to what she was saying.
"Hulk no like ..." Paused, and then wiped up some of that poor woman's blood off of
Lobo with her fingertip. "Bad." The huge woman raised an eyebrow but actually put her hand on his chest, palm-forward,
and stopped him from planting the kiss on her by a few inches. "No." Then (gently)
moved him away so he was two feet away from her again. "Hulk knows you like."
Then paused, seeming to be going for adding brevity of words to what she was saying.
"Hulk no like ..." Paused, and then wiped up some of that poor woman's blood off of
Lobo with her fingertip. "Bad."

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