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Birthday: 04/13

When yall b***h and moan

Listen for the....

HAHA im 13 again

Who am I if I'm the person you become

Punch right in the feels


You can call me Lady.
-> I went a bit crazy with the music sorry. I love too many to pick <-

Soooo hey. You probably knew me from zOMG! These days I've been poking my head around Gaia just missing the site in general. Its still not going to be the same without our beloved game but... Its hard not to check in.
I'm always down to chat if you're friendly, shoot me a comment!
I am pregnant and working a lot (also moving again soon) so I'll be pretty busy but I will try and get back to you in a timely fashion.

----Just a lil' message----

I feel like I've been robbed of happy reactions to my pregnancy because of my age. It saddens me people feel its appropriate to crush our excitement. Yes, we are younger than 25 and this wasn't planned but it doesn't mean we can't make the best of the situation. Frankly I don't feel like it is anyones's place to tell me we're too young, or that we're stupid, or that its all going to fail because we aren't married. You don't know us. Period.
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A bit about me I guess?
I have two wonderful kitties I love like children
Also I am:
Pierced & tattooed
Bright red hair
I love concerts and music festivals
Corey Taylor is BAE (also, Rhianna)
Surprise, I am bisexual. Female preference.
Kind of music?
Metal, EDM, Rock, Pop... I am open to a lot. Those are just favs
I draw when inspiration strikes so feel free to ask for art
I have a serious issue with germs. (OCD)
Recovered from anorexia nervosa (So thankful to be living)

All in all I'm rather friendly and talkative. Don't be shy!
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emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif you all so much I'll never forget the good times

Last years costumes! The Flapper and Mob Boss.Such cute. Much match.

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