Hello visitors. My name is The Kraken.

It is derived from my obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean back in 2007. I was previously Starps, then Candy Quakenbush, and I made my final change to The Kraken. If I wasn’t such a cheapskate, I probably would have changed it again shortly thereafter, but now, I’m rather proud to have a name without any numbers or unnecessary letters and dashes.

I started Gaia in December of 2005 when one of my best friends was messing around on here while I was over at his house one day. At that time, when I ran into people who had been on here for several years, I prayed I wouldn’t be a long-time user in the future. I was around eleven years old then. Now I’m eighteen, cynical, and I absolutely hate Gaia because it’s filled with idiots that remind me of younger versions of myself.

But, there are a lot of cool people on Gaia still, too, which is why I still occasionally log on to say hi. You will most often find me perusing around the Art Freebies forum. I love art, film, music, books, and video games. Feel free to talk to me about any of them. I promise to be nice if you’re nice to me. Similarly, I promise to be an absolute douchebag if you’re one to me.

Thanks for reading, I suppose.


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I am the Kraken, hear me roar.

I'm here only to ******** s**t up and raise hell. Is there some other reason to use Gaia...?



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Emo Kuromi Nui

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Emo Kuromi Nui


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Please feel free to quote me when you are going to stream again heart
Sip of Brandy

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Sip of Brandy

ωσυ уσυ ¢αяє ƒσя....

Hey, It's Volatile Neko.
(Comment below, i'm the same person)
I knew I recognized your username >w<
...α ѕιρ σƒ вяαηу?

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: D

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Tumblr <3

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hey there its been a while since i've been on gaia. I saw your AF thread. So you're looking for people for a joint art shop?

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"I'm here only to ******** s**t up and raise hell. Is there some other reason to use Gaia...?"
Not that I know of. XD Nice journal headline, LOVE ITxDD

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Welcome to It's A Girl Thing guild! emotion_awesome
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
B O O !

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B O O !

And thank you as well. emotion_yatta
I'm very excited to see how she turns out.

Oh, and a side note.. just in case you didn't read her info.
You can change up Voletta's dress colors. Any colors you want, so long as it has the polka-dots. 4laugh
Have fun with her!
B O O !

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B O O !

Do you require me to add to my original offer or is 100k sufficient?

I'll begin the trade now and add to it if you desire. 3nodding


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