yo im' the kat life, and by ''kat'' I mean cat, not Kathy, Kate,etc.
i'm from Spain, tho i'm half british since my mom is british n my dad's spanish.
my real name's actually Elena and if you wanna know my age you gotta talk to me more ok
I like to draw and stuff but I'm lazy so i 'dun do it pretty often now, i just spend my days on tumblr,gaia and watching one piece.
i rly dislike jerks, if u aren't going to be nice to me then you can ******** off heart
im single and i apparently like these kind of boys: [0:36:26] Milky: write you only get turned on by people that are much older than yourself, and gay people
Not my fault that the cute guys are gay and the hot ones older ; A wink /
i'm into kawaiism, because kawaii is a life style
My dream is to own an siberian tiger and tame it on my own
I love Steph THE MOST because she's the awesomest friend i've ever had
then i love everyone else EQUALLY and they're TONY, OLIVER, JAKE, DENICE LIZZ AND CYNTHIA