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Regardless of anything, I will always only know one thing. It can vary from symbol to symbol but to me it will always mean the same.

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Random Guy 8/19/14

So I finally caught your eye Random Guy.
Yes I am one of the few that does comply...
to such things that others seem to not rely.
But is not the same for I...
For this is my personal fixation
that I shall never deny.

Random Guy

Random Guy
This random guy.... if he notices that smallest 'gesture' I just made... it could lead to a whole world of curiosity....

That one little thing I did could only lead to one action if such a spark of curiosity even came about in this guy's head. If it did, then he would take a peek into my world through the small window I leave open....

What's inside? Madness.... there's blood on the floor... Inside my head there are seemingly two things eating away at what little sanity remains...... the thing is though... the two are not really two.... there isn't but just one either....

There is always something and someone else.... I am one, and I am one with my 6 companions... there are 7 of us but we are also one.... I'm starting to go crazy in the sense to where I feel that even numbers are just another illusion...

Lastly... who is this guy? No one I know and probably no one you know either. Just another ******** that lingers in the same territory as I...... this place is never deserted and all everyone else here wants is answers and acknowledgement no matter how it will be..... I linger for the same reason... but perhaps also because of something much else.....

Bahaha so as it turns out... taking more of a look at this seemingly random guy heh heh perhaps he was part of one of those that have been lingering in my mind all this time. Oh what a delight. All is indeed one.......


Return of Random Guy
Ahh the return of random guy....
Who is it and what does it mean?
Well, not a thing just another one lingering...
In what place is this? This place is huge, it
is endless. The last thing I'd ever run into
in here is forgetfulness. Now that I've seen
you once again dwelling in this dwindling
game, I shan't ever forget your name.


Random Guy Vs Sai
Random Guy... So it turns out...
You were never just that...
Perhaps you're much closer to the Rat.
Are you maybe one of the 5?
I'm actually surprised that the illusion
is still being kept alive...
Ahh the ironic tribulations of Sai...
Why must I be the one left in the
dark on all this? Well no matter,
at least I get to have my place right
next to his......

I'm looking at your profile as we speak...
Seemingly you're just yet another fanatic geek.
Why is it that now it is your name that they speak?
Ahh this seemingly Random Guy. Only random to
any of those that do not comply. I will not speak
anymore of this, and not just because I'm shy...
Only because... this is not how I'm meant to die...

I know my Rat watches all that I say and do...
He has even been there far before I ever knew...
Well with this random, craziness that I spew,
I do not want him to know who it is I'm attempting
to show... But why though? Who is going to ever
know anyways? Perhaps and likely no one. This
is just going to be a memory forgotten with any
given number of days...

(To clarify... this is not another person I am
obsessed with or anything. It is someone who I
know nothing of, just that he lingers in the same
place that I do and I've seen him far too often and all
it does is simply make me wonder... Perhaps him
and I share the same secret.....)

>> See more poems in me journal above. <<

the fish

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If you think there is something / someone I should add to this page then kindly share. If you know of a random goth character on anything; movies, cartoons, whatever, share with me and I will make an avatar and post my opinion of it here. Of course males are welcome too but I mostly fancy females as I've already stated. (I don't do animes, I can't stand most anime.)

Morticia Addams

I've always loved this character, all of them in fact. The show and movie is just darling. One of those gothy classics. =]


The lovely Triana from the Venture Brothers.

There is always more to add to me collection

I'am a collector of things gothic. I love many things and people that are goth. I like collecting rare pictures of goths from movies, games, and other random things.

There have been many cartoons with their version of what goths look like or are suppose to be and most of the time I really enjoy those and add them to my collection on my computer. I've recreated many goth cartoons into Gaia avatars. I do love making avatars on here as well. I also like to see a random goth in a movie and save a screen shot of them and make avatars of them as well.

I also love to hear most peoples opinions on what they think goth is and isn't. I have of course my own thoughts on it and all that is shared in my Goth Collection guild. This is just an account to where I can share my collection with whoever stumbles across my page.

If you are goth then send me a random request if you like and you can be added to a partial collection here via my friends list, you don't have to talk to me if you don't want just feel free to add yourself to my collection. Some of you may find this all creepy, pointless, or stupid. I don't actually care. We are all going to do what we want regardless of what anyone says anyways.

Feel free to comment me as well, negative and positive ramblings are always welcome and fancied. smilies/icon_lol.gif

Lisa Simpson Goth, 'Ravencrow Neversmiles'

There was a Simpsons episode were Lisa was trying to 'find herself' and who she should be and one of her selections was goth. I actually like the way she looked but that is obviously not why someone should become goth, because you just don't know who you are or were you 'fit in'.


I've always just loved Raven. She was always my favorite Teen Titan. I did use to watch that show and it's a cool show, I just don't like all the dumb humor in it.


This is Sam from... you know.... that old cartoon about the kid with ghost powers.. yeah that's the one..... Well anyways she is the only main goth on the show, I like how they make her for the most part....

Jury Goth

This chick is only shown for a short moment in the begining of the movie Let's go to Prison. I haven't seen that movie and what little I did see of it looked pretty dumb to me. Apparently they were referring to this chick as to being another dumb jury member or whatever. She's a cutie to me though.

zoe aves

Zoe is from the cartoon El Tigre. She is also the villan Black Cuervo. She has a thing for the main character Manny and seems to dislike his best friend Frida. Zoe was always my favorite character on the show because she is the only goth and I some what like her attitude.

Andrea from Daria

I guess she is the only goth on the show. Shes not one of the main characters but it shows her often and she gets to talk a bit. She seems pretty mutual in all and I like her simple look.

nameless goth robot

This was literally a lifeless robot thing from the movie Surrogates. It showed her on a subway near the begining of the movie. The head shot was all it showed so I made up the rest for the avatar.

nameless punk goth chick

This chick was in the party scene of the movie Grandma's Boy. I can't really stand that movie but I just liked that cute random chick which it hardly even showed.


--click pic--
Sairgee is a fan-made goth fish character for Spongebob Squarepants. There are many edits of her on her Facebook Fan Page. Click the Sairgee pic to see the Fan Page. There is also more info on here there.


This is from the youtube series Goth Lyfe. Not the best interpretation of goth, but it certainly is something for my collection.

Halloween Spirit

This was a character from the show Daria, she was seen in only one episode and was suppose to be the spirit of Halloween, its not exactly goth, but ******** it, I love Halloween and you figuer the rest out....

older goth girl on a king of the hill ep

This chick has no name for she was just a background character in one episode. She was seen at a secret party for 'older kids.'

Vera Vex

This is and always has been my favorite character from the GBA game The Sims Bustin' Out.
Vera Vex is the lead singer of SimValley's local band, The Germinators.
The original design for her was too simple so I made another one as well; a fancier, more goth looking one. I also gave her purple hair because her smaller sim character has purple hair.


my art / edits


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Moonlight-rider93 Report | 03/26/2015 7:46 pm
Because I learned so much from you, that you give me helpful hints and tricks. Like there's a lot of personality in you avatar that I will thought of making this coment really long. So I might think something positive. Just you wanted to know on April 1st is going to be black day, aka my birthday. So yes we getting points from the teams. I'm in blue team. That is going to be awesome. One of my friends called me so bad. I said bad, bad to the bone to him. And when my male friends kept teasing me, so I called them girly girls, sugar girls, candy girls. I was laughing and these guys went silent. It's just awesome having nice and quiet once a while. Like I haven't swear once at your guild. Not to mention bowl of sugar. Not to mention there's gonna be awesome. I would do some advice. One of my friends said " you could throw out all your Pepsi and start over". I said " I can't afford to buy it all". Like your saying color black is just a color. So now I have a stetch book at adult program I was on. So one of the staff could go to the printers to photo copy one of my awesome drawings clock works. The clock works is steampunk all the gears and watches I'm into. So she take the look at the clock works and it's her favorite one. I drew clockwork riders. Since another thing you don't know me, I'm into music as well. Well I'm going to bring music books to United church and play some songs in the crowd in front of people, I meant quire. Well, i go to United church every first Wednesday every single month. I'm not religonus, I'm just christain with faith. Well I mind get nervous at first. So I would play four hands out of two. It's going to be amazing and I might be a little shakey though.
OMG Report | 03/26/2015 5:50 pm
im kinda still frozen in 3rd generation and below, probably because i never got a DS. but 5th generation was probably when it was obvious that they had run out of ideas for new pokemon when you consider one is just a pile of garbage literally. i do want to get a 3ds just for XY though, because that looks pretty cool. the shows still fun watching, even though ash magically never ages.
OMG Report | 03/26/2015 1:46 am
i really enjoy pokemon game mods, but out of all of them theres only one ive found where you can fight demon trainers and zombie pokemon while looting corpses. its a mod of pokemon ruby for the gameboy advanced. also i noticed gaz from invader zim on your profile. have you read johnny the homicidal maniac? its a 7 issue comic that came out before zim, but its much less tame as it wasn't meant for children.
Moonlight-rider93 Report | 03/25/2015 8:58 pm
I love how the profile is updated. At first I met you, I call you master.
OMG Report | 03/25/2015 8:04 pm
i like your work with pokemon pixel are. i was curious if you had heard of pokemon snakewood?
lR lE lD Report | 02/14/2015 5:28 pm
lR lE lD
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Murcielago Kuroko V2 Report | 02/07/2015 9:35 pm
Murcielago Kuroko V2
it's not really avi art, it's just random pictures i found and based my avi on lol
Murcielago Kuroko V2 Report | 01/31/2015 8:06 pm
Murcielago Kuroko V2
cool avi
Moonlight-rider93 Report | 12/23/2014 10:19 am
I hope you've a good Christmas blaugh
Beautiful_Angeline Report | 12/21/2014 5:21 pm
Thanks for adding me to the guild! cat_biggrin

always remember...


the goth collection guild


Collection of me peepers! Much love to you all! You fascinate the ******** outa me. =>

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Only Love

I'm done with all negativity. Such a thing is fading from existence for I, the people I work with and the universe it self is forcing this to happen because none of the negativity that has existed in the past was ever a natural part of the universe. We are all going through the final purification process and I'm sure it's nearly complete.

We are now in the time frame to where things should start becoming renewed. Everything has been leading up to this and everything is getting into it's final position before the Event. To this day I still can't say that I am 100% right on everything I've always known and have believed in because I just don't have that like my beloved Heirrurum does.

All I know for 100% fact is that I am the beloved Companion for Life to my Heirrurum, the mother of all my children and that I have been taking part in this planet's liberation process since very near the beginning. And one more thing, that my intentions regardless of anything is for this planet to be 100% liberated and for everyone to be completely happy and free. I want to end all people's suffering and mine as well. Not only that, but to make it so that none of the past sufferings will ever happen again. I feel it is already working. I feel more so than ever that there will no longer be good or evil, just one way, the right and only way.

I was thinking of looking at some of my past entries from these last couple years but I just couldn't. There is so much fear, pain, and suffering in my old entries and art that I never want to see any of it again. I've said it before and I am saying it again, I never want to look back, not at anything, I only want to keep looking and moving forward and that's what I will do.

I've learned much in all my years but now it is time to let the past go entirely. What I and the rest of the universe went through on this is I believe was something of a preparation for I don't know what else to call it other than a perfect existence. In order for that to have happened, we had to go through the worst of everything so we could learn not to be that way ourselves and also to defend ourselves as well. But I don't believe defending ourselves will ever have to be a thing again after this is over. All we've done and accomplished will make it to where we will never have to live like this ever again nor shall anyone else on any other plane of existence.

I have forgiven every single person that has wronged me personally and anyone else. I am not looking back at any of the horrible things that has happened. That way it is fading from my memory for ever and never shall it come back again. I know many others are working the same on this and soon enough everyone else will go through the same and we will be even more so free from our past burdens.

I learned much more about the people that I once considered my/our enemies. I learned more about souls this way too. No soul can ever be completely corrupted or destroyed because it originates from source. Those people that have harmed us in the past where put through the same that we have been but they didn't know how to resist the trauma so they became just as ******** up as those that harmed them.

In some of my latest astral work I saw my self healing and freeing an ancient trapped soul that was encased in so much negativity it was disgusting to even look at. I converted and dispersed the negativity around it and freed that soul and it was able to go get reconstructed so it could start over again. This is what is going to happen with the other souls that are being called unredeemable. Again, this I could be wrong in but I feel it is true.

I don't know if I will awaken soon as my Heirrurum says I will but I believe it to be likely. I am feeling more and more shifts and have been having more dreams of awakening. I also trust in my love. Regardless, I shall not fear because I know this planet will get the help it's been needing for so long and should be soon. That means me as well. My main concern is that regardless of anything, the entire planet gets liberated, my main concern is not my own awakening.

Yes I sometimes fear and worry for myself and want to awaken very bad but, it can wait if it has to. I know I wont be left behind, nor shall anyone. Anything else is not an option at all. We are all one and we shall be together again.

One Track Rat / One Track Mind Saya

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Gaz from Invader Zim

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"We're gonna open your head!"

Gaz was always my favorite on the show. I love everything about this character. She is so cute and always reminded of my best friend as a kid. Invader Zim was one of my favorite old Nickelodeon cartoons.

goth chick from pluse

In the movie Pulse there is a cafe scene and it shows a really cute goth chick for a short moment. I don't like her attitude but she was a cutie.

Emily the Strange

I really don't know much about this character other then I think she's cute in all. I remember this s**t was out when I was a kid but back then I didn't care to get into anything but my own personal things.


This character is from the movie Good Luck Chuck. She is about 12 and is the only goth in the movie. I saw the movie once and only kept watching it because I thought it would have shown more of this character. Unfortunately it didn't have much of her in it and she was only seen in the beginning as a goth; disappointingly at the end seemed more 'norm'. In the beginning with her, she was into the main character and tried to aggressively force herself on him, later after being rejected she cursed him which is the basics of the movie.

goth girl on a king of the hill ep, she was seen sneaking a beer

On one episode of King of the Hill it showed this adorable goth girl. She didn't say much or anything, she just seemed like a normal young goth. In one part it shows her stealing a beer. That was ******** awsome in my eyes. smilies/icon_lol.gif


Ostal is a Spoof-self of a Sparf Demon and mostly stays in Las Vegas.

lydia, a ghost seen on danny phantom, sorry devius....

Lydia is a ghost from the show Danny Phantom. She attacks with her tattoos and hangs arround a lame character called FreakShow.

Farnsworth's Girlfriend

So far she has no name and was seen in just three episodes of Futurama. She is actually an obese woman who used her $300 tricky d**k fun bill to get a "crazy treatment" that would make her look thinner. She went out with Farnsworth for a short time. She appears as a background character in later episodes with her thin body assuming that she's still using the treatment or that she lost weight.

Best house ever!

my art / edits

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