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If you think there is something / someone I should add to this page then kindly share. If you know of a random goth character on anything; movies, cartoons, whatever, share with me and I will make an avatar and post my opinion of it here. Of course males are welcome too but I mostly fancy females as I've already stated. (I don't do animes, I hate most anime, its mostly just mindless smut.)

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Morticia Addams

I've always loved this character, all of them in fact. The show and movie is just darling. One of those gothy classics. =]


The lovely Triana from that awsome cartoon the Venture Brothers.

Lisa Simpson Goth, 'Ravencrow Neversmiles'

There was a Simpsons episode were Lisa was trying to 'find herself' and who she should be and one of her selections was goth. I actually like the way she looked but that is obviously not why someone should become goth, because you just don't know who you are or were you 'fit in'.


I've always just loved Raven. She was always my favorite Teen Titan. I did use to watch that show and its a cool show, I just don't like all the dumb humor in it.


This is Sam from... you know.... that old cartoon about the kid with ghost powers.. yeah thats the one..... Well anyways she is the only main goth on the show, I like how they make her for the most part....

Jury Goth

This chick is only shown for a short moment in the begining of the movie Let's go to Prison. I haven't seen that movie and what little I did see of it looked pretty dumb to me. Apparently they were referring to this chick as to being another dumb jury member or whatever. Shes a cutie to me though.

Gwen from total drama

Never cared for that show but I've seen a little bit of it. Her character seems alright.

Andrea from Daria

I guess she is the only goth on the show. Shes not one of the main characters but it shows her often and she gets to talk a bit. She seems ok, pretty mutual in all and I like her simple look.

nameless goth robot

This was literally a lifeless robot thing from the movie Surrogates. It showed her on a subway near the begining of the movie. The head shot was all it showed so I made up the rest for the avatar.

SouthPark's Head Vampire Kid, Vampir

My opinion on the vampire kids:
Of course they are only little impressionable kids trying to be cool due to the Twilight fad, so it's clearly a phase, unlike the goth kids who are actually doing what they like and not following a fad and or trying to be cool. I don't care for kids like the so called vamp kids. This is also my only male pic and avatar on here so far, I added him because this character was too ******** funny.

nameless punk goth chick

This chick was in the party scene of the movie Grandma's Boy. I can't really stand that movie but I just liked that cute random chick which it hardly even showed.


Sairgee is a fan-made goth fish character for Spongebob Squarepants. There are many edits of her on her Facebook Fan Page. Click the Sairgee pic to see the Fan Page. There is also more info on here there.


This is from the youtube series Goth Lyfe. Not the best interpretation of goth, but it certainly is something for my collection.

Annie Partlet, 'Blood Rain'

Another SouthPark vamp kid, apparently she said she was a Psi Vampire and is like Bella from Twilight haha, my opinion on her character is the same as the rest of the vampire kids. I also don't care for Twilight because they just say random bullshit about vampires that makes no sense.

Abby of NCIS

My opinion on Abby Sciuto from NCIS:
She is sometimes cute, but I personally don't care for how they make her act so peppy. Though it is a good idea to finally have a goth on a show that isn't portraying more negative views on the gothic subculture.

Halloween Spirit

This was a character from the show Daria, she was seen in only one episode and was suppose to be the spirit of Halloween, its not exactly goth, but ******** it, I love Halloween and you figuer the rest out....

older goth girl on a king of the hill ep

This chick has no name for she was just a background character in one episode. She was seen at a secret party for 'older kids.'

Vera Vex

This is and always has been my favorite character from the GBA game The Sims Bustin' Out.
Vera Vex is the lead singer of SimValley's local band, The Germinators.
The original design for her was too simple so I made another one as well; a fancier, more goth looking one. I also gave her purple hair because her smaller sim character has purple hair.

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the goth collector

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There is always more to add to me collection

I'am a collector of things gothic. I love many things and people that are goth. I like collecting rare pictures of goths from movies, games, and other random things.

There have been many cartoons with their version of what goths look like or are suppose to be and most of the time I really enjoy those and add them to my collection on my computer. I've recreated many goth cartoons into Gaia avatars. I do love making avatars on here as well. I also like to see a random goth in a movie and save a screen shot of them and make avatars of them as well.

I also love to hear most peoples opinions on what they think goth is and isn't. I have of course my own thoughts on it and all that is shared in my Goth Collection guild. This is just an account to where I can share my collection with whoever stumbles across my page.

If you are goth then send me a random request if you like and you can be added to a partial collection here via my friends list, you don't have to talk to me if you don't want just feel free to add yourself to my collection. Some of you may find this all creepy, pointless, or stupid. I don't actually care. We are all going to do what we want regardless of what anyone says anyways.

Feel free to comment me as well, negative and positive ramblings are always welcome and fancied. smilies/icon_lol.gif

Gaz from Invader Zim

--See the Gaz plushie I made here:--

"We're gonna open your head!"

Gaz was always my favorite on the show. I love everything about this character. She is so cute and always reminded of my best friend as a kid. Invader Zim was one of my favorite old Nickelodeon cartoons.

goth chick from pluse

In the movie Pulse there is a cafe scene and it shows a really cute goth chick for a short moment. I don't like her attitude but she was a cutie.

Emily the Strange

I really don't know much about this character other then I think shes cute in all. I remember this s**t was out when I was a kid but back then I didn't care to get into anything but my own crazy.

Butters Vamp

Obviously this isn't goth and these kids called themself 'Vamp', whatever, this still belongs in my collection, I guess because some would confuse this fad with goth. Butters is so freaking cute and just wanted something of a way out of his life of constantly being bitched at. Understandable.


This character is from the movie Good Luck Chuck. She is about 12 and is the only goth in the movie. I saw the movie once and only kept watching it because I thought it would have shown more of this character. Unfortunately it didn't have much of her in it and she was only seen in the beginning as a goth; disappointingly at the end seemed more 'norm'. In the beginning with her, she was into the main character and tried to aggressively force herself on him, later after being rejected she cursed him which is the basics of the movie.

zoe aves

Zoe is from the cartoon El Tigre. She is also the villan Black Cuervo. She has a thing for the main character Manny and seems to dislike his best friend Frida. Zoe was always my favorite character on the show because she is the only goth and I some what like her attitude.

SouthPark's Goth Girl Henrietta

My opinion on the SouthPark goth kids:
At times they seem like emos what with the emo-like poetry and they of course act like hypocrites at times as well. But I take into mind that they are goth at a young age and therefore have a lot to learn so I like them for that.

SouthPark Goth Kids

Opinion is already in pic above. But yes, they seem a little off sometimes and the one they call 'Red Goth' looks to me more like an emo, but I've already said, since they are kids they are still learning and if I had a kid like that here I'd be nothing but proud. Not Stan though since he was only being an emo baby. He obviously doesn't know the difference between emo and goth nor does Kyle as he refereed to goths as to pretty much being emo in one episode.

Random goth girls from American Dad

An American Dad episode showed a number of kids that were goth, I don't have much of an opinion on them because it didn't show or say much of them. I pretty much just liked the way one girl looked and that's it. The one in the pic with the black dress, I like.

goth girl on a king of the hill ep, she was seen sneaking a beer

On one episode of King of the Hill it showed this adorable goth girl. She didn't say much or anything, she just seemed like a normal young goth. In one part it shows her stealing a beer. That was ******** awsome in my eyes. smilies/icon_lol.gif


Ostal is a Spoof-self of a Sparf Demon and mostly stays in Las Vegas.

lydia, a ghost seen on danny phantom, sorry devius....

Lydia is a ghost from the show Danny Phantom. She attacks with her tattoos and hangs arround a lame character called FreakShow.

Farnsworth's Girlfriend

So far she has no name and was seen in just three episodes of Futurama. She is actually an obese woman who used her $300 tricky d**k fun bill to get a "crazy treatment" that would make her look thinner. She went out with Farnsworth for a short time. She appears as a background character in later episodes with her thin body assuming that she's still using the treatment or that she lost weight.

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