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Shillien Saints

"May the Divine Protection of the Abyss be with you."
Strongly devoted followers, Shillien Saints worship Mother Shilen, who lies asleep in the shadowy abyss of the underworld. Also referred to as the priests of the abyss, they are able to perform the ancient miracles of the Shillien Elders that were once rendered obsolete. They are also the hope of the Dark Elves, who believe that Shillien Saints will herald the advent of a new world with the resurrection of the dark goddess.


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My Story

Seduction, Betrayal
Pain, Sorrow, Revenge
What I once was, I will never be again.
Fallen, Forsaken, Banished
Come my children.
Come and join me.
Feel the cold embrace of Darkness
I am the Watery Grave
I am...
The Goddess Shilen

Once I Ruled all the Waters
Now I know only Death

Lineage 2
The Goddess Shilen