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I'm literate

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Oasis Wolf

I am currently looking for a lot of role plays:
Harvest Moon
Percy Jackson
School (not the over-done academy)
Overrunning government
I'm craving practically any and every roleplay you can throw at me. I do hate: Slave/Master, Academy (overdone), Dragon Ball Z, One Piece.
Otherwise, fire away.

Due to my past jerk friends, don't send a request unless you are two of the following: role play and make roleplays, chat with me (meebo/PM), are active(required), a fanfiction fan, fanfiction writer, writer, artistically inclined, or a graphic genius. I'm sick of friends who never talk to me or do anything for me. I just want to have people to chat with, and if you won't chat, at least send me a link to some fanfiction or some art. That isn't too much to ask, no?

Respected Roleplayers

I like random gifts that are over 5,OOOg or are on my Wishlist!

Read the stuff on the right of my profile.

I am a Naruto fan!
I am an Athiest!
I'm open minded!
I'm a fan of most music genres!
I'm my own person, so don't try to change me.

{I won't change you, don't change me.}