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Behold The Giggles. I've first started back in February of 07. I'm currently in College at the moment, a senior and love playing sports .

I love Brownies and Cupcakes Well I used to a lot but now, I try to eat better. Have to have a nice smile right?

I enjoy working out a lot. I think I have a slight obsession with biceps. I play video games such as Mario games, Dante's Inferno, Killer Instinct, Ninja Gaiden 2 being my favorite since it is a challenge. Violent games are pretty awesome :3 I wish I could play God of War and Devil may Cry. God of War is amazing. I have been missing out for so long. I also miss Black ops 1 & 2.

I can always be very shy and quiet, and sometimes I can't shut up. Just let me know when either one is a problem xD!
I am VERY VERY forgetful, don't take it personally if I forget something important.

●My avatar usually is white, but that doesn't mean I am <----this gets people everytime!! Open your mind!!●

●I love hugs soo much :3! Indeed I do. I also like comments-not about me but conversation in general●

●If you want to get to know me, or want to know anything, just ask me ¬ ¬●

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One of my most loveable friends Izzi. I love him indeed and I tell him just about everyday n.n

This girlie makes me one happy camper xD She always has adorable looks and she's a pretty good friend. Best of all, she makes me happy <333 And I took this while she wasn't looking < < n.n

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    iMrs.PlushieDewie_ChewCIoud-KunDewie_ChewMoo MooiiEvee

    I love art ^^ Especially free art haha c: You can draw me if you like-it would really make my day ^^

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Report | 06/27/2014 8:33 pm


Yea sadly D:
Niceee happy belated!! Im about to turn 21! next wednesday! excitedddd
Good luck! and niceee gotta stay active :3
Yea im sill playing handball xD always playing and always will be!
Ive been working a lot on break from school...until next week cause im ganna take a summer course crying I dont wanna but I know i should

Report | 06/22/2014 10:52 pm


Hey ^^ sorry I've been super busy and Gaia has been so boring lately Lol
How are youuu?

Report | 06/20/2014 6:35 am


Ahh sorry! ;; I feel like a n00b xD

Haha! How are you nowadays?

Report | 06/18/2014 5:02 pm


Cause Im fly like that.
Im coming, where are you?
towns 1 or 2?
The Giggles

Report | 06/17/2014 7:33 pm

The Giggles

Oh did you go alone or with people? The park can be nice C: And swimming agh <3 <3 I miss it so much C: And I know it's hella hot over there D:
I'm doing pretty well C: I'm for the most part very jolly and happy. My siblings seem to be doing well. How is your bro?

Report | 06/16/2014 1:58 pm


I had some fun at a park yesterday but now I'm sore fun all the walk and swimming. x-x
So far Florida is alright. c:
It's hot and humid and sometimes it rains
We haven't talked in a while, how you been? How are your siblings? razz

Report | 06/16/2014 1:44 pm


gooood, you? razz

Report | 06/16/2014 1:18 pm


Creed <3
I hated Kelly,however I did like Ryan. But a lot of people dont ( Do you like Ryan ? )

Megan Fox in transformers, was a waste of time, energy and money.

Report | 06/16/2014 12:03 pm


Even Creed was far funnier than Meredith.
Oh Michael always annoyed me, but he was so awesome that I would forgive him.
Meredith was plain lame, and didnt always like Kelly.

Report | 06/16/2014 11:34 am


It honestly isnt. ; n ; ( Girl I wanna help you, but I cant spoil anything )
I felt sorry for toby too in the beginning but then I loved him,
I nearly died ´when Michael said that, I just couldnt help myself.
Who was the most annoying character to you?


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