I love my Mummy <3

My birthday is 23rd November, 1988.

With a beard I am a pirate.
Without a beard I am NOT a pirate, but an English Gentleman from the 18thC. [Pics at the bottom] If you wonder why I dress up that way, well it's because I am a female to male [FtM] Crossdresser <3

-I am an avid fan of elegance, grace, beauty, charm, sensuality, fancy frills coupled with lacy garments and music that inspires thoughts of such magnitude. Usually, it is the woman who epitomises everything that is lovely and beautiful as opposed to a man who is more likely to be handsome, gentle and charming.

-I love women! Not that I hate men, [because I don't,] I simply would not choose to date one. I prefer transgendered or bi-gendered individuals.



-LazyTown! Especially Stingy smilies/icon_heart.gif

-Olde English as well as proper English. Or at least eloquence.
Eloquent literature could make my knees weak! smilies/icon_heart.gif

-My cat/s
-Evanescence [Please refrain from passing judgement upon myself or my life just because I am in love with this band] They came, they played, and I loved them for the 2nd time LIVE! I was about 5th row mosh pit, but I could see EVERYTHING! <3


-My awesome hair! Done 10th April, 2007. Heh, it took 5 hours.

And just for fun, here are some photos of me being "sexy!"
(That specific outfit was actually for a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" themed party. I explain that here since I have had people take these shots and plaster them in the forums here to bash me and tell me how badly I cut myself and rebel against my parents. I still think the outfit is sexy, and isn't too far off my usual attire anyway!

... Sorry mum!)

-My friends
-Coffins, hearses - I love them with a passion. [Pics below]
-Animals. My favourites are cats (Including big cats, mainly the lion in which I identify with) and horses.
Tawny Frog Mouth! [Not actually an owl, but always mistaken for one.]

My Gaia/Infantilist-related drawings:

I drew her based on my original account.

And an artwork of my past 'Industrial Angel' avatar:

- Thank you to the lovely xToxic Musicx for this pic!

- Thank you to the whacky and wonderful Acid Composition for this pic of the troublesome trio:

Erm, a little about my personality. I seem all dark and hard and serious, but when it comes to things I love, especially Evanescence, I can get very hyped up like a dog waiting for a Shmacko!
I have a tough outer shell and a razor sharp wit to cover my soft centre and vulnerable belly.
When I hate someone, I genuinely and intensely hate them.
When I love someone, I genuinely and intensely love them.

I am a brutally honest, straight forward and genuine person. But when I am in love with someone I tend to be very gentle in what I say and how I ask things, as I'm usually either afraid it'll hurt their feelings or they'd get angry at me and bite my head off! smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
I can get very angry at stupid little things, but usually with things that matter deeply I become calm, gentle and steady in my execution of problem solving.

Epidemic! Meet the woman of today:

The epitome of beauty? Think again. This problem women especially have today is ridiculous, unhealthy, but most of all - Ugly!
Girls, STOP STARVING YOURSELF! I don't know what ever happened to the traditional "curves" women have, they seem to be shaving them off left, right and centre and getting bloody surgery, to look 'younger' or 'bigger' [in the breast area].
It makes me sick.

Renaissance & Victorian women knew beauty!
Ranaissance painting
[Link format due to nudity, rated M for Mature Audiences]

I met Amy Lee and Ben from Evanescence on Sunday, 20th of July 2003.
They came to a place here in Australia called Mount Druitt in the shopping centre to do an official signing.
I was there waiting in line for around 4 hours, and got a really good spot as the 25th or so person in line.
By 2pm there were around 500 people crammed into the centre stage area.
The guards told me "No physical contact." So I was not allowed to ask for a hug. Whilst I was in front of the table facing her and Ben, I told her "I would ask for a hug but I'm not allowed." And she apologised, saying it was because of the time and there's too many people to see.
Upon handing me back my signed "To Tamsin [my name] Love Amy Lee <3" albumn book, she took my hand and held it for a few seconds.
I fell deeper in love that day. ^_^

My proof of this event is the picture above the writing.

I'm going to try and educate those of you willing to listen on the Gothic Subculture.
This link to an article at Wikipedia.com really explains what it's about and its origin fairly well.


What i'd like to add, is those who think "The only way to be a Goth is to listen to Goth music," are in fact incorrect.
To be a Goth you simply need to love the subculture, know what it's about, be proud and unafraid to show off the style in public, and just feel like you truly fit there. Sometimes you don't even need that much to belong.
Typically, a person who belongs to the subculture will enjoy Goth music if they hear it, but not always, and it's not a requirement that you absolutely must love Goth music to be associated with the subculture.

Thank you for your time, I hope you learned something.
For the record, yes I am a big Evanescence fan. They are my favourite band.
No, I do not think "I'm a Goth because I love Evanescence."
I think, "I am a Goth who loves Evanescence."
My taste in music is not a definition of which culture I reside in.
I know for a fact that Evanescence is not a Goth band, and that Amy Lee does not know what a Goth is. As she stated in an interview, when asked, "Do you consider yourself Gothic?" She replied, "No, I was never one of those kids slashing my wrists in the corner."

I despise:


Well, I have mixed feelings about school now. I hated it when I was attending, but you see, I graduated on the 29th of September 2006 and there are 3 major things about it that I love with a great passion.

1: Woodwork. Year 12 major woodwork project?
I made a coffin:

2: "Senior prom."
More fondly known in my home land of Australia as the year 12 formal.
Well, I went in a hearse:

3: Dressed like a nobleman from the 18th Century:

I love cross dressing combined with fancy dress.

Mmm, face paint! smilies/icon_heart.gif

SONG - Belfy Bats:
Courtesy of EOTW666 who also taught me how to make the playlist.


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Homicide at its BEST

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