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Help Me On My Quest -100 Artworks

Hi Im Questing 100 Artworks On This Avatar. It's One Of Many I Have Created. The Seond One I Have Ever Thought "Art-Worthy"(Worthy Of Being Drawn) And I Am Still Trying TO Compleete This Quest. Here Is The Link That The Artwork I Have Can Be Found At...

Avatar Art Link

I Will Keep It Updated.
So I ALSO Do Art Trades. Here Is My [Gallery] Link. So, Let Me Know, If You Cant Do Freebies, If You Can Do Art Trades.

Thank You.

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hi, i am an artistic Woman, Faith-Turner, who pretends to know whats going on!!

I Just Turned 23.

I Live For ART!

Click 4 My Quest, Contest, And Art Raffle

I Draw, Here Is A Link To My [Gallery] On . I Am Faith-Turner There. But My Gallery Will Tell You That. LOL...

I Like Art Freebies And Art Trades. Art Trades Are ALWAYS [OPEN] Here. AND on In My [Deviantart Gallery] OR My [Colors Gallery] You Can Contact Me.


PLEASE Draw One Of These?

So, Anyone Know An Artist With Good Quality Artwork Who Will Do Requets?


I also have an OC From My Novel I'm Writing I Need Drawn That When Drawn, The Artist's Who Draw Her Will Be Featured With Their Website Even If Its DA, And Or A Screen Name If They Wish To Remain Anonymous. So I Have A Variety Of Requests.

*Looks For Avatar Art*
I Need It For... These...

[URL= Related/Avatars To Draw/394078bed95545_flip2_zpsfc0c8453.png.html][/URL]
[URL= Related/Avatars To Draw/ewtwetwe_zps3cafd8e6.png.html][/URL]
[URL= Related/Avatars To Draw/customizeyuy2_zpsda3a2281.png.html][/URL]

[URL= Avatars/canvas_zpsa2464914.png.html][/URL]

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please understand that i am very kind and will be friendly.


(and other things)



QUESTING Kandi Kitten And The Four Diamond Dog Items, Please Help?

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Honk, Blarg!

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Thanks for the purchase! yum_strawberry
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Furby, only you could find a way to make applesauce from lemons! >-<
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Happy Birthday!
Here is a cake to celebrate your special day!
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Hi, Furby! I had my operation and am home again.
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Merry Christmas!

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The Furry Fuzzball
The Furry Fuzzball
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Ayame Wolfe

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Girl Who Was Going To Summer School. It Was There That She Met HIM...She Didn't Believe In Fate, But Suddenly, Her Heart Longed For His ...
She Walked Up To The Boy..."Will You...That Is, Um....Will You Be My Boyfriend"? She Asked Him...
YUS! He Said YES!!!!
So, Time Passed, Even After 6 Months, And Her Heart Still Beat For Only Him...After Summer School, The Found Out That They Went To School Together. The Girl Was So Happy.
One Day, He Walked Over To The Girls House, And When She Tried To Kiss Him, He Stopped Her, Saying, "I Feel That "WE" Are A One Sided Relationship...."
Tears Welled In Her Eyes, For She Feared What Was Coming...
The Girl Said, But You Know That's Not True! I Love You! I Tell You Every Day..."
She Said, With A Lump In Her Throat...
"Yes, But..." He Said, And She Blurted It Out..."I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!"
He Closed His Eyes And Said, " Im...Im Just Not The One For You...Your Too Emotional, And Caring For Me.."
Every Syllable Jabbed Her Like A Knife Was Being Thrust In Her Heart...

So, They Broke Up...
She Was Crushed...

The Next Day, She Saw Him At School And Burst Into Tears. He Came Up To Her And Gave Her A Quick Hug.
She Looked Into His Eyes...Her Heart Aching For Him...

He Said,"Please Dont Cry... Im Still Your Friend..."

She Smiled.

Two Years Went By And They Were Now Best Friends...
One Day, The Girl Went Over To His House.. While Playing Mario, She looked Up From The Two Player Game...TWO PLAYER Game...Suddenly She Bursts Out In Tears, Sobbing.
He Looks Oddly At Her, And Asked If She Was Ok.....

Finally She Answered Him...

"NO! Im ...Im Not Ok...."

He sighed And Asked What Was Wrong...
She Said Through Her Tears, I, I Still Love You! I Cant Help My Emotions And My Heart, But I..."
Then She Looked Up At Him...
"Why, Just Tell Me Why?" She Said...
The Boy Sighed And Said, "Im Just Not FEELING IT..."
Her Heart was in so many pieces...Broken...

"Take Me Home Please"
Said The Girl... He Did. She Had Tears Poring Over Flowing, Uncontrollably, But, She Tried Not To Make A Sound, For The Hour Drive...

When She Got Home, She Said "Im So Sorry", And She Walked Inside...The Girl Had To Hide Her Pain From Her Family...
The Boy Stopped Calling, The Girl Stopped Trying To Be Happy... Because, She Never Was To See Him Again....

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