*Well...Hello there ..erm..
*My names Jesteen
*I'm currently 24. My birthday is May 15
*I love anime-> I love Yandere or psychological anime My favorite is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magia,I like to sleep alot.
*About me- I have a short term memory and I also love evolving items to death . My favorite is obviously Reve Rouille>..<
*DreamsJust to raise my son to be a good and decent person
*Personality-I'm pretty chill, relaxed and optimistic just don't tick me off.. its scary..
*Favorite music- rock Jpop, rmb,dance and hip hop anything really
-fav color just dark red

That's all for now thank you


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Yw (:
Aww ok

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Are you selling any more mademoiselle items?
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

♣lR lE lD caught you,
♣You're not wearing any green,
♣Oooh, I’m gonna have fun with you!
♣Ain’t I mean?
♣A pinch here,
♣And a pinch there,
♣I’m going to pinch you everywhere!
♣Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
♣You won’t forget this day! =)
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

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Slick Southpaw

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Slick Southpaw

bah, don't apologize, you've got nothing to be apologetic about. You are very kind and generous to me, and that is appreciated. Every little bit helps! emotion_bigheart
Slick Southpaw

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Slick Southpaw


heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart


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Thank you for your purchase!
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

that's ok
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

i didn't know had a baby =O
Skies of Design

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Skies of Design

because thats all i have r - r


Currently has a wiggly boy and enjoying it!(He's 15 months!)

Current wishlist /active questing

Rose Diary
Ace of Sapphires
Fafnir Biancareina

4,882,466,476 only.... a lot of bil to go:rofl: