*Well...Hello there ..erm..
*My names Jesteen
*I'm currently 22. My birthday is May 15
*I love anime-> I love Yandere or psychological anime My favorite is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magia,I like to sleep alot.
*About me- I have a short term memory and I also love evolving items to death . My favorite is obviously Reve Rouille>..<
*Dreams-I would love to be a graphic artist, elementary art teacher or almost anything that deals with a computer and art or kids I like kids
*Personality-I'm pretty random I try to be chill, relaxed and optimistic just don't tick me off.. its scary..( Oh btw I am Yandere well Final Chapter is)
*My lifestyle choice and me-I'm currently into the BDSM Community I prefer the M/s which mean I hope to serve a Master one day or even become a Mistress(Master) myself .I would like to add to remember I am a adult...so is everyone else participating in BDSM we are conceding adult who agree of this if you are not in support with BDSM or anything to deal with that, that is perfectly fine just please keep it to yourself , Thank you

*What I want-When it comes to boys I love the geeks..(yes the games savy anime loving ones) and gentleman

*I would like to Thank Blackrose_Knight and leosmommy for Donating ! God bless your souls*
*Favorite music- rock Jpop, rmb,dance..
-fav color is blood red(or just dark red)
-Sayings and Jesteen lang. Squishy= cute, adorable, or possibly sexual ref. All broken down=(its a inside joke) ,That's nice honey =which is a sarcastic way of saying I honestly don't care but thxs for telling me.
*I currently have a Master , Master Kyu and I am very happy to be with him although tech I am still single smilies/icon_heart.gif I also love nature ..umm yupp..that's it m0(-..-)0m!<- look a MONKEY!


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Yw (:
Aww ok

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Are you selling any more mademoiselle items?
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

♣lR lE lD caught you,
♣You're not wearing any green,
♣Oooh, I’m gonna have fun with you!
♣Ain’t I mean?
♣A pinch here,
♣And a pinch there,
♣I’m going to pinch you everywhere!
♣Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
♣You won’t forget this day! =)
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

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Slick Southpaw

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Slick Southpaw

bah, don't apologize, you've got nothing to be apologetic about. You are very kind and generous to me, and that is appreciated. Every little bit helps! emotion_bigheart
Slick Southpaw

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Slick Southpaw


heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart


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Thank you for your purchase!
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

that's ok
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

i didn't know had a baby =O
Skies of Design

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Skies of Design

because thats all i have r - r


Currently pregnant with a wiggly boy and enjoying it!
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