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Report | 07/10/2015 7:59 pm



that's ok

concentrate on getting better. I'll be waiting for you.
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Report | 07/02/2015 11:50 pm



I replied to your PM, but it's a big one so it might be awhile until it goes to your gaia inbox.

going to bed, apparently my bf's family is inviting me to come with them to the zoo, and they're leaving around nine.
Love you, take care, and I send you many hugs and kisses
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Report | 04/24/2015 2:39 pm


I hear ya on that.

Speaking of catching your muse by the tail..
I had the most laughably stupid Vlad x Danny drabble that I wrote,
and I just..

I swear, at times my mind is like a 5 year old that giggles at the word 'poop'.

Lemme know if ya wanna read it.
It's sexy and hilarious! rofl
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Report | 04/19/2015 10:54 pm


The things you have at your disposal, indeed. heart

I've been in paranoia inducing situations like that;
Being hyper aware of someone intending to make me feel uncomfortable jacks my anxiety sky high.
In turn, I will whip out the sharpest thing on hand and put an eye out.

I'm glad you have such a strong sense of self; I have been working on mine for years.
It's getting better.

au is short for alternate universe

Him shrieking "Chicken Soup for the Soul" was a hoot.

..Hey....methinks I've seen that video you were talking about.
Wasn't that a pron? I saw it on Newgrounds.
I don't know what sound effects they produced to make those squelching noises..but boy howdy that was
some goood stuff.

There is one with Cyborg and Jinx..If they just left off the boo-yah at the end, it would have been perfect.

And for answering all of my comments, CONGLATURATION! A WINNER IS YOU whee
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Report | 04/19/2015 9:48 pm


Gotta go clean the kitchen. Will comment to the rest later 4laugh
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Report | 04/19/2015 9:48 pm


surprised sees all the encouraging words.

Gets down on bent knee
Would you do me the honor of ruling with me in world domination and utter fandom tyranny?
In brightest day, in blackest night, no fandom is safe from our sight heart

And you are capable of anything.
I believe this wholeheartedly, and I shan't be convinced otherwise.
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Report | 04/19/2015 9:43 pm


About the Lonely Soul pairing.. I have made a few..
smutty drabbles about it.

But the main one, where they would be linked together emotionally
has yet to finish percolating in my brain.
When I get a moment, I'll PM you the link to what I have written so far.

Heheheh art will follow suit, quite soon.

Animal husbandry? Oh Niki..I didn't wonder that about Vlad,
and now I do

Wait..would that mean that Maddie the cat became so big because it was preggers?? eek

I have been so tempted to write southern Vlad filthy dialog, along with other characters.
These perverted thoughts won't cease or desist, and there are times when
I emit high pitched witchy laughter for my fancies. Such laughter has worried The Turd.
Now he questions my every action. Every five minutes he prompts me with "what are you doing".
I have to be more stealthy about my headcanons.

oh godwhaddoido I have a whole LIST xd
Yes. It's hard to be a Phan and 'play nice' as it were.
I have things that tell me to ruin something, and by it's production
cackles and madness ensues. It feels so good to ruin something OMG.

Yuss you gimme that fic I will eat it up like Gov'mn't Cheese and crackers and be glad for the opportunity heart
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Report | 04/19/2015 9:28 pm


haha I loved the air quotes.

On seeing that statement, I have to concede to you.
I felt at first Sam was created from the observation of Babybats/Mallgoths/Kindergoths.

But I see now that isn't the case.
Very seldom do you see examples of Goths
that aren't based off satire, media hype, or nonsense.
And though Sam doesn't fall into the 'I hate you all stereotype', that befall most depictions of us darkly garbed folk,
that doesn't make her exempt from finger wagging, facepalming, or horrific cringing.

Seeing Tucker dressed as a Goth was the first time I'd ever seen a Black male as part of the subculture
and I did indeed do mah happy dance.
Yet she shoved him into the deep end (for the sake of the episode to be funny) rather than slowly show him what the lifestyle
has to offer. Sammykins, you got a lot of growing to do.

Whats funny is that in fanfiction, people do such a poor job of describing her outfit besides 'dark', 'gothy', or some other nondescript or unimaginative adjective.
I don't get up in arms about it, because most fans of the show
aren't part of any alternative subculture. Plus it's easier to talk about something you know. Eh.

Yeah the tearing the dress thing was 'funny', but unrealistic. And those paint fumes are toxic, blech.
Dying it would have been more effective, and smarter.

Oh. I didn't know you felt that way about gender pairings. But I do understand why you feel that way.

I had a funny thought that made me laugh.
"I have a pe__s and you also have said pe__s therefor you are compatible and we must mate"

Sorry, hun. I can't take my brain anywhere. Bad brain, bad! Go to your room! rofl
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Report | 04/19/2015 9:07 pm


o_o tell me this pairing. I must know who this individual is.

I saw a dirty pic of Darth Maul and some guy smexing it up. It was dated from around the late '90s.
And..on tumblr.. there were posted pics of Sherlock Holmes and Watson from the live action movie..
but they were photoshopped to make it look like they were legit tearing that azz up

I pulled a Herbert so quick I thought my heart was going to burst. heart heart

Kwan was the Asian football player from the show. He and Dash are best buds. I ship Kwan and Tucker
also, 'cause that episode where he was ousted from his social circle? He was so freaking happy
to hang out with Tucker and Sam and they were shown skipping about during a montage.

Skulker actually had two different voice actors during the show. I liked the first one better. It was sexier and younger sounding to my ears.

Oh lord, what if that incarnation of Vlad acted more like A Pimp Named Slickback
rofl rofl rofl

No wait.. Dirty Dee from off the Pootie Tang movie
rofl rofl
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Report | 04/19/2015 8:57 pm


Y'know, I have wondered for the longest just what is wrong with me.
And then it hit me that I could just possibly have Autism, or Asperger's Syndrome.

I don't have the money to get myself checked out at the moment; while this is not
a self-diagnosis, it is a viable theory and could quite possibly explain why interact with people
as I do.

Certain kinds of stimuli and input are like fireworks going off. Even music..
Get a good song goin' crunk and I have to listen to it several times until the melody is lodged in my head.

I have been taken aback, humiliated, and picked on so much that at times I bristle at the slightest provocation.
I don't fight.. but I will if necessary. Sometimes the first person holding the proverbial weapon against me
were family.

I don't talk to them much, and it surprises them to no end. If I haven't posted to Facebook in over a week,
they act like I've died off the Earth. I have forgiven..but forgetting will never be possible.

About the internet, I'm finding that it's only partially true now.
Sometimes fanfic art and content doesn't die off.. it gets re-directed to another social networking site.
If you have a favorite author, just google search them to see if they are on a different website.

And yes, I am stocking up. What is eerie is that I remember now doing this stuff in years past.
When Danny Phantom came out in '04, I already knew how to web surf, so many a time I joined blogs like
livejournal, blogspot, and I think I even had tumblr once before.

My mother didn't like the rabid giggling it elicited from me when blogging about certain fandom topics.
She worried that people on the other side of the monitor were corrupting me, so for each blog I made, it was
just as effectively, shut down.

Picture pron is easily blocked..but word pron is different.
For the imaginative, it's an all-you-can-eat buffet of sultry encounters, steamy lovemaking,
and God knows what else; a private X rated movie in your head.
My imagination would get so freaking vivid that when I daydreamed.. whoo...lemme stop.

Long story short, I am finally able to enjoy those naughty literary pastimes
It feels so good to be evil whee
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Report | 04/19/2015 8:37 pm


Tucker is my adopted son. I love my widdle boo
even if I do corrupt him in artwork and make him just hanker for buttsmexx rofl

Uh..from time to time I believe the show is on Nicktoons..but it's seldom.
You can catch it on hulu.com, and walmart.com has the complete DVD of it. So does Amazon and a handful of other online

But if you need me to, I'll get it for you.
I need to rewatch the series. My only gripe is that Season 3 is just augghhhhhh stressed
I don't care if that shiny turd is canon. It still isn't right.
The writer that they had for the first season was dropped. Don't remember why, I might need to look it up.

For the lovetucker2k15 event, someone posted links to Tucker-centered fanfics
but I don't believe I got through the whole list.
After glimpsing the first handful of fics where he's thrown under the bus or ANGSTY HE'S GONNA DIE fics I gave up.

Eventually I have found a few on fanfiction that are actually funny, considering what wee amount of character he was allowed to have
in show. And what's more, he didn't die. Nobody had to die. Fun times were had.

Sometimes when you fic hunt, you gotta put down the lemonade.
Nothing will taint your hunt faster than pr0n on the brain.

No brown eyes to be had.
Unless you checkin' up someone backside.
badum tiss

In all seriousness, no-one had brown eyes.
If I recall,: ice-blue, red, grey, teal, green, purple, and the signature neon green were prominent throughout.
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Report | 04/19/2015 8:22 pm


I can just imagine them saying that about the movie.
I'm glad though that the 'haha funny in the other kinda way' joke was brief.

If it happened at any other point other than the end, it might have dragged on longer than it should have.

Nah, they weren't paired up per se in the show. But, the way they hug each other, how they fell asleep together so
comfortably, or even how Tucker carried Danny into the hospital bridal-style..it just feels so right. emotion_dowant
You have never made me feel uncomfortable or unhappy. I know to err is human, but by far you are
as close to emotional perfection as one could get.

another thing about Tuck? Around the time the show went into its second and final season,
I was battling wereb!tch hormones. Never in my life had I a stronger desire to

This was a wretched time in my rapidly ending young adulthood, which only made me sympathize with him
further. Also, and to put this mildly..
my sister was a fast floozy. I was not. So even with said tidal wave of hormones, I more or less channeled those desires
into just wanting ONE PERSON WHO WOULD LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM without selling out on myself or my morals.
Yet, my mother so worried I'd turn out like my older sister, did not let me date. I ping-ponged between school, worship, and the occasional
outing to the store/friend's house/library; seldom was allowed to leave the house otherwise.

I felt like I was going mad, and being punished just for being female. The only time I felt alive, even was at school with friends.
In mother's own..special way she was just safeguarding me from becoming yet another ethnic statistic.
I think for her, it worked too well.

We never talked much about what personal life I did have, and to her dismay, I do not wish for children.
Being more or less forced to babysit/mother my sister's kids seared that notion from my mind completely.
Children are a blessing, but I can only handle them for so long, and then I have to make a hasty retreat
to de-stress.

I'm glad I don't have to deal with those raging impulses anymore, and I'm certainly glad
that I no longer live anywhere near my immediate family.

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Report | 04/19/2015 8:03 pm


You know, about Gengar and Clefairy, there has been many discussions on the internet
and on youtube as well as to how that just could be the case.
I mean, it shows them (I think for Pokemon Yellow) battling each other.

Neither can do the other harm, unless they use a TM or HM based attack not pertaining to their original type.

Pretty sure you can find art of them on the 'net of them being the other's opposite.

We are both pervs. You are in good (or maybe naughty) company, so no worries whee
Orcs, huh? I can see that. To outsiders they look every bit as gruff and strong and fear inducing.
But to those who can earn their trust they are powerful allies
(and if your a special sis, sweet sugarbutts heart heart )

I not only have an affinity for ghost/dark type Pokemon, I also like poison types also.
Um..for anything non-pokemon related..
I also share a close connection to

Any low slithering, slinking reptiles
Horned and cloven hooved creatures (they don't have to be demonic in origin)
Predatory animals like sharks or wolves

You can do anything you want to my coat. Hell, if you asked me for it,
I'd give it to ya. It is quite enjoyable being a villain with a trailing garment.
Now if I could just obtain the knack of not tripping over said garment, t'would be great. rofl
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Report | 04/19/2015 7:51 pm


we be fancy as f@ck gettin' our tea an' cake onnnn gurl~ heart

Oh, the song? You know, now that you mention it;
I believe I was just recently starting school in Crystal Springs.
Being in unfamiliar situations is an agitating affair.
Either I yammer about things to appear more approachable, or I shut down.

But with you? That is and continues to be absolutely genuine. I didn't feel scared..
if anything, it's like you encountered a fawn..I sniffed warily at the air
You crouch down to assure me that you mean no harm. You're gentle..soothing..
and then you offer out a carrot (or whatever the fux deer eat)
I shyly approach you..and then take the offering.
I don't run away..no danger is sensed..I come closer after finishing the carrot and
allow you to pet me on the head, eventually cuddling into your lap.


I feel more comfortable around others when I have a common ground to stand on
or if people introduce themselves to me and allow time for me to adjust.

As for the moments we create, I enjoy them. You make me happy, and that's not something I take lightly.
I consider you bloodkin, practically. heart
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Report | 04/19/2015 7:40 pm


Sis, you could never go too far. If it's coming from you? I'd be game for anything.
Except swimming. Just..rabid fear of water that goes higher than my waistline.
You can thank my mom for the childhood trauma. Her idea of washing my hair
was for me to stand over the sink, face down, while she's pouring water over my head.

And of course the water would mix with the soap, run into my ears and eyes and go up my nose.
Hairwashing was always a crisis. I would squawk like a terrorized cat

Said mother was livid to be drenched from the neck down in water due to her
flailing child attempting to escape. No matter how I tried to hold my breath, or even placing a rag in front of my face
to keep the water away, it never helped.

Sometimes mom would tease me about how if I were that scared to have water in my face,
that I'd never learn to swim. I considered that a vast improvement. It's a necessary life skill, but sh!t.
Either I'm getting snorkeling gear, or it ain't happening.
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Report | 04/14/2015 9:54 am


I forgot to say thank you so much for the gift! whee
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Report | 04/12/2015 10:13 pm


OH! I saw the rest of your comment, and it's lovely.
You told him the right thing.

As we grow older, people will force feed the notion that you must give up the pastimes
enjoyed as youths in order to become proper adults.
The way I see it, if you don't pay my bills, then don't dictate to me what I should enjoy.

Me? Productive? Just.. heart heart heart
Thank you!! I..do what I can, when I can.
quite recently I've been shaken out of an art slump.
It's been tough going, but I gotta shoulder it until I become more at ease
rendering anatomy.

I'm glad you feel that comfortable around me. I feel the same around you.
Gah! The hijinks we'd get into whee

Weird chubby chaser?? Yeah..I've actually met a few folks like that.
Like hey Mr./Ms./Mx. whatever pronoun you would like to be addressed as,
I'm not a plus sized sex object for you to ogle. I have feelings
stamps foot emotion_omnomnom

I love me some Vlad. I have a au idea where he's southern
and he has a pretty southern drawl. He occasionally says some real dirty stuff.

But! The sexiest voice has to belong to Mr. Lancer.
Why? Because his voice actor was also the same guy who voiced Slade
from Teen Titans. Just.. Listen to Slade's dialog..especially when
he's talking to Terra or Raven..but do it with your eyes closed.

You will need flood insurance..trust me emotion_brofist
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Report | 04/12/2015 4:29 pm


OH, I forgot to mention..

Your computer also has a thing similar to Microsoft Word..

It's called WordPad. Make sure though, that any document you save in WordPad is saved under
the Rich Text Format, otherwise you lose all your formatting like indentation and stuff.

Just go into your start menu, and scroll down to your apps
or just type it into your search bar, and it will pop up for you.

Yay, now you'll be able to type! I can't wait to see what juicy fics you'll create. heart
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Report | 04/12/2015 4:23 pm


Hmm.. I don't know if Danny Phantom was Canadian made show.
For kids, it's a decent show. Pretty funny actually. But from an adult prospective?
It is rife with all types of problems, and the tears of a technogeek, would he be given a chance to
show them.

Let's see, being a multishipper means that you invest time into making different combinations of pairings,
Be it M/M, M/F, F/F, poly..they would be with different people.

I discovered a site called LiveJournal, and they had an old forum
where people roleplayed Danny Phantom characters in gay relationships. Boy howdy, some of the pairings I saw
made even me blush.

Here's an example of multishipping, courtesy of the site I visited:

Vlad x Lancer
Box Ghost x Evil Future Danny
Clockwork x Evil Future Danny x Freakshow
Vlad x Kwan
Kwan x Tucker x Vlad
Tucker x Skulker
Tucker x Evil Future Danny
Lancer x Kwan

I appreciate pairings like these, because they are nutty, sometimes sexy, definitely perplexing,
and refreshing as hell. Like anarchy among the anarchists..if that even makes a lick of sense.

"So bad he would taste her boogers," huh?

Man, if Vlad had a Black bone in his body, he'd be like

As for Sam..to her and the writer's credit..

Sam Manson is written like your average young/teen Gothling.
Fiercely defensive of her independence, her lifestyle, and how she views the world.
The biggest accomplishment for any Goth is to finally become comfortable within their chosen subculture
and enjoy all the fun spoopy things that it has to offer; even into adulthood and beyond.

As opposed to, I can't enjoy that because it's not Goth.
Liking stuff that isn't Goth makes you mainstream.

Now, her being overly bossy does wear thin. Fast.
As for her and Danny's budding relationship..there were episodes when it did seem well thought-out
and others where they were trying to stamp it across people's eyeballs

But still.. Isn't it funny how as much as they get paired together in fanart and fanfiction, Danny and Tucker are actually more compatible?
And speaking of compatibility..I've had an idea rolling in my noggin.
If anyone would be paired with Vlad for a good and healthy reason (somewhat)
It would be Tucker. Why?

Vlad is a bitter man who had his story cut short, because the woman he loved
will never feel the same for him.

Tucker is a growing young man who doesn't have a story at all. The two people that he could possibly
feel a strong connection to canonically are only interested in each other.
He's tried reaching out to others for a potential relationship, to receive nothing in return.
Actually, he might be on the verge of becoming another Vlad.
He has a fragile ego, and an even weaker heart.

The fic I have rolling in my head is where Vlad has a chance to see this, and it pains him.
It hurts him in the worst way, to see something so miserable in someone so young.
Eventually, they decide to hang out..as a form of comfort, and a way to help each other move on.
It does have a potential to be romantic..surely. But it would be a very odd and dare I say squicky
pairing for other fans that are so dead set on their particular ships. I call the pairing 'Lonely Soul'

Being a Phan has been proven to take several years off your life, so indulge responsibly rofl
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Report | 04/12/2015 3:34 pm


Oh Niki..
I swear you are like the other half of my head heart
Well, I'm pretty sure I'd get tired after a few minutes of ranting..
followed by me needing a cake and coffee break.
and yes, I did read that sentence in Cleveland's voice.
It felt so right and magical 4laugh

Don't worry about the CD, listen to it whenever you get around to it. Lord knows I have enough music/movies/stuffs
cluttering my room that I just haven't found the right mood to indulge in.
Uhhhh...as far as I can glean from the interwebz.. KIntype is like having a close affiliation to any race of creatures
outside of human beings.

Like elves, monsters, animal/human hybrids..that sorta thing.
Which I guess would explain my natural gravitation to dark/ghost type Pokemon. I just love em.
Never felt like they and I were kin, but still.
I have a long flowing Matrix type trench-coat now, but the red one would still do
for all types of grumbling and fandom cantankery. whee

As for Danny x Tucker, I'm glad you feel that way. I wouldn't force that ship on you, but it still makes me happy that I'm not alone.
Also too, I have to realize that many fans are coming around to the fact that Tucker was done a major disservice in the
show canon and fandom itself..but since he's unpopular, people are afraid to do anything additional with his character.
Then there's the fact that since Tucker's potential is so open..how far could one be able to
write him, without it being unbelievable? It's a catch 22.

I have a personal post on tumblr here http://nenieco.tumblr.com/post/112210992735/silently-dreading

that kinda goes more into that,during the time that lovetucker2k15 event was going on. I hadn't tagged the post with any
key words, because at the time, I needed time to vent without being seen as whiny.

Reading recent fanfic about him requires the fortitude of a saint.
Either he's blown up, raped, or he falls back into the trope that shackled him in the show:
The lowly cog in the wheel.

So many times I wanted to scream....because honestly NIki? I grew up kinda the same way.
One moment, you have potential, the next someone's calling you stupid or retarded or shoving all your flaws
in your face. ..I'm finding things about myself that if someone had just explained to me when I was younger..
maybe I wouldn't have had such a hard time relating to people. I could have adapted better to school, my peers, and even
myself. Maturing emotionally wouldn't have been as fraught with regret and hatred like it had been.


I've been on a fanfic hunt lately.. out of all the fanfiction I have read with Tucker being the main character,
only a handful of it involved him being happy, having his own life, or even if its about his jealously..it was handled with care.
And this is all stuff that dates back to like, '06 - '07.
So as far as I know, aside from me writing new content that further explores his character, nothing new has been made.
I'm going to continue searching though.. and I'm saving what I find to a hard-drive for fear that it will vanish off the internet

God..this has been like hunting for that one diamond among a sea of cubic zirconium. emo

And yes, it is the height of fan creativity (sarcasm) to pair the young hero with the strapping sexy mouthwatering villain.
Like I said in the last post, I don't care who ships what, but let's not gloss over all the bad stuff about the character in question.
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