Hi there. Chances are you happened upon my profile after I charmed you into thinking I was incredibly interesting. Or you clicked here by accident. Whatever the reason, here you are and here I am so let's get to it, shall we?

Curiosity and the Cat:
○ I am eighteen as of September 7th
○ Don't really have a favorite anything
○ Sit somewhere on the INFJ spectrum
○ Have a particular fondness for hugs
○ Can recite the alphabet backwards
○ Free write, read, doodle and dance
○ Appreciate humor, wit and thought
○ Will be there for you if you let me

[I am a fairly unhappy person but I am working to change that.]

So let's talk about our generic mutual interests like the internet and music and bunnies, alright? Alright!
You'll find me wandering through the forum and zOMG

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My Notebook of Sorts

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I Embri I

Report | 03/01/2014 12:25 pm

I Embri I

Somehow, I don't think it was him gonk Pfft Well, I only have one academic course this semester and Bio is super simple- My Life Drawing class is probably the most problematic, but who needs time management? >_>' How about I just tape your keyboard to your wrist, with a parakeet whom constantly reminds you to check your comments? :F You better get them credits like a game of Pazaak home gurl! (Star Wars reference,yeah?) Oh god, you didn't go see a band because you were by yourself? SUCH BLASPHEMY, FORE-SHAME. And we never skim, you must listen entirely or die pirate Maybe not xx chromosomes, more like an extra pair? biggrin Life is quite shitty actually- but I've learned that I'm better of repressing everything and dealing with it later than having minor emotional break downs when s**t hits the fan wink Which over here, happens all too often. Having large families suck the biggest of genitalia- Immediate relative FTW Other than that, nada. Goin' to a concert at the end of this month so there's that...
The Grim Archer

Report | 02/22/2014 1:48 am

The Grim Archer

Hey, I missed you, and this is crazy, but here's this comment, so let's catch up, maybe?

I think I win the lateness contest - again - when it comes to replying, it's only been a year. ( again )

It only took me so long because the computers I had access to early on had blocked a lot of media and social sites (tumblr and gaia, much to my chagrin) and I also forgot for a while that I had a gaia account, even when I did finally got access to a computer that didn't do this but I assure you every waking moment has been spent looking forward to talking with your sass.

So yeah. I'm a sailor now - please hold all seaman jokes until the end of the presentation, ladies and gentlemen - Went through 13 weeks of training for my actual job on top of the 8 weeks in boot. I'm actually just now starting my naval career at my first command, here in Guam. Beautiful beyond words. That's a good summary right? Yeah. I can go over the little details if you like.

And uhh, happy belated holidays.

I'm trying really hard not to be an awkward burrito in this conversation because I feel like my social stats have dipped about 10 points especially when holding my own against witty people. Bear with me.

Lulu Bahamut

Report | 01/24/2014 1:02 am

Lulu Bahamut

Random hug attack* mrgreen heart xd

Report | 12/26/2013 10:33 am


I thought we'd continue our conversation on Comments since i totally ran out of snowballs. c:

Knit cardigans >>>> They're 1,000% warmer than the regular kind, imo. What does marled mean? o; &&Haha, my crewneck already has a few holes in it from me wearing it so much!
I just listened to a couple songs and really didn't enjoy them all that much, to be honest. But that's just me. xD &&Maybe your mind will change after you've seen them live? c: I know I used to adore Sleeping With Sirens (still kinda do, sssh), and was so stoked to see them live. But when I actually SAW them, it was the biggest frigging letdown of my entire life. Granted, that it was the final tour stop, but still! Kellin's - the lead singer of SWS - voice was s**t (he strained it or something during a meet n' greet session or something) and they had his microphone turned off because he sounded so bad. neutral Ugh. I saw them again in November (with Breathe Carolina, omg I love them!) and left halfway through their first song because, again, Kellin sounded like s**t.
...Hopefully that's not the case for you. XD /Debbie Downer/

BMTH is excellent! I don't know if you're into post-hardcore (screaming, basically), but if you are, you should really listen to them. User Image They're one of my Top 5 Fave Bands. heart ( and, yes - their band tees are off the wall. c: ) Of Mice & Men are getting kind of old for me, to be honest. So many people are overplaying them and they've kinda lost that spark for me, you know?
AHHH I HATE MOSHING! I was at a Senses Fail concert (my #1 fave band for forever and always, they're perf) and I decided to mosh and almost - ALMOST! - got seriously injured. My knee got blown out and some guy nailed me pret-t-t-t-ty hard in the right boob. -_________- So, no moshing for me at Megafest. XD

My Mom's SUPER reluctant to let me go anywhere, let alone a rock concert. Mainly because of my emotional disorders & mental illnesses, which is understandable.

By the way, name's Jacoby! c: I'm genderfluid, so right now, I identify as a male. Using he/his/him/etc (male pronouns) would be very much appreciated. c:

Report | 12/22/2013 3:14 pm


gah i love your avatar

Report | 12/21/2013 8:22 pm


I need you, right ******** now.
DixieChumps -hiatus-

Report | 12/16/2013 5:18 pm

DixieChumps -hiatus-

suz gonk
I Embri I

Report | 11/18/2013 2:37 pm

I Embri I

You are getting better at this replying game, 5 months? Your personal best wink Lol, anywho- I've been on more frequently now that I've managed my college schedule so give me more attention I'll be around, mostly fishing or running around the barren wasteland that is ZOMG! Oh goodness, eggnog >.> I have a love/hate relationship with that there beverage, and I do believe 21 shots might call for an emergency stomach pump dramallama Yes, oranges are savage indeed crying So how's life, made any new friends? Graduate? Kiss a toad? Any former priorities become insignificant? Vice Versa? Dish it out home guhl scream

Report | 11/16/2013 2:25 pm


lolwat what've you been doing is the question

I'm just, getting ready to look for a job. it's been six months since I graduated. cool
my programming skills are almost top notch


Report | 11/15/2013 9:48 pm


ya,always emotion_dowant


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