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Vellick Report | 12/21/2013 5:40 pm
Hey, sorry I didn't comment back sooner, I had internet issues... -_-' How are you? razz
Vellick Report | 12/06/2013 8:58 pm
You forgot to mention the hurricanes... :/

Personally, the only good season Florida has is fall, when it's not terribly hot, or very cold. Perfect weather to do anything! razz
Vellick Report | 12/05/2013 10:31 pm
xD Das kinda funny. razz But hey, you're still lucky... At least it snows where you are, here in Florida it just gets colder... -_-;
Vellick Report | 12/04/2013 6:55 pm
Yay! xD
How are you? razz
Vellick Report | 12/02/2013 1:48 am
I'd like them to fill my hands~ wink heart
Vellick Report | 11/30/2013 3:47 pm
Man, I haven't been in the CB or GD in forever... Wow hearing that forum's names doesn't bring back memories... xD
Vellick Report | 11/29/2013 6:53 pm
Now did I ever say I didn't? smile I love boobs~ So what are you up to right now?
Vellick Report | 11/29/2013 6:42 pm
lol You're joking right? Bigger is better to a certain point (D) then it's just a little... odd.
Vellick Report | 11/29/2013 6:36 pm
lol You know what that means! *gropes your boobs* These get a little bigger~ wink I had cheesecake on my Thanksgiving~ It was tasty smile
Vellick Report | 11/29/2013 12:44 pm
Very much so. How was your thanksgiving Luna? smile

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Just My Life

I'm The Eloquent Lunatic, but most of my friends on here just call me Maiden–––, Maid, TMG because of my last username. Many now call me Luna due to my current name, but I still have a few stragglers who call me the previously listed names. I've also been known as Kitty because of my avi... heh.

I'm very random at times. I'm a girl, that should be a no brain-er. I'm eighteen, a senior in high school and living my life up. I'm single if you were wondering.

My favorite subjects in school would have to be, psychology and Spanish.
But after high school, I plan to join the United States Air Force.

I very much enjoy role playing, writing, and art; making it and receiving it. I dislike, well not much, I guess I should say these are my fears anyway, here they are: needles, spiders and snakes. . .

Winter guard and Color guard are my activities. <3<3

Also, I love gaming, I play on the Xbox360.
I'm working on getting more games for the PS3 that my family shares, but it's not a big interest for me. Just preparing for the future because screw XboxOne.
Anyway, I generally play AC: Black Flag Multiplayer, but on occasion I'll play Boderlands 2, Minecraft and Battlefield 3.

If you're interested in finding out more, or want to exchange gamer tags, feel free to PM me. ^^

P.S. I'm a kitty at heart. If I could be a neko IRL, yeaup. You can totally believe that would happen.

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