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~Profile # 1~

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Full Name: Simon Julian Robotnik
Other Alias: Doctor (Formal Title), Sy (By a few closed friends), Cousin Simon (By Maria), Grandfather (By Natalie), Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Adopted Title), [Dr.] Eggman (By Sonic)
Age: 56 (In Robo Wars), 57+ (In Mecha Wars+) [Simon is sensitive about his age]
Species: Overalander
Race: Eurish Decant
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 282 lbs.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Ginger
Orientation: Strait
Alignment: Anti Villain (Formerly), Neutral/Anti Hero
Birthday: September 9, 3278
Birthplace: Space Colony Ark
Current Residents: [Classified]
Occupation: Robotiticain, President/CEO of Robotnik Inc., Overlord
Voice Actor Portrayal: Deem Bristow
First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog [As Classic Design] (Genesis 1991), Sonic Adventure/DX: Director's Cut [As Modern Design] (Dreamcast/Gamecube 1999/2004)
Known Family: Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Ancestor; MiA), Merrill Kintobor (Ancestor; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Great Uncle), Dr. Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Great Grandfather), Penelope Robotnik (Great Grandmother; Status Unknown), Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (1st Cousin 3x Removed), Hope Kintobor (1st Cousin 3x Removed), Prof. Gerald Robotnik (Grandfather; Deceased), Dr. Marian "Marry" Robotnik (Grandmother; Deceased), Isaac Robotnik (Father; Deceased), Dr. Ian Robotnik (Uncle; Deceased), Maria Robotnik (1st Cousin; Deceased), Virgil (Son; Deceased), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor (Grandaughter), Shadow the Hedghog (Pseudo Sibling), Henry Sommerlend (Foster Father), Megan Thorndyke/Nega (Future Great Grandaughter), Dr. Eliot Nega (Future Decendant), Gizmo (Pet), Dr. Ovi Nega (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Cymon Robotnik (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Egghog (Alternate Counterpart)
Known Friends: Sara (Fiancé/Partner; Deceased), Princess Elise (Mutral Friend), Vanilla Rabbit (Mutral Friend), Shadow the Hedgehog, Dr. Charles "Chuck" Throndyke (Childhood/Best Friend), Trevor (Childhood/Best Friend), Miles "Tails" Prower (Best Friend; Protégé), Christopher "Chris" Throndyke (Best Friend), Amy Rose Hedeghog, Cream the Rabbit, [Princess] Sonia Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Count Luigi "Weegie" Mario/Charlotte, Princess Lillian "Lilly" Charlotte, Prince Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario
Known Enemies/Rivals: Oliver "Sonic" Hedgehog (Former Arch Nemesis/Arch Rival), Neo Metal Sonic (Arch Nemesis), Cmd. Abraham Tower (Arch Rival), Rouge the Bat
Personality: He's real smart and knows it, he is however cocky and he'll often overlook things. Simon is hotheaded and easily to temper. He's usually charming and polite, but he can sometimes be a little immature. Simon has trust issues.
History/Bio: At a young age, Simon had witness the death of his cousin Maria. Simon had escape the Space Colony with Project Shadow, but as fate may have it, they ended up on the Military Base on Prison Island. Shadows had fought bravely to protect Simon, but was quickly overwhelmed and was captured. A rookie solider by the name Henry Sommerlend had felt guilty for shooting Maria and the researchers. He had reform being a G.U.N. Solider and took Simon in under his care. Simon didn't get along very well with the other children at school. His appearance and Eurish accent were easy targets for them to pick on. Things seems to escalate after studying about The Great War in history class. Simon did manage to make a couple of friends within Charles Thorndyke and a quite boy named Trevor. It wasn't until High School, where he had met the love of his life. Sara was a feisty neko girl whom seems to be really hard to approach. Because she's part Mobian/part Overlander, she would be often teased. Simon thought it'll be the gentleman thing to do to help protect her, even if she didn't ask him to. Eventually she did see a certain spark within him, and allowed herself to be friends with him. Throughout school, the two have gotten closer. Simon did help pay for her for her college tuition included an apartment in Station Square the two can live together in. Sara insistent working between classes to earn a little extra money on the side. Upon she found an abandon Chao and decided to take it in. Finals were rolling in, and Simon spend most of his time studying them non-stop. Sara had offer to help him relax before taking his final exams. Simon eventually passed the highest in his class, and aim to celebrate with his fiancé. Sara had even more good news to share, she was expecting their first child. With this great news, Simon spent the next several months catering to her while securing their future together. Tragedy had erupted, as an unknown assonant shot at Sara. Sara died in the hospital, and so assume her child too. It was the final straw, that everything he'd loved was gone and turn his life for world domination.
Misc. Info: Simon's IQ is 300. Simon speaks with a slight Eurish Accent. Simon may be the recantation of Dr. Julian Kinotobor/Ivo Robotnik. Dr. Robotnik had inherit a wealthy fortune from his biological father. Simon inherited the Overlord Status from his ancestors; however he has no people to govern over. Simon can't see very well without the aid of his glasses. Simon is predominately left handed. He absolutely hates the nickname, "Eggman." Simon has been rivals with Abraham Tower since they lived on the Ark; both tend to compete for Maria's attention. Simon and Abraham has a bit of a love triangle between them and Sara. His quests of World Domination originated from the corruption from the Overland Government. Because of his tragic past, Simon dislikes harming/killing organic life forms. While Simon represent 'Order,' Eliot is the embroilment of 'Chaos.' He appears to be a big fan of Star Wars franchise. Simon isn't a fan of Natalie's cooking, but he hasn't had the heart to tell her that. Although he despises Sonic, he secretly enjoys the music in his band.
Abilities: [Physical Traits]
-Genius- Simon has an IQ of 300.
-Eggmobile- Simon's main mode of transport. It's incredibly fast, yet silent enough to sneak up for easy ambushes. It's highly adaptable, and can be converted into many machines. Alone it has very powerful laser and missile attacks. Converted with the Chaos Emeralds, it makes his attacks even stronger.
-Dexter- One of Simon's first robots. Personal robotic assistant and friend.
-Metal Sonic- Sonic's robotic doppelgänger, and one of Simon's greatest (if not a little rebellious) creation. Metal Sonic is possessed of incredible speed and strength, as well as flight capability. He is also capable of manifesting energy in the form of his defensive Black Shield or offensive Burst Shield.
-Badnik Hoard- Various of robots that make up Simon's army.

~Profile # 2~

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Full Name: Ovi Nega (As a Counterpart), Eliot Nega (As a Descendant)
Other Alias: Doctor (Formal Title), Grandmaster (Formal Title), [Dr.] Eggman Nega (By Silver, Blaze, and Sonic), Eli (By Natalie)
Age: Unknown
Species: Overalander (Tailon Sub-Species)
Race: Northamerian
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 282 lbs.
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: White (Formerly Blonde)
Orientation: Bi Sexual
Alignment: Evil
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Onyx City, PK
Current Residents: [Classified]
Occupation: Robotiticain, Tailon Grandmaster (Formerly)
Voice Actor Portrayal: Mike Pollock (Pitched)
First Appearance: [As an Alternate Counterpart] Sonic Rush (DS 2006), [As Descendant] Sonic Rivals (PSP 2006)
Known Family: Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Ancestor; MiA), Merrill Kintobor (Ancestor; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Ancestoral Uncle), Dr. Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Ancestor), Penelope Robotnik (Ancestor; Status Unknown), Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (1st Cousin 7x Remove), Hope Kintobor (1st Cousin 7x Remove), Prof. Gerald Robotnik (Ancestor; Deceased), Dr. Marian "Marry" Robotnik (Ancetor; Deceased), Isaac Robotnik (Ancestor; Deceased), Dr. Ian Robotnik (Ancestoral Uncle; Deceased), Maria Robotnik (1st Cousin 5x Removed; Deceased), Dr. Simon Robotnik (Ancestor), Sara (Ancestor; Deceased), Virgil (Great Grandfather; Deceased), Dr. Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor/Thorndyke (Grandmother), Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke (Grandfather), Megan Thorndyke/Nega (Mother; Deceased), Walter Nega (Father; Deceased), Dr. Neghog (Mobian Counterpart)
Known Friends: None
Known Enemies/Rivals: Venice Hedgehog (Former Friend; Deceased), Edmund the Batchina (Former Friend), Silver the Hedgehog (Former Apprentice; Arch Nemesis), Princess/Queen Blaze the Cat (Arch Nemesis), Oliver "Sonic" Hedgehog (Arch Nemesis)
Personality: He's normally very calm and collected. Sadistic and cold, yet still holds a very polite demeanor. Nega gets easily distracted, and tends to ramble on for a bit. He hates when people interrupt him during his speeches.
History/Bio: [*Contains Spoilers!* Highlight to read] In Nega's time, the overlander population has greatly decrease through a deadly diseased. His mother passed away while he was still very young; his father would take out all of his frustrations on him. Venice Hedgehog, a young time guardian, notice Nega's frequent getaway attempts might of have been something to do with home. Sure enough, a lawsuit was issue, Eliot's father was arrested for domestic abuse, and he went to live with his grandmother. While under her custody, he'd quickly got interested in her line of work in Archeology. As a young man, Dr. Nega discovered an ancient ruin containing an ancient robot resembling a blue hedgehog. Nega used his robotic skills to resurrect and reprogram it for his personal desires. Dr. Nega also had discovered notes regarding to a machine that can turn living tissue into metal. Following the formula with some added equations, Dr. Nega had recreated the Roboticizer in a form of Nano Machines. With on injection, the Nano Machines can reconstruct failing and dying cells, making it a miracle cure in saving his dying species. It does however contain a side effect, Eliot had devolve some psychic abilities, which he can't seem to complain. Suddenly this became a sudden craze, and now everyone wanted a piece of that Nano technology. Dr. Nega was highly praised, and was elected as one of five Grandmasters in the Kingdom's Council. With this new found position in power, Dr. Nega wanted more. He had secretly plotting against the kingdom with his newly upgraded Neo Metal Sonic to take down Blaze's parents. Dr. Nega, with the help of Neo Metal Sonic, slaughtered anyone who stands in his way. Nega was eventually captured, and his nano machines were to reprocess. Acting under Nega's last order, Neo Metal Sonic had freed his master and escape into the past 200 years where he'll plot his next scheme.
Misc. Info: Nega's 'coup d'état' reflects Julian's take over. Nega's speech patterns differs from Dr. Robotnik. Unlike Simon, Nega has more of an Norhamerian Accent. Nega is relatively younger then he appears. On his free time, Eli likes to read fortunes via Tarot Cards: how much truth he tells about someone's future, or making it up to hide his real intentions is unknown. Natalie is the only person he'll remotely respects. Despite his 'strong dislike' towards Simon, he often dresses up and impersonates him. While Simon represent 'Order,' Eliot is the embroilment of 'Chaos.' Dr. Nega can be compared to the Joker: he's pleasant on the outside, but holds a dark twisted mind on the inside. Dr. Nega is apparently a big fan of the Terminator franchise. Ovi has a small crush on Simon.
Abilities: [Physical Traits]
-Genius- Dr. Nega has a real high IQ. It's rumored he'd might be smarter then Simon.
[Psychic Traits] Dr. Nega is the Father of Nano Techinology and Grandmaster of the Tailon Clan.
-Psychokenesis- Dr. Nega used to lift objects 10x his size. But after his rebuilitation has left him weak and thus only carry objects twice his size now.
-Levitate- Dr. Nega is capable of floating and short flight on his own, however due his rebuiltation he can't hover for long.
-Telepathy- Dr. Nega can speak through someone's mind as long as an 'Psychic Link' has been formed.
-Perceive- Nega can briefly glimpse the past and future by touch a particular item(s) with his bare hands.
-Negamobile- Although Eliot Nega is capable of flight on his own, he can not fly for very long. Eggman Nega has his own version of the Eggmobile for transport. It also is highly adaptable, and can be converted into many machines. Unlike his ancestor/counterpart's version, his color scheme appears more red in color.
[Spolier]-Neo Metal Sonic- A reprogram and upgraded version of Metal Sonic.
-Camera/Captured Cards-
Nega's special camera that can turn anything into a card.

~Profile # 3~

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Full Name: Julian Simon Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik
Other Alias: Doctor (Formal Title), Warlord Julian (Formal Title), Little Brother (By Colin), Uncle [Julian] (By Snively and Hope), Father (By Gerald), Great Grandfather (By Simon), Ancestor (By Natalie), Sir (By Snively), [Ro]Buttnik/Robo Head/Iron Lips/ (ect.) (By The Freedom Fighters)
Age: 46
Species: Cyborgized Overlander
Race: Eurish
Gender: Male
Height: 132 marks
Weight: 12.7 stone
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Ginger
Orientation: Strait
Alignment: Good (Formerly), Neutral [As Julian], Evil [As Ivo]
Birthday: Born on Day 253, 3189 (Died on Day 164, 3235)
Birthplace: Megapolis, UF
Current Residents: Robotropolis, RE
Occupation: Robotiticain, Warlord (Formerly), Emperor
Voice Actor Portrayal: Jim Cummings
First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog Pilot/Sonic the Hedgehog #0 (SATAM/Archie 1993)
Known Family: Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Father; MiA), Merrill Kintobor (Mother; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Brother), Miriam Day/Kintobor (Sister-in-Law; Deceased), Angela Hopkins/Kintobor (Sister-in-Law; Deceased), Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (Nephew), Hope Kintobor (Niece), Penelope Robotnik (Wife/Mate; Status Unknown), Gerald Robotnik (Son), Isaac Robotnik (Future Grandson), Dr. Ian Robotnik (Future Grandson), Maria Robotnik (Future Great Granddaughter), Dr. Simon Robotnik (Future Great Grandson), Virgil (Future Descendant), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor (Future Decendant), Megan Thorndyke/Nega (Future Descendant), Dr. Eliot Nega (Future Descendant)
Known Friends: [As Julian] Dr. Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog (Best Friend), Jules Hedgehog (Best Friend), King Maximillion "Max" Acorn (Best Friend), Dr. Nathaniel "Nate" Morgan (Mentor), Penelope (Sweetheart)
[As Ivo] None
Known Enemies/Rivals: Overseer Jonathan "John" Chambers (Arch Nemesis), Warlord Kodos (Arch Nemesis), Ixis Naugus (Arch Nemesis), Dr. Nathaniel "Nate" Morgan (Former Mentor and Friend; Status Unknown), Dr. Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog (Former Friend; Roboticized), Jules Hedgehog (Former Friend; Roboticized), King Maximillion "Max" Acorn (Former Friend; Status Unkonwn), Maurice "Streaks" Hedgehog (Arch Nemesis), Princess Sally Acorn (Arch Nemesis), Miles Prower, Bunnie Rabbot, Antonie DCoolette, Rotor the Warlus
Personality: [As Julian] Julian is more passive and bit of a pacifist compared to his Ivo personality. He tends to be more calculated and cautious. Julian believes in the honorable warrior code.
[As Ivo] Ivo is more aggressive then his Julian persona. He's easily temperamental and stubborn. He enjoys the suffering and pain in others.
History/Bio: Born in the eve of The Great War, Julian is a Robotician whom builds gadgets to aid his brother in battle. Ever since he was little, Julian was always a pacifist, which brought the attention of a noble Overlander lady. This however also brought the attention of the overly jealous Overseer Jonathan Chambers. Chambers had plotted to get Julian exiled from the Overlander Colony, then secretly kill him off with four of the members of Sigma Alpha. His plan backfired when Julian escape with his nephew, Colin Jr. (aka Snively) into the Great Woods where the Acorn Kingdom resides. Julian was rescued by two Mobian Hedgehogs whom took them to see their king. King Max had granted Julian asylum as he works with Dr. Charles Hedgehog. The two of them had a mutral friendship, both rather use science for the better good then war. The pair had co-devolve a medical tool that can heal and replace lost limbs by turning them into metal. The Roboticizer was still only a prototype, and the Great War was nearing it's brutal end. Julian volunteered to fight for the Mobians as he became the Kingdom's Warlord. Julian had fought alongside with his friends, to take down the Overlanders (Including his own brother and former Overseer). The Mobians had won the battle which resulted the end of The Great War. Julian however was gravely injured and didn't have that much time to live. Sir Charles did the unthinkable and used their untested Roboticizer to save his friend. While the Overlander survive with his new cybernetics, Julian wasn't the same ever again. Within mouths, Julian (Now calling himself Ivo Robotnik) had conquered Mobotropolis by coup d'état.
Misc. Info: Julian suffers a split personality shortly after his roboticization. Julian/Ivo speaks in an older Eurish dialect. Julian is about 5 years younger then his brother Colin. He rarely get along with his older brother. His name "Ivo" is pronounce "Eve-O" (Evil). Robotnik carries The Sword of Acorns as a trophy. Julian has weaponized his Cybernetics, but it directly saps his own energy. He appears to be a big fan of Star Wars franchise. Julian is predominately right handed.
Abilities: -Genius- Julian has a high IQ. His technology was once very ahead of it's time.
-Cybernetics- Julian's roboticized limbs gives him above average strength. His limbs are also weaponize, he can tap into his own energy to attack.

Brown-Captain Whisker
Orange-Classic Robotnik
Red-Mondern "Eggman"
Dark Red-Julian

No Change-Description
Italicize- Indication
"Double Qoutations"- Speaking
'Single Qoutation & Italicize'-Thoughts
'Single Qoutations & Small Text'-Whisper/Murmurs
-Dashes- Setting
{{Double Brackets}}-Out of Character


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Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/16/2014 11:12 am
Sailor Pandora-San
Tronne: I understand you can't see from your eye anymore Luigi,but think of your ruined sight as a way of powering up your ears. just listen for the boos in a zen like manner then capture those laughing balls of annoyance. Teisel: I've called ahead to Shepard's squadron & help is on the way. now lets get out there & kick some a**! *exits the house with Sonic,Knuckles,and Shadow while the Servbots give orders to the Drachs for backup while an N7 Star Cruiser lands near the UFO* Garrus: we got the transmission Teisel,lets raise some Hell. *sets up a defense position as Shepard & Tali open fire on the Rachni Reapers along with its offspring* Tali: Keelah those things are uglier than Wreav. Shepard: got that right,we'll cover ya Sonic. Garrus: thin their numbers,don't let any of them through!
Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/16/2014 1:56 am
Sailor Pandora-San
Security System: WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! UNREGISTERED ENEMY UNITS HAVE BEEN DETECTED INBOUND FROM THE NORTH WITH COUNTLESS SOLDIERS & MAVERICKS!!! *the entire house enters Level 5 Lockdown as a giant army of Boos,Dry Bones,and Reapers begin their assault en masse* Teisel: oh s**t!!! Bonne: babuuu..... Servbots: we better get the Drachs over here pronto for immediate backup & extraction. Tronne: of all the moments,those losers had ta attack when Matthew's in surgery! Teisel: got that right sis. Dr. Light,we'll need your help in defending your house while repairs are finishing up on Matthew. Robotic Voice: luigi...help Megaman....please....*the Poltergust 5000 appears near Polterpup as a gift from E Gadd*
Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/15/2014 10:29 am
Sailor Pandora-San
Tronne: Matthew's energy cells need to be replaced with a fresh batch so that'll be your job Roll. the CPU Core also requires drainage & cleaning. just make sure ya cool it down before cleaning it Robotnik. strange...even though Matthew has a Coolant Dispenser Unit in his body,it didn't activate when his Core overheated during the battle against those red dry bones. Natalie, I need you & Tails to connect matt's brain to the computer for any information on our foes & the troubles we're facing this time.
Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/13/2014 9:43 pm
Sailor Pandora-San
Tronne: reunions are so nice...*sheds a small tear as she remembers her family* Teisel: now that everyone's here & accounted for we should figure out a way ta get rid of those bone heads & seal up their gateways into this dimension. Servbot: its a good thing we finished the fire upgrades for Matthew. Tronne: he's one tough soldier on the battlefield that he is. help me with his repairs Dr. Light.
Sailor Pandora-San Report | 12/13/2014 9:09 am
Sailor Pandora-San
Tronne: uhh yeah Rock,its all yours ta use as a catchphrase. Teisel: now that we got this confusion out of the way, I'm please to report that we have removed all of Claus' implants & restored his lost memories. come say hi to your brother. *holds his hand as Teisel shows a fully restored Claus with no traces of Porky's modifications*
R0uge The Bat Report | 09/05/2014 8:38 am
R0uge The Bat
( Lemme know if you need help heart )
R0uge The Bat Report | 09/05/2014 7:44 am
R0uge The Bat
( If you want to I can add your other accounts and we can talk on whichever you are using ^-^ You seem really awesome to talk too. emotion_kirakira
I have about three other accounts but I am shifting everything to this account c: )
R0uge The Bat Report | 09/05/2014 7:31 am
R0uge The Bat
( We sure do! sweatdrop There isn't many Sonic RPers out there either.. I remember there were heaps and heaps of em around. Now it's completely dead gonk )
R0uge The Bat Report | 09/05/2014 4:05 am
R0uge The Bat
Just whatever you like c: I'm here if you are up for a roleplay regardless ~
Mine are too! I haven't roleplayed Rouge in about 5 year ^.^;;;
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R0uge The Bat
( D'awww! Well if you are ever interested, lemme know! ♥)

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