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Mya Moonlight Report | 09/29/2016 12:29 pm
Mya Moonlight
Winter is coming and everyone will be at home. I'm sure we will all get back together for some fun c:
Mya Moonlight Report | 09/29/2016 10:26 am
Mya Moonlight
Nah, we all got busy and have our own lives. It'll pick up again n_n
Mya Moonlight Report | 09/29/2016 10:07 am
Mya Moonlight
emotion_kirakira eyyyyy <3 <3 how are you?
kefkadragon Report | 09/20/2016 5:29 am
yep. the gift came back
Saffrons_Curse Report | 09/19/2016 9:25 pm
Heeee~~~ heart Thank you kindly~~~ U//u//U!!
kefkadragon Report | 09/18/2016 3:02 pm
that's cute. I think Gaia does have a yellow pom pom version of the moogle base, but it was 20 billion gold on the mp or something like that when the one I have was being sold for something like 2 billion. Why the one that looks like the more recognized version is so much cheaper I do not know.
kefkadragon Report | 09/18/2016 2:48 pm
I wouldn't know anything about 14. I don't play MMOs anymore. I just stole the name of my moogle from a kingdom hearts RP I do here and put a suit on it because I didn't want him to walk around naked sweatdrop I don't think I've seen a moogle in clothes in any of the games I've seen them in. Except the ones from 12, but they're kind of weird.
kefkadragon Report | 09/18/2016 1:40 pm
oh yeah. You're just a Master of Disguise aren't you?
BSSandwich Report | 09/11/2016 6:59 pm
Nah, it's cool! I wondered who kept sending such cool gifts whee thank you so much for being the best ss a girl could ask for! (captcha: trust me) emotion_hug
Petty Pizza Problemz Report | 08/24/2016 9:13 pm
Petty Pizza Problemz
Thank you~! & Me too ^____^!
Ancient Ookami made it for me in one of the WG threads heart

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Hello! My name is Cassie,
I am a big 22 year old nerd, and am proud of it ❤
I'm a cosplayer, it's a fun hobby (Even though I'm super bad at it)!
I like to doodle stuff and things?
I have a weird thing where I get super excited about an anime, but then as I watch another one I suddenly forget about it.... I probably have more unfinished animes then watched ones... I hope that doesn't happen to my current one >.>
I love video games! (Ex: LittleBigPlanet2, Project Diva F, Atiliar Rorona)

For your Information, I am a girl though my avatar may be male.


Current Avi:
Ethan- Fairy boy

Ethan loves Halloween and will take as much time as he wants to figure out what he wants to be for Halloween. He will be cycling through costumes until he finds the right one.


Ichiban no Takaramono


My character Panula in FFXIV.

I don't always play Final Fantacy, but when I do....

I prefer Sargatanas

The best older sister I could ask for.