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Tristan-TK-Kingsley Report | 07/29/2008 11:43 pm
I added a little something to my profile that you might like. Check it out.
soul_walker Report | 01/05/2008 5:53 pm
*pokses* 'Ello love!
Cd Diamantes Report | 01/21/2007 7:08 am
How are ya?
Tristan-TK-Kingsley Report | 11/09/2006 5:09 pm
Homygod! I'm back.

Be afraid. Very afraid.

BYE! ><
Cd Diamantes Report | 11/06/2006 7:50 pm
Cd Diamantes Report | 10/28/2006 11:24 pm
hi! ^_^
Instein Report | 10/15/2006 11:23 am
Cd Diamantes Report | 09/30/2006 4:59 pm
hi Again gaian neighbore!
Here... I baked some cookies
would you like some?

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Cd Diamantes Report | 09/29/2006 7:54 pm
~*~*~*~ HI! how are you?
I hope you Have
a greate weekend~*~*~*~
Cd Diamantes Report | 09/23/2006 8:04 am
hi How are you been?
come and visit my profile sometime
^_^ byeeeee

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Hey y'all!

As you probably know, since you're paying this lovely visit to my profile I'm Red. But here are some handy hints I bet you didn't know:

-My birthday is November 12. Presents always appreciated.
-I'm old. Not old enough that me being on Gaia is creepy, but old enough that when I find out how old the people I RP with are I still feel old.
-I come to Gaia to RP because I kind of have a thing for writing.
-I'm a redhead and damn proud. So naturally my RP characters also tend to have red hair.
-I play an awesome rich b***h.
-Toto is my bestest online friend in the world. You should all be jealous.
-I'm kind of inept when it comes to formatting.
-Despite what my RPing may suggest, I'm actually super nice.
-And neurotic.

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