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Hello there reader.
Allow me introduce myself.

My name is John.
I live in the Philippines.
I am currently 20 years of age.
That seems appropriate enough.
Perhaps if you are kind enough,
you may want to introduce yourself as well.

I also made this little crush page for some reason.
Leave a comment if you want to.

Have a good day sir or madam.
Please enjoy your stay.


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Pangetsuh Report | 05/03/2015 12:51 am


We Will Not Yield Report | 04/18/2015 9:28 pm
We Will Not Yield
I mean, somewhere along our journey, my friend, we will encounter maidens. Maidens who will like you, and some that shall fall in love with you. And if we ever encounter this, you will be the bait. Or shall I say, the victim, that tends to all the women and their heresay!

What I'm trying to say is, I'm leaving you behind with all the women if a wave of them were to come our way.
Starkittenstar Report | 04/18/2015 7:47 pm
I'm glad you are well exclaim
@ o@ v boring weekend for me
Starkittenstar Report | 04/18/2015 7:42 pm
I'm okay, and you?
I'm sorry for the very delayed reply
I was on the app on my phone lately gonk
We Will Not Yield Report | 04/18/2015 7:34 pm
We Will Not Yield
Sounds like a plan.

But I am just letting you know that you will be the bait if we so happen to run into trouble with the ladies.
We Will Not Yield Report | 04/18/2015 7:17 pm
We Will Not Yield
Raiding brothers in arms!!
KaBLAMOman Report | 04/15/2015 5:27 am
Awesome. cool
Starkittenstar Report | 04/15/2015 5:21 am
exclaim exclaim exclaim
KaBLAMOman Report | 04/15/2015 5:13 am
Lol. You gave me my first profile comment! Congrats. Here's a free imaginary cookie... or bacon since they don't have any cookie emots. yum_bacon hope you like it. razz
KaBLAMOman Report | 04/15/2015 5:11 am
Sorry I had to subject you to that cliche comment. apparently it gets you an achievement or something. Sounds stupid, but I want to see if it's true. Didn't work last time, but even my gf says she has it. :/


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