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A short story of who I am

Name: You may call me Dead, Tabris, or Shiroba
Age: 22
Grade: Senior in college
Likes: Transformers G1 and Prime, video games, movies, reading, role playing, the musicals CATS and Alegria, and hanging out with my roommate.
Dislikes: Girls that think being stupid is attractive, people who think they're better then everyone else, Laziness, Chemistry, having to find a large amount of quotes for papers, mornings, some vegetables, and not getting enough sleep
Favorite Colors: Neon Green, purple, teal, and black.
Favorite games: DRAMAtical Murder, Devil Survivor 1 & 2, Trauma Center, Trauma Team, Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2, BlazBlue, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and Transformers: War for Cybertron
Current Favorite Song: Grand Music

As of late I find that I am getting requests to join role playing guilds. Assuming that whoever sends me an invitation is smart enough to glance at my profile or post history first, I do not want a request to a guild where people are not up to a certain level. I do not want to be invited to a guild where every character made is a typical Mary Sue or Gary Stu. It gets old seeing everyone have the same tortured character that has the typical background and is a mix of several different races. Quit making mangled and annoying characters and get some originality. I do not want to join a guild where people are too lazy to properly fill out a character profile such as saying that they have no history or that they have no memory of it. That is one of my biggest pet peeves and I have no desire to be in a guild where almost every person there fills out a profile like that. Quit being lazy and fill out the profile properly. Your character can have amnesia and still have a background that led up to it. Next, I want it to have proper grammar. Illiteracy is not something I want to deal with. I want to be able to read what you type, not spend several minutes trying to decipher it because you're too lazy to use proper punctuation or spelling. I want at least Semi-Literate and up, not a guild that has everyone only doing one liners and tiny posts all the time. Give me a paragraph or two so there's actually something to work with and its interesting, but don't fill it with pointless bullshit like describing a blade of grass. If you think your guild fits that criteria than feel free to send me an invitation. If not, I have no interest in joining.

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Kitti_Loves_FutaDicks Report | 08/28/2014 10:06 pm
Did you get my post hun? smile
kitties-toothy-grin Report | 08/24/2014 1:05 pm
Did my message go through? Sorry, I'm having inbox troubles again! It's been happening a lot lately! >.<
Carrot Commander Report | 08/04/2014 9:07 am
Carrot Commander
I am here!

Work is killing me

But I have time emotion_bigheart
Yuumei Isana Report | 07/30/2014 11:16 pm
Yuumei Isana
An being half asleep doesn't help my case, an y does kaito look like ciel?
Yuumei Isana Report | 07/30/2014 10:47 pm
Yuumei Isana
sweatdrop I'm sorry very sorry I thought u ment me now I feel like a dumb a** I am srry redface
Yuumei Isana Report | 07/30/2014 10:41 pm
Yuumei Isana
I um well u see, I am my own self an I made up this avi. I am not created after a vocaloid an I had no idea I looked like one srry.
Yuumei Isana Report | 07/30/2014 10:24 pm
Yuumei Isana
Thanks 4 the buy an who is that in ur background
kitties-toothy-grin Report | 07/23/2014 11:42 pm
It's totally no problem! take you're time. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't leaving you hanging! 4laugh
kitties-toothy-grin Report | 07/23/2014 11:36 pm
Did my last reply go through? D:
kitties-toothy-grin Report | 06/27/2014 11:04 pm
did ya get my reply? apparently things are getting buggy on my end again. >.<