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♡Call me Cryene Maybe ♡

♥Age: almost legal♥

♡Gender: Woman♡

♥From: 'ungherria♥

♡Language: I speak ma own langugaeaa♡

♥Job: adrener on zOMG! and housewife.♥

♡Personality: Retarded.♡

♥Diagnosis: CIPA or HSAN 5♥

♡Likes: cake, pizza, zOMG!, arts, drawing, painting, you, dubstep, cats, money, anime, cosplay, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, XIONNN<3, myself, pink, singing x3 ♡

-_- Dislikes: tomato, vacuum machine, brain surgeries, loneliness -_-

Behind d pixels:
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Unicorn hair wtf
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Also read this little piece of blasphemy~

zOMG! Father which is art in Gaia,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy Charge Orb come,
Thy Amps be done
on Zen as it is on Bass'ken.
Give us this day our daily golds.
Forgive us our noobness
as we forgive those who leech against us.
Save us from the glitch or lag
and deliver us from Neffy.
For DMS, the PS and the
Shallow Seas are yours,
now and for ever



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