Hello, I'm The Crimson Baronessa, but you can call me Crimson. ;]
I'm what you might call artsy. I draw, sing, act and wish I could dance. I'm in my mid-20's and exactly where is none of your business. I'm in the middle of writing a webcomic and a novel but neither are up for public viewing pleasure so I suppose you'll have to wait on that.

On Gaia I frequent the RPing forums. I'm something of an oldie, but I'm not fancy. So if you're up for a simple RP with no fancy shmancy coding in the replies, I'm definitely your gal.

I don't like swearing, I don't like crudeness, and I dislike violence. Think lady. Like, old fashioned lady. Like, Jane Austin lady. There you go. That's me.

Lookie! I made an icon all on my own!

Yay Host Club! XD

Currently questing:

Crimson's PokePet
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Kage the level 43 Suicune!

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Look! Lupes!! These pictures originally belong to Neopets, btw...

Wanna see Crimson? Look HERE! :D It's a Youtube video! :D


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Chibi Geekie

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Chibi Geekie

That was actually what I was thinking about. It could be that she was in her true form when she found her, when she learned she was a good magical type of being and such.
And only when she brought her home did she change back or wake up and realize what she was
Chibi Geekie

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Chibi Geekie


The fluffy shall blow your miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind
Chibi Geekie

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Chibi Geekie

[/slides into the place]

I see you writing something very interesting

By any chance, can my fluffy oc when you can stalk to find my test thread, be the something stolen that the daughter apparently took?
6 Stringer

Report | 12/31/2014 7:44 am

6 Stringer

happy new year ~ ! blaugh

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Make me sweat, doll.
Get all the rest you can. You'll need the energy for when you come back to me. wink
Sweet dreams darling.

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I have a feeling we'll have a lot of heat between us darling. I can easily see us getting red hot.
Author huh? So when are you going to write me into your story?

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Trust me, your impression left me more warm than you think.
That's all I needed to hear. I don't mind waiting a bit, because a girl as cute and well-spoken as you is well worth the wait.

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Now how could I forget a girl like you. You don't make it easy you know.
Oh I hope you save some time to fiddle around with me too wink

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Merry Christmas cutie<3
Been missing you


Mah faice

"I'm just a bag full of jagged edges. Be careful or you'll get hurt."