Saying a car is just a hunk of metal is like saying a person is merely flesh and blood.


To those that care to know something about me, I am a car lover. That doesn't mean I want to marry one, that means I can name off details of different cars 'till your ears fall off. My greatest joy in life is an empty mountain road with lots of juicy curves. *Drools*......................
Huh? oh. sorry *Wipes drool on sleeve* where was I? Oh, Yeah.

I own a Black 1995 Monte Carlo LS. (Hence the username) It's got a 3.1L V6, FWD, cloth interior, two 300watt Pioneer speakers in the back,(Stock up front), and it's rollin' on 16" aluminum American Racing rims. Not bad for a first car, huh?

And I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Due to engine issues not repairable in the near future, and thanks to and incredibly giving family, I now own a red 99 GMC Sonoma regular cab.. 2.2L 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual, no power windows or locks, bone stock. except for the bed toolbox. I lurve it.

Ticket count: 2
68 in 55 zone (Never filed) wink
70 in 30 zone (Driving school FTW.)

Current odometer:
Monte Carlo: Just under 240,000 miles. Old car is old.
Sonoma: 130,000 +

Recent fix:
Monte Carlo: New Engine
Sonoma: New Parking Brake

Monte Carlo stats:
Crash Record: 1
Wet, downhill, off-camber turn at 40mph into guardrail.

Damage Report:
Long dent/scratch along passenger side, passenger door will not open [Fixed it.], front wheels toed-out [fixed], Pride shot.

Current status:
Running with a few issues, in Dad's possession.

Sonoma stats:
Crash record (In the time I've owned it): 1
Rolled down driveway onto neighbor's hill while loading ballast in the bed.

Damage report:
Multiple cracks in front bumper, but still hanging on well. Damage to driver side door hinges, but still working well except for a small rub against the front fender.

Current status: Running well.
I am happy to announce that a 1994 Sea-Doo XP has joined my collection. It is currently in my garage awaiting a new engine, but it's there!

A relic from my childhood has also joined my collection! My old Manco go-kart is in my garage, where I'm slowly grinding off the old paint and rust. Afterward I plan on extending the frame and adding a larger engine.


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biggrin D I heard that movie was awesome. Saw bits and pieces of action over my cousins' shoulders last week.
Glad to hear your birthday went well! smile ) 3nodding

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<3 I got an email that it was your birthday.
And also about some guild roleplay. I was bored so I popped back.
Did you have a nice bday? smile )

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Dont know if you come on anymore, but happy birthday and I miss you smile

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Hello fellow High Voltage guildee! This is just a friendly notice letting you know there's some roleplays that could use your unique brand of awesome. If you're interested, just click *here. Have a good day! ^_^
Princess Voltari

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Princess Voltari

Hello! It’s me, BinaryVolts, creator of the guild High Voltage and I just wanted to let you know there’s a contest going on that you might want to participate in. Here’s the link if you’d like to visit the page: click!

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Glad you liked your B-day present biggrin

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I'll gives it a looks around.

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Oh haha. Fine. I'll surprise you alright -snickers and looks at everything pink!-

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Well I sorta need'a know what kinda things you like, like colors, certian items, ect... Cause to be honest, I ahve no idea.

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What do you want for your birthday?