Name: Elly
Age: 27
Career: Parts Advisor

Story: Haven't been on here for awhile now, I am back. I gave birth to a sweet little angel named Claire. She was born 6.09 lbs on August 12, 2012.

Interests: I love cruises, I have been on 2, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. Stepmania, Pump it up, Dance Dance Revolution, Stepmania, DDR, PIU, In the groove, ITG.

Found my new faith April 19th, 2013. Striving to help in missionaries, to help people become closer to Jesus and closer to God. I want people to understand that no matter how much they feel they have severed their ties that they can still find faith and peace in Him.


A better me.

My Gospel according to Me.

I've come to realize my health is vital. I should have taken better care of myself for life deserve respect and self control.



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Ty 4 buyn
Cher Coincidence

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Cher Coincidence

Thank you for the random gift!! heart mrgreen


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