I am currently after...
heart Dark Halo heart
heart Kiki Kitty heart
heart Noel's Gift heart
heart Little Lucie heart

Any sort of donation or gift is welcomed and much appreciated. Thank you for helping me reach my goal! <3

I love comments and PMs, and I always respond. Chat with me sometime! smile


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Thank you for your purchase
Madame Hummingbird

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Madame Hummingbird

Thank you for your business.
The Whiskey Witch

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The Whiskey Witch

Thank you for your patronage!
Big Sister Reborn

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Big Sister Reborn

Um, 65K for Lovely Diction? Sorry if it's a bit low hun.
Thanks for your time by the way. heart

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Stalking your profile...

and HolyCow. eek You love chemistry! ;n; (THAT SUBJECT HATES ME)

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Welcome xd
razor sharp intellect

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razor sharp intellect


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Sorry Dainty Damsel has been bought
Angry Sarz

Report | 02/12/2013 12:17 pm

Angry Sarz

First, you should go here: http://awesomolocity.info/analyzer.php?
Type in your tank ID and you'll see if your tank is glowing or not.
Make sure you set your gaia time to YOUR time zone. The time it gives you should be a time a couple hours ahead.
Also, it helps to make a glow bump thread on the aquariums forum so you can bump it up when you're glowing and people are more likely to see your tank.

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Thank you for buying biggrin


Some stop by and give me some love :]
I very much enjoy random messages and hellos~

Currently Questing Sainte Ciel: Agape~~!
Any donations, no matter what size or form, are welcome and graciously accepted. heart Every bit counts, even 100 gold. I also accept any unwanted or unneeded items pirate
Thank you for your help!