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Welcome To the Essendra Region!

Hello and welcome to the Essendra Region! We are a new, highly literate, role playing guild that has just opened up and are looking for members. Here we have a story based on humanoids – commonly known to the outside world as "gijinka" – meeting humans for the first time in thousands of years. To join then please visit the guild's application thread. We require a sample RP before you can join. If you are unsure of whether or not you would like to join then please feel free to ask questions! We love them! If you're interested then we highly suggest that you first read over the stickies in the Essendra: History | Mythology | Topography | Regional Census forum and the Welcome To the Essendra Region thread in the main forum. Thank you! Hope to see you soon!

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Lore and Literature

An insight into the history of Essendra through the eyes of the mysterious Bard that has and continues to patrol the lands through the centuries.


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A great guild run by the Captain Absurd Kitsune. Kenocka, Blaze, and Akai are VCs over there so there are lots of familiar faces.

The poke-watchers guild

A guild based around watching episodes and movies of the animated series. We have fun making MST3Ks here.


A great new guild that follows the same basic principles of the game. It's fast paced and high energy.

Welcome to the Essendra Region!

Myth comes to life. Can Man handle the changes to come?