Hello! I'm Lacey

I'm married to my wonderful husband, Hayden Zeff. <333

I'm 21

I'm a proud mother of a 2 year old little boy smilies/icon_heart.gif

I'm a stay at home mom/ student hoping to become a forensic pathologist someday

I love reading and writing

I like a lot of different music smilies/icon_heart.gif

I'm very strange

I'm brutally honest (be warned)

If you're nice to me I'm nice to you . It's that simple

and I LOVE TO TALK!(don't be shy!!! talk to me)

I'm really a total NERD

I haven't been here in years.... don't know if I'll keep coming back but message me if you need to.


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It's a bit more complicated than that

So like this one time..............

Just a venture into the life of someone who's not on the mentally stable side.


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Incessant Rage

Report | 08/21/2009 5:40 am

Incessant Rage

when you decide to come here,
lemme knowww~

and that seems like it'd be a kick a** costumeee.
there'd be all this blood and stuff on your clothes,
it'd look so cool.
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Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 11:15 pm

Incessant Rage

that looks like it'd be an awesome costume to put together. xD
and mine probably would too..it'd just take a lot of persuasion, ahaha.

and yeah, it is!
i love it hereeee.
it's so easy to get around,
and there's a lot to see.
and cali seems interestinggg.
maybe i'll visit next summer!

and yeah, harley is cool. i would be the joker..but that's so overdone.
EVERYONE was the joker, last year.
seriously..on every block of houses i'd visit,
there were atleast five or six kids with the joker costume. dramallama

i did a project on serial killers for my english class earlier this year. >___>
they're intriguinggggg.

Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 10:55 pm

Incessant Rage

yeah, thats understandable.
lol, i should have my brother go trick or treating for me..but i know he'd never do it.
he doesn't trick or treat..at all.

and yeah, i heard it is!
i wish you could come over here for it and everything!
new york is lovelyyyy,
and there's always so much to do.
i wanna visit cali someday though..i have loads of online friends from there.

and i'm not sure!
i was a mistress last year but
i was considering harley quinn,
or jack skellington for this year..
i dont know.
i think this year, i want to be a villian,
or something dark.

Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 10:44 pm

Incessant Rage

yeah, thats usually the reason.
and yeah!
some people wouldn't give me candy too,
cause they said i looked too old to be trick or treating!
like..s**t. i was only 16. >___>

and that sucksss. ;~;
i've never gone to the parade,
but its held in the city,
and i think its basically everyone rummaging around in their costumes,
and there are like..floats and stuff, i think.
i'm not sure exactly how it is..but i know it lasts until pretty late in the morning.

it just doesnt seem like such a bad idea,
now that i'm a little older and everything,
and halloween is on the weekend,
instead of on a school nighttt.

Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 10:31 pm

Incessant Rage

yeah, same.
or i'll defend people in pic drops.
like, if they call them ugly or something..
cause half of the time,
the people in those pic drops are pretty attractive.

and yes! its my favorite holiday as well~
there's a parade that they have every year in new york,
and since halloween is on a saturday..i'm going to go to that!

i went trick or treating last year..and the candy sucked so much. crying

Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 10:21 pm

Incessant Rage

I'm just trying to have a solid avatar for the month of October.
I love Halloween!
I just finished having some bbq chips!

I'm just clicking around on the site..
posting in the GD occasionally.
And I'm talking with a few people on MSN.
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Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 10:10 pm

Incessant Rage

no worries!
this girl just donated to me..cause i'm working on getting a nitemare headband first.
then i'll slowly work on the other items. xD
and usually if you're off by a few letters,
it should let you slide. >_______>

what're you up to, atm?
Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 9:53 pm

Incessant Rage

nice to meet you, lacey!
and i know..
they have all these weird number combinations,
and odd phrases pieced together.
i never type EXACTLY what it says though.
it usually lets me get away with it~

Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 9:46 pm

Incessant Rage

i'm ally!

Incessant Rage

Report | 08/19/2009 9:42 pm

Incessant Rage