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Hey thanks for stopping by my shop I tend to be the lowest price of any item so my selection should be in any price range. If you see something that is maybe to expensive then pm and we can see if we can work something out alright? Sounds good to me. I hope you have a fantastic day. heart


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Location: Florida

Birthday: 07/03

Body protection

I need this to make a robot.

Herro -w-

Hello there I am Mr.creepy aka Chris everyone I know calls me by my real name no need to hide it. I mean your welcome to call me Big daddy C, If you would like I am not going to stop you ;D. I am a pretty chilled guy that likes to talk and hang out with people in real life and on here.I recently just moved to Florida and plan on going to school and hoping for the best I need to do something with my life. I've traveled around the world since I was a baby till the age of 20 the age i'm at now. Your welcome to message me or send me a pm if you like I am down for the talky talky. If you wish to no more about me feel free to ask. heart heart heart heart heart heart thanks and have a wonderful day.

Here is some avi art and pictures of my face.
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Tv rangers <3

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