It's All About Me!!

I'm kelly and i'm 17 and asian

I love anime and reading fanfiction and books. Real sucker for a SesshomaruXKagome story.

What's your love personality?

Long Term Lover
Are you the perfect girl or what? Maybe you're a little shy or lack the dazzling appeal of the Alpha Woman, but when boys get to know you they'll discover the gold deep down. Your love personality is the most likely to find true love and romance, and when you're a little older you'll be much in demand because men will want to hang on to you. Expect a long-term marriage with an adoring husband. Did I mention that you're a great mate too? And an old-round fabulous person to know


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Thanks Keessa!

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Did this one myself. Ask and be polite and I may draw you one for a price...maybe...

Friends List =]

To Keya Gibbson
I hope your doing ok wherever you are. You mean so much to me and I regret the fact that we never got in touch again. Even though we had only know each other for more or less five months you showed what it means to be a true, loyal and loving friend. Remember that letter you gave me right before I left? I still have it and thanks to your drawing I still remember what you look like too and I could say the same thing to you. You were my first true friend too. I miss having a person like you beside me especially now in my life because I need you bring me now back to earth when I drift to far off the path that I want myself to be on.
I hope I see you again

Alita ♥
Alita and I've known each other for 3 years now and it's surprising how far we've gotten. We've never gotten into a fight before and I guess that's a good thing. Even though people say fights will bring friends closer when they make up. She's so funny, crazy and lovable. I'll always love this girl forever no matter what =]

Kacie ♥

Now this girl....I am suprised that we're still best friends. Me and her have gotten into so many fights and arguments but we're still close together and of course we have the happy times and times when we pick on each other. She's always there for me; whenever I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to and she never fails to pick up her phone when I need her either =]. Kacie I want to thank you for everything. For telling me that I still have a long way in life to go and that I shouldn't give up so easily. I'll never forget you kacie, -even if I do want to forget!- your one unique person with alot of personility! =]

Joe ♥

Hahaha I really don't know where to begin with him.... Me and Joe have gone though hell and back! From the akward stage of being called a perfect couple by our friends, even though we never dated, to backing each other up when people were talking trash about the other. I've know this guy for 6 years now. In 5th grade I barly noticed he existed, in 6th, we started talking and became aquantices. 7th grade was when we became best friends and 8th grade was the year when our friendship bond was tested. I am happy to say we made it through and became even better friends. But we haven't had a chat in a while now...

Sammy ♥

Even though me and Sam only know each other online and live across the country from each other, Sam was all ears (or eyes) when I needed someone to talk to and he helped me made some very tough decisions. Thanks so much Sam for cheering my up when i am blue. I can't thank you enough and I'll always be here for you!

Those are just a few out of the many people that has made my life so much more bearable! If I tried to write something about everyone of them I am afriad I'll be on the compter forever. Here are some people that are really important to me even if you may not know it, along with a short note.

Javon &Tevyn --Hahaha =] thanks for cheering me up all those times guys!
But Javon, you need to smile more yourself!

Kristen--I don't know how many times you've saved me from a horrid day with your energetic self.

Ryan--Though you may not know it but you've helped me alot in a way I can not even begin to put into words. I'll always love you sweetie!!

Katliyn--Thanks for putting me on your heroes list and making me feel loved! =D

shannon--Let's do some serious guy hunting sometime, even though you now have a boyfriend I still need someone to come with me!! XD

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