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Amelina Vance Report | 05/29/2016 6:49 pm
I am so late responding back to you. Been about 10 days ago. I was getting us ready to leave to head back home, then while at home was pretty busy. I'm finishing getting stuff done around here since I leave on Wednesday to go back to Montana. Anyways, thanks for the offer to swing by your place to play with your goats! They are such fun little critters. I glad that Trae is happier and going for something he'll enjoy! That is awesome!!

Hahaha, I love flying. He would practice teaching me how to fly the helicopter so he could teach prospective students. It was so much fun. However, we went into a lot of debt and he seriously regrets doing it. I think especially more so since I told him I felt it was unwise and I wasn't comfortable going into that much debt. Since then he has profusely apologized to me over and over again throughout the past few years. Told him there isn't anything to is what it is and he thought things would turn out differently then it did. Unfortunately he's paying for it with having to work until he dies. Makes me feel for him.

I agree, the government does do that. It's ridiculous that it costs so much to get in education or learn a trade just to be able to make a wage that can support a family. burning_eyes

Oh trust me, I find ways to use that much GB up per month. I really like playing the Lake Kindred game especially in the Zen garden/temple area and Fafnir's Peak. They give out Rig's/CI's that I've been able to get bundles and items I couldn't afford otherwise. Extra bundles are nice to sell off and make more gold. 3nodding At least at home I have unlimited internet so that will be super nice! biggrin
Amelina Vance Report | 05/18/2016 7:52 pm
We've been wishing that we could just go home and farm. Grow organic vegetables, raise honey bees to get honey, raise goats for making cheese, goat soap etc. However we are paying bills/debt off and can't really afford to do that. Paying off expensive flight school my hubby did thinking that he'd get a good job flying helicopters, but that didn't work out as planned thanks to getting screwed out of that job. (Long story). stressed Oh man, only 5 gig, I can sympathize. We finally bumped ours up to 18GB per month. I already had the Verizon Jetpack, we decided to do away with Straight Talk, get phone with Verizon and service, bundle it with data/jetpack and up the data. It's costing us less per month than it did with straight talk. I think we are saving $20 a month and when the phones are paid off it will save us an additional $14 per month.

Oh I adored our goats. They were all male goats, wethers. So personable and friendly. I grew so attached to them that I seriously miss them. Looking at pictures of them makes me want to cry. I agree about it being scary rehoming animals. I gave her my phone number and told her to call if they had any questions whatsoever. Never heard from her. Emailed asking how they were, 2 months later she finally got back to me telling me Jazz had died. I have no idea where they are and the gal seemed irritated I was emailing her quite a bit. It's been over a year, so I don't feel comfortable pestering her again.

That it is. My hubby gets up around 4:30-5 in the morning. Leaves around 5:30-6 depending on when he gets up. Then he doesn't get home until 5-7 at night, showers, eats dinner than goes to bed. Things have been slowing down a bit though. We just hope that this job will last a bit longer, it's a really good one. He hauls crude oil, and with oil prices tanking don't know how much longer his company can hold out. Thankfully they are like the 3rd largest oil company. They are in OK, TX, WY, ND MT and even up in Canada. So yes, we'll enjoy getting to spend time together.

Oh man, sorry to hear about your hubby's job, that's rough. 3nodding
Amelina Vance Report | 05/18/2016 7:03 pm
That doesn't sound too bad then. I just enjoy my internet and netflix from time to time. 3nodding
Glad the kids are shouldering more responsibilities, that is always a good thing. I'm glad you are enjoying doing the horse rescue, how awesome!!

I liked your fb page and saw you also have goats. I seriously miss my goats, but with us being away from home so much and my in laws health declining, it just wasn't working out. Within 5 months of giving them to these people, Jazz our first goat we had ever had, wound up dying. He was only 5 or 6 years old. They told me he had gotten sick and died. Made me wonder why they hadn't called the vet out before it got that bad. Apparently the vet checked out the other 3 and said they were happy and healthy. I was devastated and was wondering if we gave them to horrid people. Keeps me up at night at times.

I'm hoping the meds will. The other stuff I was doing was supplements, however my Reverse T3 kept getting higher and my hormones kept getting lower. So, saw a naturopath there at home and he put me on the new meds just a couple weeks ago. Seeing some improvement already. 3nodding

We aren't really, hubby is still putting in a lot of hours. Works 5 days, gets 1 off, then another 5 days etc. He gets 7 days off once a month, but with travel time, we wind up getting 5 days at home. I'll be home the first two weeks by myself. Hubby took off 5 days in conjunction with is one day off and 7 days off. So he'll get 13 days at home. He'll come back here for another 2 weeks, then I'll follow later on the train. It will be nice spending the 13 days together and actually relaxing instead of rushing around getting stuff done. We also bought an aluminum fishing boat and a 6 person raft, so we'll have to have a bit of fun with those during his 13 days off.

Honestly, we don't really like ND whatsoever. It's brown, flat, dusty, windy (all the time), etc. The only good thing about it is it's still providing my hubby with a job and has good benefits. If we could make the same living back home, we'd stay there. However, wages are horrible back home and rarely if ever come with a benefit package. So, ND it is.
Northwest MT where we live is gorgeous. Tons of lakes, rivers, mountains etc. all around. Lush green grass, beautiful flowers in bloom etc. Smells heavenly after rain because we are by a state park and so there are tons of pine trees around. Love that smell after the rain.

That would be most awesome. I'd have to by a machine like that haha. There were times, I'd take my hubby's clothes from work and hose them down before putting them in the washer. They have the red clay thing going on around here as well at times.

Amelina Vance Report | 05/17/2016 8:47 pm
Oh wow, how did you survive?? I couldn't have lasted 7 months without internet, or electricity umm....also water too. 0_0
Hope things are better for you now! We are doing good. Hubby still has work with the same company. He's worked there a little over 2 years now. Things have been slowing down a little bit work wise this past week and a half though, so that isn't too good. Otherwise doing well. I started some T3 medication for my thyroid, it's all natural and seems to be helping.
Also started on some bioidentical hormone cream to help with my low hormones. My testosterone should be around 30 and it's at 11. Progesterone should be around 5-10 and it's 1.5. So the cream is a combination between the two, have only been on it for about 4 days now. Can tell the T3 is helping, now as exhausted as I was haha.

Laundry...blech. I have to go into town tomorrow and do up another load. We leave to go home to MT on Friday, so I wanted to get it done before we left. Also, I get to spend pretty much the whole month of June in MT so I'm excited about that. Five days after getting back here to ND, I'll turn around and take the train home June 1st. So happy about that heart Hubby is taking vacation time June 13th-25th. It will be nice to spend that time with him too. He puts in too many hours, so I know he'll enjoy not having such a long day.
Amelina Vance Report | 05/14/2016 8:15 am
Just thought I'd stop by to see how you are doing? Haven't heard from you for awhile. Hope things are going well! 3nodding
I also love your avi. heart
Amelina Vance Report | 09/07/2015 6:33 pm
You're welcome! Thank you, I just hope they view it that way. Like I said, I did a bit of a "story" but I really suck at stories explaining my avi haha.
Amelina Vance Report | 09/07/2015 3:06 pm
Okay, I'll set up a trade. Was working on an avi for an avatar contest, but not sure if this fits the theme well or not. The themes for this contest is: Funny End of Summer. Celebrate the end of summer in a humorous way. The sky's practically the limit on this one. Wow us with your creativity! Do you think my avi fits this?
Amelina Vance Report | 09/07/2015 2:35 pm
Bummer, I bought a lot so I have quite a few human wearables, would you like some?
Amelina Vance Report | 09/07/2015 11:17 am
Hey there, I was wondering if you've gotten the Loyal's Temple Gate items? I have multiples of some and was going to set up a trade to send some to you if you don't have them.
Amelina Vance Report | 08/26/2015 6:18 pm
It can be a neat experience when you don't have major delays, wait times, etc. I'm a bit concerned this time, because I have to go through/by Glacier National Park and it's on fire right now. My mother in law said that one day they had to shut down a section of the railway through there because the fire was getting too close. So....I might get stuck on the rails for a bit. I'm packing a lot of food for me to eat haha. Going to take some fruit, got some hummus, bag of chips, will make 2-3 sandwiches, have two bottles of water and some cash in case I need to buy some more bottled water.

I here you on paycheck/salary. People think that since my hubby is working in the oilfields that he is really raking in the money. However, rent is around $775-$875 just to plunk our trailer in a spot with electricity, water and sewer. They also have cable t.v. Food costs are twice what they are in MT and other places. Plus we have our expenses back home, house payments etc. Still, we are able to slowly build up our account. My hubby works between 60-80 hours a week as well, six days on, one off, six 2 off, six on, then 7 off.

Aww....I don't mind cooking for people if they wash the dishes afterwards. I cooked up the other half of a roast so I'll be making beef stroganoff tomorrow, as well as a beef stew. Then Friday will cook up some spaghetti, make up a cauliflower kale salad and some gluten free brownies. I feel for you with having too much chicken and dumplings to eat, that can get old fast. I only need to have 10 meals for him to eat. Two for Monday and Tues since it's his day off, then dinner for the other six days he works.



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