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Hello darlings! Welcome to my store!
Do I have an item in my store that you want? Is the price too high?
PM me and make me an offer!
I also accept charms equivalent to the price value!
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Greetings profile stalkers!

I'm Tess! I live in Texas, and I'm farm-raised gal, I love love to talk and be social (I don't do well being all alone).
I lived on a farm all my life, and loved every minute of it.
BUT here is my dilemma, I just moved into the city and it's new and cool, (I made my boyfriend got us the apartment near the wilderness park in the city so I'm still surrounded my trees and deer, makes the living here easier,) but car and cops are everywhere, people can look in on your patio (I'm used to at least an acre of font yard), no privacy, noise, and most city people I have met are complete a**holes with no manners. So it's already been a year and I still have a love/hate opinion about living in the city, I like how close everything is, it used to be an hour drive into town, but I miss the privacy of the county, but at least I can still watch the deer and birds here.

I love my tuxedo cat, King Leo! He is named King because he is the King of my heart! He is the most photogenic cat I know! He loves to strut for the camera, he actually LIKES his sweaters, (he's a strange one), and has the BIGGEST personality of any cat I've met.

I am a Celtic pagan, yes a witch, some call it Neo-druidism as well, I am a Natural Nature Witch. That includes also trying to live a natural healthy lifestyle, I grow my own vegetables and herbs when seasons permit it. I do grow lots of vines and flowering plants, lots and lots of flowers.

So will ya give this county witch some company?

I like gardening, Aquatic gardening, weeed, craft, paint, draw, Celtic cultures, fishtank, cats, dogs, lions, birds, humming birds, butterflies, nature, flowers, bright colors, home decorating, interior design, photography, belling dancing, monsters, literate role play, and Horror movies.

I dislike rude people (mind your manners please), pesticides, rude religious people (I love religious people just not the 'high and mighty kind'), people that abuse animals, most city people, and being alone.

Message me for literate RPG.


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