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Sepulcra Report | 07/27/2017 4:02 am
Together. Not to forget: defeit the white walkers together too. xp Series gone to waste if that happens.
Sepulcra Report | 07/27/2017 4:01 am
About Game of Thrones. I really hope - this is not a spoiler because I simply don't know and the books haven't been released yet - that John Snow won't get into some kind of romantic relationship with Daenerys. And that the conclusion of the whole series will be that they have won the game of thrones and rule the whole world. Ugh.
Sepulcra Report | 07/27/2017 3:21 am
The buzz cut looks like an army hairstyle to me. I think lots of people would wear that if it wasn't for the 'socially unacceptability' of it. xp I know a friend of mine truly dislikes her hair too when it reaches an uncomfy length. And it would also make men look more similar to women (or the other way around). And I don't consider that a bad thing. There is a new commercial on tv in the Netherlands and it wants to undermine the equality between men and women, by confirming existing stereotypes and also saying untruths. Like: the school system was designed for girls. = ADHD boys have to be active and discover. Totally ridiculous: the school system was always designed for men only. It's quite recent since women are allowed to participate.

The silent train sounds boss xD
Sepulcra Report | 07/27/2017 3:18 am
I watched the 5th and final Walking Dead Telltale game episode form the third season.
Did you already watch those? If not: spoiler alert

Brad made some pretty good choices during this episode. Sure, there were some things I would have done differently (one of those decisions would have allowed another person to live) but that wasn't really Brad's fault. The game was just built that way.
There were some animation glitches in the game. Possibly because Brad was playing the game prior to its official release. For instance: they hadn't given the eyelids of the David character the right color. So now it looked eerie white. There was also a glitched horse.

The final episode had a good amount of action, until the final few scenes. Those were just lame. They could have allowed the player to choose Clem's hairstyle for the next season: why not? The only funny thing: a conversation between Javier and Jesus in which Brad made it look like Javier was hitting on Jesus and he was speechless but that was only thanks to Brads odd choices. Perhaps the extend of lameness depended on which path you'd take. There were 4 different endings. I haven't watched all of them yet, but I think I will.

I didn't really like the season as a whole. They just took a detour from the Clementine character. I never really liked the Javier character that much. Same for his brother and his brother's girlfriend and children. The only new character I liked was the doctor. But I doubt we'll see him again.

Many choice-options wouldn't make any sense if you've chosen a certain path. For instance with many conversations between Javier and his brother David he could 'suddenly' be very understanding and nice or suddenly be very unfriendly to him. Like you don't trust him at all. If you've been nice before and then suddenly behave like you hate your brother.... yeah... that wouldn't make sense.

Brad made a great suggestion. Since Jesus was a cross-over from the tv series into the game, they could allow Clem to cross-over from the game into the tv-series. The biggest danger there would be choosing the right actress (voice would be an issue here).

Sepulcra Report | 07/26/2017 3:11 am
I rarely ever had short hair (just once), but the problem with short hair is that you indeed have to get it cut on regular intervals. If not it will reach an uncomfortable (middle stage) length.
Sepulcra Report | 07/26/2017 3:06 am
My mom is taking a two-day trip with friends and she's already stressing about it (on the day itself it's the worst). She's not going anywhere out of the country.

I watched the second Game of Thrones episode. We finally had a scene with a wolf in it. According to a critical review the wolves are very important in the books but they play a minor role in the series. Their excuse is the computer animations. But I don't believe that. I think the main reason is that less magic contributes to more popularity of the series. There's very little magic in Game of Thrones. So wargs are not welcome. Instead: the series becomes totally fixated on men without parts. Eunuchs and unsullied a'plenty. And on brutal violence.
Sepulcra Report | 07/25/2017 2:56 am
I watched the first Summerguests interview on Sunday and it was quite an interesting conversation - which it usually is when the guest is a scientist. A microbiologist, a woman. She had a lot of interesting things to say about microorganisms, but also about plenty of other things. Unfortunately the interviewer (also a woman) wasn't too good. She kept cutting her off just before she could make her point rofl Somehow the scientist didn't really mind. The interviewer also told her own opinion too frequently, instead of allowing the scientist to share her opinion. It was interesting that just like many scientists this one was religous - she was jewish. And she clearly didn't want to say much about her convictions. She considered that private, so we didn't get a peek into how she got those two (science & religion) together.
Sepulcra Report | 07/24/2017 5:36 am
I watched Brad's The Walking Dead Telltale (episode 4/5) yesterday. I missed ChristopherOdd's patience. I'm pretty sure that he would have let the timer run out to try to refrain from making certain choices which indeed can be wiser. Brad is a bit too trigger happy. But he did stay with Kenny - the best option out of all four to begin the episode with. I would have missed out on that flashback if I'd seen Christopher's walkthrough. Brad is a bit too aggressive sometimes. He basically kills characters I would have spared (revenge/rage/split second type of kills) and when he has a mercy killing option he does not kill that character. I would have done that the other way around.
All in all Brad played this 4th episode quite well. Him making a different decision than me actually led to the character I wanted to survive to live. So in a way he made the right decision. But as usual, it doesn't really tend to matter which choices you make. The end result: all-out-chaos will happen no matter what.

I also read an online review about this episode and that person complaind about the crowd: they didn't participate at all. They just stood there, doing nothing, watching. She was annoyed by the fact that we got to know very few characters in town and the characters you do meet are clearcut protagonists or antagonists. Flat characters. Which is indeed rather boring and unrealistic. People are not that black & white. I don't really liked this Javi main character yet and I've been liking Clem less and less too. That can't be right?
Sepulcra Report | 07/24/2017 3:06 am
We had a ball-exercize during the training this morning. I'd been practicing with Zeno at home, so his sit-stays were perfect. He wouldn't go to the ball even when I was throwing it. But. Then we reached the stage of the exercize in which he got a 'Fetch' command and.... he ran off to fetch the ball - and then he ran further to fetch another dog's ball rofl It was just so funny. Basically he's not really doing anything wrong. He got the Fetch command after all. He's just 'Fetching them all' rofl

The dog trainer said he's quite excited about Zeno joining the sheep herding dogs, because there's only Border Collies there. He'll be the only 'odd one out'. Which does put quite a lot of pressure on me, I must say... if he behaves badly everyone will go like 'ohno, the Groenendael again'. I also fear that we'll be the only ones at a very low beginner's level. I hope we'll manage to catch on.

The dog trainer also mentioned that - unlike many of the other people there - I didn't let the dog get away with anything. He thought that was really fun. I'm the only one that's extremely strict, taking a no-nonsense approach with my dog.
Sepulcra Report | 07/22/2017 12:55 pm
I obviously should have checked this in advance, but ChristopherOdd uploaded his last Mass Effect Andromeda video on July 14th. In other words: he quit uploading them some time ago. I don't think he got into it. He liked the multiplayer missions more than the actual game itself and probably thought it was too much trouble to work through everything just to complete the main missions. I must agree that it takes a lot of time to see some progress and all the fights are relatively similar. The NPC he liked most was Suvi; he said she could be his potential future wife.
People visiting his stream kept suggesting he'd play popular games such as Kingdom Hearts and Persona 5. Those are clearly not his type of games, so I doubt he'll touch them. He hasn't finished The Walking Dead season either, so I fear I'll have to switch back to Brad for that.