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I'm the cynical one...
And I'm female, although my avatar is the male one.


"Grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines and, brother, I hurt people" - the Scout, TF2


99% of teenagers would cry if they saw Justin Bieber on top of a skyscraper about to jump. I belong to the 1% sitting there with popcorn, shouting "DO A BACKFLIP"


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I'm commander Aqua and this is my favourite journal on the Citadel

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Sepulcra Report | 01/27/2015 3:19 am
I get the impression that just clicking 'vote' isn't enough. They expect people to donate gold and that represents votes. You can also donate to each NPC if you'd want to. So much for 'voting'.
Sepulcra Report | 01/27/2015 2:56 am
I think I missed out on (at least) one mission in Vampire the Masquerade. I remember ChristopherOdd playing a mission in some kind of arena. He had to walk all the way downstairs and then work his way back upstairs. The monsters he ran into were the same you found in the sewers (the big male ones that would spit green goo at you and the female spider-ish ones).
I must say that I didn't like that mission at all and it looked very out of place. The fact that it was added later explains a lot. It's not even supposed to be in there.
Sepulcra Report | 01/27/2015 2:51 am
So.. what's this whole new voting-thing about? It smells like a gold sink. Does it cost gold to vote for one of them or do you have to vote first and make donations later?
I can't picture Carl or Rina in a band. So I'd opt either for Moira (who's probably already in a band to begin with) or Devin.
Sepulcra Report | 01/26/2015 12:18 pm
I think they can predict those collisions with asteroids pretty accurately. I wonder if scientists would be able to prevent a catastrophic one.

Me & my mother & my brother working on the jigsaw puzzle:
Me: "Hm I've been staring at this piece for a while and I have no idea where it's supposed to go"
My mother: "Is it part of his ****" (you can guess what goes there)
Me: "No, not every piece I pick up is part of that" (seriously I don't know where her mind is all the time)
Sepulcra Report | 01/26/2015 2:36 am
Did you read the finale of the manga storyline Son? I thought it was kind of ridiculous how they just started running off in some direction. Nonetheless I hope the story will continue soon.
Sepulcra Report | 01/26/2015 2:22 am
I watched The Dark Knight Rises.. and apparently I had seen it before (I realized that at some point). So yet another evening without spare time to watch some Max Payne. But with the game completed and all I won't have much else to do in the evening. Aside from catching up with other series.

That oversized coat of his gonk It's terrible! I wish they made it look more like the outfit for the female vampires. = a long black coat of the proper size.
Sepulcra Report | 01/25/2015 11:02 am
Try Ceasar Millan's techniques to get the dog to stop barking? mrgreen You can try to surprise-poke it in the side.

My mother also didn't play the racing game after her first two attempts. I hope she hasn't given up already.
Sepulcra Report | 01/25/2015 10:59 am
Ok I played the 'choose for yourself' version and.. it was really disappointing. Because the ending sequence was the same as the Anarch one.
You have the exact same conversation with LaCroix. Where you can choose to give him the key or to open it for yourself.
You do get one extra scene: where you run into Nines and his Anarch buddies and he kind of wants to recruit you and you stick up your middle finger like 'fu Nines'. Which is kind of unfair since he's been nice all along.. but yeah if you're going solo you don't want anything to do with the Anarchs either.

And then you get the next scene with Jack and the mummy and the taxi driver.

So.. I was a littlebit disappointed. I wouldn't have played the whole thing for nothing just to see that short scene. Ohwells..
Sepulcra Report | 01/25/2015 2:22 am
Gaia's connection has been bothering me the last few weeks. It's very laggy. Sometimes it's just gone. It's not my internetconnection, it's definately Gaia. The connection will re-establish itself after a while but it's kind of annoying.
Sepulcra Report | 01/24/2015 10:55 am
Ugh I'm starting to dislike the main character of the book so much stare (and with that the author since the story is an autobiography).
For example (quotes): 'Who the hell cares whether she loves her mother or not!' Uhm.. since you're her friend perhaps YOU should care?
'The more she insulted me th emore my indifference, no my joy, increased' What kind of sicko is he? gonk