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"Grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines and, brother, I hurt people" - the Scout, TF2


99% of teenagers would cry if they saw Justin Bieber on top of a skyscraper about to jump. I belong to the 1% sitting there with popcorn, shouting "DO A BACKFLIP"


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Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 5:59 am
I just googled for Alphabet as well and it says it's from 2013. I guess that shows once again that the Netherlands is a littlebit behind (understatement) with their movie/documentary releases rolleyes

Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 3:48 am
I also read something else on teletext that is worth sharing. That a girl who had lost one leg and wanted to participate in the paralympics wanted to amputate the other - healthy - leg too, so she would be faster stare Wow.. that shouldn't even be legal. Let alone fair.
Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 3:17 am
I think those time-estimate bars are always messed up. In Windows 8 too. The windows updates especially: it will say that it's at 17% for example and then suddenly it will jump to 78%. Or it estimates 30 mins then it drops down to 2 and turns out to be 4. But nontheless you're right: it's better to at least get a bar than to get none at all.
Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 3:15 am
My brother goes on holidays by himself. I find it rather scary and unwise to go alone. At least I think it's more dangerous for a woman alone to travel. The world is just messed up that way. If I would be travelling alone I also think I'd be more laid back. With other people it tends to be more hectic. I'd certainly want to go visit/see some things too. But I would also just do those things 'in my own time' instead of running around early in the morning to plan my day full of things to do.
Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 3:12 am
Some of the people I send emails to are the type that want to write things perfectly. So they want to take their good old time to formulate their sentences the way they want. I'd rather just have them answering spontaneously, the way they would also speak in a normal conversation. I'm not looking for perfection from them.
Some of my emails do tend to be relatively long so another reason could be that people think I want their emails to be long too, so they'll postpone and forget about it. Fine, but not if they postpone it when you're about to set a date to meet up. rolleyes And also fine if you postpone it with a week, but not fine if you postpone it with a month. That's just rude.
Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 3:09 am
Question 246 :
Johnny and Cindy were playing.... Something. Johnny had $5, and gave $3 to Cindy, because she's a conniving little brat who can trick people into doing whatever she wants. If Cindy already had $563, who baked cookies the next afternoon?

My answer: Johnny, because conniving little brats don't bake cookies. They bake plans to take over the world.
Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 3:06 am
My father suggested a new monitor for my PC. There was one available for 99 euros. The downside would be that the size of the monitor would be the same as my tv which is kind of large in my opinion (21,5 inch).

He's also still suggesting to buy an SSD. But he said defragmenting is unwise for SSD's. (durability issues)

I fear my brother has a strange prejudice towards older women liking younger men. He's sketching the picture that when the male character enters a room with older ladies in it, they will all fall in love with him. Kind of lime straight men who fear that when they go into a gaybar, that the men will suddenly jump them. Both are totally rediculous of course rolleyes
Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 3:00 am
I read on teletext today that there's a German/Austrian documentary called Alphabet. It's premiering this week. It's about the faulty western schooling system, which is pretty interesting. Let me know if you're know about it or plan to watch it.
Sepulcra Report | 09/20/2014 2:58 am
Still no word from my friend. No text message nor an email. Can the blame really be on Google? I sent messages to a bunch of people and one of them responded to my emails yesterday and today. I find it difficult to believe that my other emails didn't arrive. So.. I guess I'll stoop to sending a text message after all stare
Sepulcra Report | 09/19/2014 1:42 pm
I think they made the right decision to let the communication system look like something futuristic and less like a fax rofl Those times are over. Some people will always prefer the original. They probably think it's 'epic' and people shouldn't touch it. Those people can.. watch the original stuff over and over again?
Showing multiple sides of one character (a dark mood for example) isn't really a bad thing either. Like you said: if it still fits his personality, they can give it a go.

I can't say I really like the new Miime either. Is she supposed to be an elf? I don't really like the bodysuit either. It looks off somehow.
The Yattaran guy looks rather realistic (compared to Miime). Almost like they couldn't be in the same movie.
So that figurine you have is based on this Space Pirate Captain Harlock movie? The biggest difference with his original lookfrom the animation would be.. his hair. It's a lot darker now.

There was supposed to be a Battle Angel Alita 3D animated movie too. But it will probably take a while before it will be released.