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Random stuff, I'm guessing, from whenever I actually feel like posting. Why do I get the feeling this is going to be addictive?



I am a former moderator for Gaia Online (2005-2010). Don't ask me about how the site works, I have no idea anymore.

Life: My profile is actually accurate. I am over thirty, and thus an ancient by Gaia standards. I lived in Japan for six years, but moved back to the US in 2012. I brought back two slightly irradiated kitties from Fukushima, Japan. Sadly, thus far no signs of glowing in the dark or superpowers.

I am an avid reader, writer and daydreamer, though I easily spend more time online than doing any of those other things. I like old things. I love cats, and volunteer with a cat rescue group. Ask me about TNR and I will tell you more than you ever wanted to know.

My Japanese is horrible, but I survived Japan (/it survived me) so I guess it all worked out.

I am rarely here, but if you leave me a message I will respond to it eventually. Just be aware that I do disappear for months to a year at a time.



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Mradu Report | 09/09/2016 8:28 pm
Hey! surprised
I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd been by here... >.>
SaraWhiteWolf Report | 09/03/2016 12:09 pm
-skims and lurks across- ninja
Skye River Report | 07/17/2016 2:06 pm
I don't really visit Reddit. I'm more of an Imgur person, but I just casually view the site (I'm not a part of it)

That's okay if you don't have Skype. I use it every now and then to keep in touch with friends. Facebook kinda bored me after a while. People I know tend to take a long hiatus and/or disappear for some time like here on Gaia.
Skye River Report | 07/16/2016 9:22 pm
It's okay. I understand people have their lives to live outside the net.

P.S. Do you have Skype ? I can PM you my username if you want to do it that way.
Skye River Report | 07/11/2016 9:50 pm
Just passing by to say hello ! ^_^
Skye River Report | 05/15/2016 12:11 am
Thanks ! Good luck to you as well mrgreen
Skye River Report | 05/14/2016 6:36 pm
It's funny you say that ! I also start on Monday xd
Skye River Report | 05/07/2016 9:31 am
Congrats on the new job !
RyanJakobi Report | 04/20/2016 3:10 pm
Hi there, old GCD op and green kappa lady. You look very soggy and pretty.
Nyem-Nyam Report | 04/17/2016 3:11 pm
i LOVE your kappa avatar. it's so creative and cute. biggrin biggrin biggrin


I post in a lot of places. I don't always look back. Please quote me if you want my attention.

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