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ℱᖇᓰᗴᘉᖙᔕ & Info

My name is Autumn Caroline Price. Some call me Jill, Jiru, or Meroko. I prefer Jill. I am a mix of of american, asian, and european. Mostly American and european. I come from the celtic viking. I live in Texas of the United States, and I am sixteen years old. I have eyes which change color frequently from brown to green, medium length multi-shaded (different variations of brown.) hair, strong jawline & pointed but rounded chin, arched eyebrows, "button" nose, I'm chubby (every so slightly.), porcelain toned skin, small gradient lips, and I am 5'1.

Nepirimu is my sister, of who'm I shall always love.. Until death!

Tygren.. Oh my goodness. I wouldn't know what to do without her! She's a crazy bit. That's for sure. Drives me nuts sometimes, but god. I can't help but love that insane girl.

Skye, baby. You cray. You and I became friends when I was Castiel. Amg. You are best Cassie and always will be. You my best friend forever.

Murdoc You have been with me for quite a while now and are one of the very few people who's seen past my antisocial phase. You saw past the mask and cared no matter what happened. You're my guardian and I'll never ever let you leave. Never.

Silva; Satoshi-nii as I call him. He and I have known one another for several, several years. I won't ever forget the first time we met. Best big brother ever!

Sayo-neechan.~ You shy girl, you. Always making me smile in the weirdest of times. I love you so so so much. You're just purrrfect.~

Tobie. Boy, you are silly. I mean it. I love you as the best friend I never could have had but wish I did. You're awesome as hell, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Amanda is my lovey dovey pudding cake pie inside of a gigantic wedding cake styled pastry with Ru creaming the cake.

Squillium.. Jackles (Previously Suicide Sheep) .., Or she goes by Jack. She and I have been through the thick and the thin. She is my left tit. I'll always play with her and giggle every time she slaps me with her p***s. Love you Sui-senpai u//u. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

Rigardo. We broke up. Made up. And best buds again. I'm glad to have you back.

I love you guys, so much! You just don't know how much you mean to me . .
I know my words probably don't mean a lot to you.. But you guys mean the universe to me.. Anyone else who I haven't mentioned, I just have so many words and can't cram it in this tiny space! But I love you guys too!

Another thing. A shout out to my baby boy. Thorin. You've made a huge difference in my life. You've changed my life from a tragedy after Riggy left me, to a beautiful story. My life brightened up a whole lot and I'm happy for every second I get with you.
~ Terezifer

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