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Hi. So I'm Ten.
I often spent my time on here roleplaying and joking around with friends. I currently identify as a pansexual, but even I'm a bit confused with myself and unsure if this is just a phase or such-- so right now I can only give others that, or just 'undecided'. My age is something I'm not comfortable just leaving on here and sharing with strangers, so get to know me first before you ask something a bit personal. Other than that, I don't bite much! But I probably won't talk to you if I don't know you and you send a random message for no reason.
Note that, I don't really do much roleplays on forums, I'd rather do it on guilds because that's where I'm most comfortable with.

My interests include:
⊱ Music
⊱ Anime
⊱ Video games, but I'm a super casual with these. Don't expect me to know a lot about them.
⊱ And roleplaying, obviously. I will do pretty much anything, including some smut. But If I do find a genre I don't really like, I will definitely tell you that.

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